Pedophile Alert! Child Predator Exposed (Video)

I have posted the following video to warn the immediate and general public of the perpetrator who raped, molested and tortured me as a child. The video content exposes his name, location and abbreviated details of the investigation into my case with the New York State Police:


This individual has confessed to not only abusing me, but over 12 other children. The list continues to grow. The New York State statute laws for many of these 12 cases, including mine, protect him from arrest. He is also a long-term New Lebanon Central School District employee, who has worked at the Jr./Sr. High School as a janitor for years. Believe it, or not.

I will do whatever I can to protect children from coming into contact with him, and can only pray that if there is a recent victim, they, or a family member will come forward and file a complaint. In my opinion (in addition to the opinion of others), this perp is capable of murdering a child. Please refer to the video for additional information.

Please be aware that his trolling grounds are: Columbia County, New York (Lebanon Springs and surrounding area), Syracuse (NY), along with Pittsfield, and western MA. I am sure these areas can be expanded. He targets women with young children; both little girls and boys.

Feel free to share the video, and please help to support the change of current statutes which protect the lowest of all criminals: those who abuse innocent children. Thank you.

With This Post I Expose My Abuser

What I am about to do is not easy, nor came on a whim. It may even create a series of issues relative to the subject. With that said, I will proceed with my statement, having obtained respected legal advice from my personal attorney, as well as from other lawyers who have worked in similar, high profile cases. I have also addressed my concerns with family and the closest of friends (who are ‘family’).

To begin, this announcement is taking place to protect the most innocent of God’s creations: Children. Having filed a police report against my abuser in 2009, I soon learned of the expansive, calculated, and continued atrocities this vile man has committed, not only against myself, but against at least 12 other children from the late 1960’s, into the 1970’s. His most recent (known) victim was in 2008.

Despite his confession to the NYS Police during the formal investigation, it was discovered that the statute of limitations would allow him to roam free. He knew this prior to speaking with lead Investigator Kelly Taylor. Additionally, and adding further insult to injury, this individual has been a long-term, public school employee in Upstate New York. This fact alone is infuriating.

Although the NYS Police may not be able to arrest him for the crimes he committed against me, I have spent the last few years researching my options as how to get this pedophile away from children – legally. The only option that remains is to expose him.

Before I do just that, I implore to those of you reading this, or anyone who should learn of this, NOT to target this individual in any violent manner. Violence is never an option. I have no idea if he has any social media accounts, so please refrain from harassment in that form as well.

The following information is to warn the general and immediate public about this individual in hopes that it prevents him from torturing and abusing any more children. Someone has to make a stand to protect them, and I am willing to do just that so not one more child will not suffer at his cruel and merciless hands.


David Banker of Lebanon Springs, New York, was a neighbor of ours back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. He was approximately 18-years-old when he began abusing me. He is now approx. 63 years of age. He has been a long-term employee at the New Lebanon Central School District (employed as a janitor/maintenance worker).

From 1969, until the early 1970’s (just over 2 years), he raped and repeatedly sexually abused me. He began his reign of terror on me just prior to my 4th (yes, fourth) birthday. The abuse only stopped after my mother moved my brother and I out of the area. I did tell both of my parents the moment it began. What transpired after ‘I told on him’ turned into a living hell for decades.

Although he confessed, apparently like a blubbering baby, it will not erase the heinous acts he has committed. He admitted to sexually abusing over one dozen children. The fact that he had a recent victim does nothing to say he is sorry for his actions, nor shows that he is even remotely aware of the harm he has done to any of one of us individually, or collectively.

I cannot speak for anyone other than myself, but will state that this monster needs to be stopped. In a non-violent manner, he needs to be removed from ease of access to children. Single parents need to be made aware that it was discovered he has preyed on women with young children, and grandchildren.

Although he cannot be arrested for what he confessed to doing to me (as well as the others) decades ago, I am hoping that if there has/have been any recent victim(s), either they or a family member, will see his name and step forward in order to file charges against him, and in turn, get him off of our streets.

