Self Empowerment

I think this is important to toss out into the Universe . . .

Regardless of how many psychics you seek advice from, the bottom line is that change begins with YOU making a commitment to set goals, and making the choice to become proactive in meeting them. Rarely, does anyone get handed a free pass, or have things done for them. Change requires hard work, soul-searching and brutal honesty with ones self.

It’s fine if you ‘shop’ around in a psychic sense, waiting to be told that life is going to be ducky, by someone who tells you what you want to hear. Unfortunately, that only creates confusion in the head and heart (which leads to the body, too).

Become proactive. Embrace your situation(s) and become empowered to achieve your goals. Slowly, is best and least frustrating. Don’t sit around waiting for things to fall into place; go out into the world, open your heart and mind, then let life flow.

***This ‘come to Jesus’ moment has been brought to you by a realistic optimist, who just so happens to be a psychic medium, wanting to give the viewing audience a good kick in the fanny to motivate them into making realistic, positive, life changes. :)

GPS: Now Offering Ghost Positioning Services

Totally weird. Was headed home the other night and my GPS wigged-out. Instead of taking me to my humble abode, it changed (on its own) and sent me to an address: 6433 Hollywood Blvd, LA. I pulled over, restarted the navigation and programmed in my correct home address.

Never before have I programmed that address into my system. Initially, I thought that the signal was skewed because I was up in the Hollywood Hills, heading back to lala land. I eventually got home, despite the attempt for the GPS to lead me astray.

Come to find out, 6433 Hollywood Blvd is the old Warner Theater. Making matters more interesting, is a little tidbit that I have stumbled onto relative to the GPS incident.

For the last two months, I keep connecting to some pretty intense things relative to the late actress and comedienne Carole Lombard. For those of you who are ‘in the loop’ relative to my findings, you are aware of just how strange it has been.

Oddly enough, the old Warner Theater (the address the GPS short-circuited me to) was built and owned by Sam Warner, of the famed Warner Brothers. Sam died in 1927. At the time, he was married to actress Lina Basquette. The theater opened the following spring, in 1928.

It just so happens that Lina was good friends with Carole Lombard. Matter of fact, Lina and Carole starred together in ‘Show Folks’ (1928).

Lina (b. 1907) was a year older than Carole (b. 1908). Sam was approximately 20 years older than Lina (b. 1887).

Prior to his death, and while working on the theater, Sam allegedly cursed the theater (could not find a specific reason why) and is said to haunt the the large movie house. His ghost has been spotted wandering the building and riding the elevator, by numerous people, inclusive of security. I am going to look into this in the future, when I have some time to hone-in.

Another Carole Lombard connection. A very bizarre coincidence with the GPS. This brings a whole new meaning to GPS: Ghost Positioning Services.

Come To The Dark Side

If you want to win, you’ve got to play the game.


No need to bribe me with cookies. I will gladly bake my own and bring them to share.

On that note . . .

I have to chuckle about something I did several years ago, when I had attended church. I’m not proud of this, but hey, if it makes someone laugh then it’s all good.

Through different social clubs, it was no secret that I was (still am – lol) a psychic and medium. A small group of women (that I did not ‘know’) had heard this through the grapevine and were very upset by the fact that I attended church; their church.

After a few Sundays had passed and I had bore the brunt of being told to go to another church, I did all that I could do to keep my mouth shut. It was truly ridiculous.

Well, on one particular Sunday morning while attending church with my children and mother, one of the women (the head gossip monger/psychic hater) happened to be seated in front of us. She had the nerve to turn around and tell me (in front of my two, small children), that I was not ‘welcome’ there. My oldest son heard her – my youngest did not. My mother was mortified.

Fed up with the witch hunt, and probably lacking my second cup of coffee, I instantaneously decided to fix her wagon. Enough, was enough.

Further into mass, I made my rounds during the ‘sign of peace’ and purposely stuck my hand out to her. She intentionally snubbed my efforts, turned away and refused to shake my hand. That is when I felt it an opportune time to deal with this woman, once and for all.

Just before we sat down, I leaned towards her and loudly whispered,”E pluribus unum… treguna mekoides.” Well, she freaked out and accused me of casting a spell on her. She totally wigged.

I laughed myself silly, but my mother was not amused as she had no idea what I had said. I told the woman to get over herself, yet she could not. She was convinced I did some type of magic.

I later told my mom and a friend of mine exactly what it meant, and why I said it. It was harmless. I did it to get a rise out of her for the narrow-mindedness she spewed.

For those of you that wonder what I said; it was not a curse. “E pluribus unum” is on the Great Seal of the United States and means “one from many.” It is also featured on the penny.

As for “treguna mekoides” – that is the funniest part. It was from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, an old Disney movie.

I was originally going to recite the entire Bedknobs and Broomsticks chant, but couldn’t remember the whole thing. Those two words are part of it. It’s total gibberish.

My son who heard me say this, knew exactly where that part came from, and asked, “Mommy, why are you talking about Bedknobs and Broomsticks to that lady?”

My response: I wanted to give her something to think about.

And that, I did.

After she realized what I said, the whole ‘curse’ thing went down the tubes. Heh. Puritanical priss. So much for Ms. Nice Jilly.

And just in case you’re wondering . . .

If I want to be scary, oh, have no worries; I can be very scary, and it won’t involve silly Disney quotes.

Now, how about some cookies?

#ComeToTheDarkSide #WeHaveCookies

Chocolate Optional

“Love does not dominate; it cultivates.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the lovebirds. I personally, have never been into celebrating the day, as I think it’s just silly (seriously). I would rather be randomly surprised, on a completely average day than have it be expected, and made to feel like a competition.