Again, please do not respond in an aggressive manner to this individual despite his actions. If you, or someone you know has been exposed to him, and has suspected him of abuse, please contact the New York State Police and file a complaint.

In turn, I thank Trooper Taylor and the others who assisted in my investigation; for taking my complaint seriously, and doing the best they could considering the statute of limitations. It was not an easy task. Investigator Taylor truly conducted one heck of an investigation, only to find out his hands were tied.

Finding that so many children have been Banker’s victims has to be one of the most difficult things I have come to know. Come what may, I cannot sit in silence any longer. How can we protect our children if we are told to keep quiet, or coerced into silence?

I am no longer afraid to speak out. Silence only gives such monsters more power to harm innocent children. Please help to change the laws that govern the statutes of limitations on crimes against children. Indeed, child sexual abuse constitutes the robbery and murder of God’s most precious souls.

To say that it is easier to report such crimes as an adult is difficult enough. Imagine what it’s like to suffer the abuse and be too terrified to speak of it while it’s happening? To assume that a child will forget, or ‘get over it’ is completely irresponsible, and wrong. Current statutes are nothing but a terrible injustice to our children, as well as a travesty to mankind.

This information is also posted on my Facebook wall, as well as Twitter.

Thank you,

Jill Marie Morris


Haunted By The Living?

Here’s a thought for all you paranormal fans . . .

Keep an open mind, and just think about this:

Is it possible for a living person to ‘haunt’ a particular location, or locations? What if during a sleep state, some people project into, or onto another location, possibly due to an attachment from a former life?

With witness, I have had a unique (to me) set of experiences over the last few months. Some of these include knowing where a building is located, and describing very specific details about that building, without any prior knowledge, or known significance to the building beforehand. I have also led people to locations (randomly so), without any idea about the layout of the area, or the location of a particular property. Come to find out, in some of these (oddly connected) experiences, the actual locations have multiple claims of hauntings by a particular, deceased individual.

So, with that said, I’ve expressed my feelings about being ‘on the fence’ relative to reincarnation, but who knows? What if during sleep state, it is the living who projects to a place they use to live, work, play, or otherwise, in another lifetime?

In my particular case, there is no ‘feeling’ or sensing of an actual spirit being present, but glimpses of their former life were strongly explained. It’s as if there is an amnesia-like affect relative to that particular spirit who is said to roam. It’s as though I am re-learning something.

On the other hand, with every other spirit contact, I have been deliberately led to a location, and have no ‘blind spot’ as with this situation. It’s a complete enigma, yet I am able to recant, and recall details of places, things and people associated with that now deceased person.

There is proof of actual ‘cell memory’ from the tissues of the deceased. It is not too far fetched a thought to question if the living has something to do in certain situations, relative to hauntings. Not all – but some.

Self Empowerment

I think this is important to toss out into the Universe . . .

Regardless of how many psychics you seek advice from, the bottom line is that change begins with YOU making a commitment to set goals, and making the choice to become proactive in meeting them. Rarely, does anyone get handed a free pass, or have things done for them. Change requires hard work, soul-searching and brutal honesty with ones self.

It’s fine if you ‘shop’ around in a psychic sense, waiting to be told that life is going to be ducky, by someone who tells you what you want to hear. Unfortunately, that only creates confusion in the head and heart (which leads to the body, too).

Become proactive. Embrace your situation(s) and become empowered to achieve your goals. Slowly, is best and least frustrating. Don’t sit around waiting for things to fall into place; go out into the world, open your heart and mind, then let life flow.