Remember: if you can’t be with the one you love, sometimes it’s just plain creepy, impossible and wrong, to love the one you’re with. Love yourself, and the rest will fall into place. No flowers or elaborate dinners necessary. Chocolate optional❤️

Rainbows, Lollipops and Unicorns?

Just sayin’ . . .

Life is definitely not all rainbows, lollipops and unicorns. The reality is that it’s more like intermittent storm clouds, stink cheese, and zebras, with an occasional circus clown parading down the street, riding a neon donkey.

I love life, and want to empower people in a positive, yet realistic way. Saying everything is always wonderful, is unrealistic.

The point is to take each day and live it to the fullest. Embrace every moment.

Learn the lesson. Growth comes from change, and is often disguised as meadow muffins. Some days we savor lollipops, while on others, we can hardly stomach the stink cheese.

Celebrate the joyful times, but be ready to saddle up next to that clown, and ride the neon donkey when it comes to town.

Yee haww


Officially Fecal Friday

Since I am the self-titled Queen of Weird, I have decided to make a decree in the Kingdom of Weirdness.

Today is:

Offical Crap Day
OCD – for short – or – Fecal Friday

This morning, via email, message, and random postings I have seen on others’ walls, I have noticed a theme: poop. Cats are plopping, dogs can’t poop, people are stepping in it, smelling it, avoiding it, landing in it, and God knows what else they are doing with it. (At present, nobody is painting with it, but the day is still early – and it is Friday). Regardless, let us all unite and celebrate this prolific body fluid.

In honor of the day, here are some FFF (Fun Fecal Facts) – on a Friday, no less:

1. Praise the plop. It fertilizes, and springs forth beautiful, fragrent, healthy things.

2. Stepping in it, (unintentionally) is said to bring good luck. Now, who couldn’t use some of that today?

3. It’s dependable. Why? Because, poop happens – that’s why. No need to go looking for it, as it will find you.

4. It is its own alert system to the general public. I mean, really. Most of us can smell it walking from a mile away – and more so, when it hits the fan.

5. It’s versatile. How many other materials can you spread on a shingle?

6. It’s attractive . . . to flies.

7. And where else can the corniest of jokes be birthed? How many of you remember the following: What do you call a dirty diaper in China? Sako-poopy. Ha! lol

There you have it. I am truly in awe of today’s theme. Coincidence? Maybe. On the other hand, perhaps the Universe is simply in need of an enema. Either that, or some could benefit from a good, stiff, Chocolate Ex-lax Martini at Happy Hour.

#GotBoots #OCD

Beware: Bogus Free .pdf Download of Books

I feel the need to address an issue. I had received a communication from someone stating that their copy of my new book, Saints Sinners & Sacred Ground, was garbled. They claimed that sentences were broken, and then pieced together in other areas, thus not making any sense. Allegedly, paragraphs were chopped, and then rearranged in a nonsensical fashion. This was quite peculiar, as I have downloaded 3 Kindle versions for quality check, and have ordered several copies of the paperback: none show any type of errors, as reported by the party.

After taking the time to read through them, and having several friends (thank you) check their versions (paperback and Kindle), it was found to be an isolated, and random issue that could not be reproduced. I then made a few phone calls, followed by research – yes, more research.

I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with both Amazon (regarding the paperback), and Kindle Publishing (regarding the e-book). Having been given “examples” in specific areas, they too, could not find, or replicate the problem. I was advised to have the customer contact the distributor, in order to discuss. The only way this could have happened is: the individual is not using the correct app, or they downloaded the “free” virus-ridden copy from,

As previously mentioned on my Facebook wall; someone took it upon themselves to post a bogus copy of Saints on YouTube, by which they advertised that you could click on a link in the video description, and magically download my copy written material for free. A complaint was filed with YouTube, and they took down the video by a “Martin Anfinsion,” via, however, continues to advertise the bogus book, as well as several other books.

I cannot impress upon the general public enough: BEWARE if someone is advertising a copy of my book (or any of my books), to download for free. The ONLY place you can download a copy of Saints, and 207, is thru Kindle, or, Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Be advised the “free” copy is evidently a virus that affects your computer when you download it from It also scrambles the book, and creates the very issue that this individual complained about (rearranged text and paragraphs, etc.). There are many public complaints about for a) copyright infringement, and b) planting a virus on peoples’ computers, only after giving them a scrambled, fraudulent, free copy of the book.

I never heard back from the individual after advising them to contact customer service. I did however, just read a nasty review from someone that either has the incorrect app for the e-book, downloaded the free virus copy from, or just wanted to bust my chops. Either way, it’s a shame.

I have had a countless number of people who have read both (legit) versions, and have not encountered any problem. I am working to get to the bottom of the rarshare issue, and plan on putting a stop to this nonsense, once and for all. Additionally, Saints did have a proofreader, who went through the book twice, and can confirm this information. If you do download a legit copy, make sure you are selecting the proper version for your device, or it will cause issues formatting errors, and issues! .

Please note:  I am not in any way affiliated with, or its subsidiaries, or any person, or business, that is advertising a free copy 207, or Saints,  to download. Aside from select retail stores, the only means of purchasing my books are via, Kindle® Direct Publishing,, and Barnes and Noble Nook®. I will continue to perform a quality check on materials provided by the approved distributors, and have not noted, or been informed of any errors pertaining to these issues. If by chance, a customer does order a copy from an approved distributor, and has an issue (such as faded print, or damage during shipment, etc.), please contact the seller, and follow their procedures. For all other questions, please email:

Thank you.


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