***This ‘come to Jesus’ moment has been brought to you by a realistic optimist, who just so happens to be a psychic medium, wanting to give the viewing audience a good kick in the fanny to motivate them into making realistic, positive, life changes. :)

Beware: Bogus Free .pdf Download of Books

I feel the need to address an issue. I had received a communication from someone stating that their copy of my new book, Saints Sinners & Sacred Ground, was garbled. They claimed that sentences were broken, and then pieced together in other areas, thus not making any sense. Allegedly, paragraphs were chopped, and then rearranged in a nonsensical fashion. This was quite peculiar, as I have downloaded 3 Kindle versions for quality check, and have ordered several copies of the paperback: none show any type of errors, as reported by the party.

After taking the time to read through them, and having several friends (thank you) check their versions (paperback and Kindle), it was found to be an isolated, and random issue that could not be reproduced. I then made a few phone calls, followed by research – yes, more research.

I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with both Amazon (regarding the paperback), and Kindle Publishing (regarding the e-book). Having been given “examples” in specific areas, they too, could not find, or replicate the problem. I was advised to have the customer contact the distributor, in order to discuss. The only way this could have happened is: the individual is not using the correct app, or they downloaded the “free” virus-ridden copy from,

As previously mentioned on my Facebook wall; someone took it upon themselves to post a bogus copy of Saints on YouTube, by which they advertised that you could click on a link in the video description, and magically download my copy written material for free. A complaint was filed with YouTube, and they took down the video by a “Martin Anfinsion,” via, however, continues to advertise the bogus book, as well as several other books.

I cannot impress upon the general public enough: BEWARE if someone is advertising a copy of my book (or any of my books), to download for free. The ONLY place you can download a copy of Saints, and 207, is thru Kindle, or, Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Be advised the “free” copy is evidently a virus that affects your computer when you download it from It also scrambles the book, and creates the very issue that this individual complained about (rearranged text and paragraphs, etc.). There are many public complaints about for a) copyright infringement, and b) planting a virus on peoples’ computers, only after giving them a scrambled, fraudulent, free copy of the book.

I never heard back from the individual after advising them to contact customer service. I did however, just read a nasty review from someone that either has the incorrect app for the e-book, downloaded the free virus copy from, or just wanted to bust my chops. Either way, it’s a shame.

I have had a countless number of people who have read both (legit) versions, and have not encountered any problem. I am working to get to the bottom of the rarshare issue, and plan on putting a stop to this nonsense, once and for all. Additionally, Saints did have a proofreader, who went through the book twice, and can confirm this information. If you do download a legit copy, make sure you are selecting the proper version for your device, or it will cause issues formatting errors, and issues! .

Please note:  I am not in any way affiliated with, or its subsidiaries, or any person, or business, that is advertising a free copy 207, or Saints,  to download. Aside from select retail stores, the only means of purchasing my books are via, Kindle® Direct Publishing,, and Barnes and Noble Nook®. I will continue to perform a quality check on materials provided by the approved distributors, and have not noted, or been informed of any errors pertaining to these issues. If by chance, a customer does order a copy from an approved distributor, and has an issue (such as faded print, or damage during shipment, etc.), please contact the seller, and follow their procedures. For all other questions, please email:

Thank you.

Top 10 Reasons Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un Are Pals

I cannot resist. Two freaks of nature, and quite a bit of air time has resulted in my witty attempt to reason the alleged “friendship” between America’s Dennis Rodman, and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. Regardless of how many times I have tried, it makes no logical sense. As a result, I have resorted to my very own reasons behind the pairing. Here goes . . .

IMO The Top 10 Reasons Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un Are Pals

10. After North Korea has spent millions of dollars on research (and starved millions of citizens in the process) during an attempt to resurrect Marilyn Monroe (and failed), in hopes of serenading Jong Un on his birthday, Rodman was the next best thing. Bootleg footage of Rodman wearing a sparkling little number, and Marilyn-style wig while cooing to Jong Un, is circulating the Internet at this very moment.
9. Jong Un sees Rodman’s numerous piercing sites as potential secret missile silos – especially the nose. Sadly, Rodman does not see that he is being used. Such a pity. So damn obvious.
8. North Korea firmly believes that Rodman is proof that aliens really do come from New Jersey. Trenton is thought to the location of the secret pod on western soil. Jong Un is tracking Rodman back to the mothership, and wants a piece of the action.
7. The relationship was cover for Rodman to impregnate as many women as possible during the “Pleasure Island” trip, thus giving U.S. citizenship to possibly hundreds of Rodman’s North Korean offspring. A deal has been inked. World population will explode in nine months.
6. Rob Ford wasn’t suitable BFF material, as he is a flip-flopper when it comes to drug use. Skip the speculation. No need to ask Rodman.
5. Hulk Hogan is recruiting Jong Un and Singer “Psy” for a smack-down, tag-team match against Rodman, and fellow New Jersey alien Chris Christie for Hulk Hogan’s “Celebrity Championship International Alien Wrestlemania I.”
4. Since the Japanese claimed Godzilla as their mythical creature of chaos and destruction, it was only fair for North Korea to take a stab at wooing Rodzilla to represent.
3. North Korea lost a bet sponsored by Paddy Power that Rodman would infiltrate the Mafia during the election of Pope. They had to take him back. Not even Rodman was expecting that rebound. So much for saying three Hail Mary’s.
2. Rodman and Jong Un are long-lost fraternal twins, separated at birth. You know what they say? Birds of a feather . . . boas et al.
1. Rodman is really a frenemy, not a friend. The U.S. government has recruited Rodman as a covert spy. The metal bangles protruding from his face are actually listening devices designed to eavesdrop on Jong Un. A special team communicates with Rodman, and feeds him a script 24/7, in one strategically placed implant. CNN’s Chris Cuomo was part of the genius plot. Sources say Ted Turner has access to all listening and speaking devices, and actively orchestrates the campaign from a remote cave in Montana. Upon Rodman’s return to the U.S., he will be disguised as a buffalo, and smuggled in to meet Ted for a debriefing.


Let Them Be

It can be rather frightening when someone encounters spirit energy in their home or business, but depending upon the type of energy and phenomenon that is occurring, it may not be so bad as one might think. As a matter of fact, even if energy is validated as present by team or psychic investigation, sometimes you just have to learn to get along with it/them.

Depending upon whether light or heavy imprints are present in the environment, clients can experience a broad range of startling, even unnerving paranormal activity. Tolerance to, and understanding of the cause is very important to bring a sense of comfort and peace to the residents. This can be done by a preliminary investigation and/or house reading, and providing the client with information that will lower the threshold of fear.

Clients need to be made aware of the different types of energies and spirits, and gently reassured that although they may indeed have a spirit present, that does not mean they are in need of boarding up the house and vacating it. They also do not have to add a Demonologist or Priest to the speed dial feature.

Rest assured, spirit energies coexist with us and most are not even aware of it. Consider most energies comfortable in the environment and a natural part of the Universal life cycle.

For those harmless spirits that inhabit certain locations; they are there because it is comfortable to them. Think of a spirit that dwells in a particular spot as how you would feel about a favorite vacation spot, or comfortable home that brings you pleasant memories. You like to return to these places, in the same manner as do spirits. Since most spirits are far older than we are at present, these areas are theirs – they roamed the halls and streets when we were just a twinkle in our parents’ eyes.

Another little known fact is that spirits have a purpose, just as we do while we are in physical form. They are messengers, they are guardians, and even though they cross, it does not mean they cannot return periodically, especially to carry out their missions.

As for the flip side of the coin: if you do have a negative energy present, there are ways to properly address them/it. The bottom line is to never panic – never freak out and do not implement anything that can attract other energies, more specifically the negative type. That will only create further disruption in the environment that will have more of an adverse reaction on both you, and your spirit guest.

Simply put; give these spirits their space and let them do their thing. Just think of them as an invisible roommate. Do some reading on the time period they were in physical body, and indulge them with little trinkets of their time, such as music, artwork – or little goodies reminiscent of their walk. They will be thankful for your gestures.

Create harmony. Let them be.

Happy Friday The 13th!



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