Helping Trapped Spirits Cross

This topic has recently taken on a life of its own – no pun intended. With specific reference to my Sharon Tate videos, associated public comments and private messages, I believe this may help to enlighten some as to what is actually involved when trying to help a trapped spirit, cross.

I will begin with some fundamental considerations that need to be examined, prior to the procedure that I use for releasing a trapped spirit. The first would be the manner of death for the spirit.

Manner of Death

Most often, traumatic, horrific and untimely deaths such as murder, suicide and accidental death, can result in a spirit becoming entrapped in the environment surrounding their state of death. Let it also be made known that at times, someone who may have died of natural causes, may have unfinished business to take care of, also rendering restlessness and inability to cross. I did discuss these varying factors in another post. You can refer to it here. (Scroll down towards the middle section of the post).

Home & Property

It is pretty surprising how many people will inhabit a location that has at one time or another, been the location of a death, without cleansing and blessing the home and/or property prior to moving-in. This also applies to people who continue to reside in a location after a death, regardless of cause.

Emotions become imprinted in the environment, especially when impacted by brutality, crime, suicide and murder. Regardless of someone’s reason for staying, or leaving a home and/or property that has been imprinted with that negativity, a cleansing and blessing should always be conducted to help ‘clear the air’ and lift any spirit energy, upward and out. This is one of the most overlooked issues, as well as best-kept secrets with Real Estate Agents and Sellers.


Some states have developed a Disclosure clause, to inform prospective Buyers of deaths having transpired in the home and/or on the property. Depending upon the state, there may associated time periods for the Seller/Agent to identify and disclose the property’s history, meaning that the state-specific clause may only have to disclose death on or in the property, for a period of up to three years prior. Even then, most do not divulge that information for periods prior, if at all.

The issue of Disclosure can be quite uncomfortable. I have first-hand experience renting a flat that had a history, unbeknown to me, until it was … too late. Again, that situation will be incorporated into another post, at a later date. Some Disclosure laws simply state that the Seller/Agent has to make the prospective Buyer aware of a property that may be “psychologically impacted”. The term “psychologically impacted” refers to illness, death and certain types of crime, yet does not state, nor mean that a property is “haunted”.

As I often suggest, it is wise to learn about your state-specific Disclosure Laws relative to purchasing or renting property. By all means, just ask! If there is not an applicable clause, and you have a Seller/Agent who gives you abbreviated information, or states they do not know of a history, my best advice is to do some leg work. Believe me, as much of a bother that it may seem, you will be much better off knowing this information prior to your purchase or rental, rather than finding out after the fact – and facing a crisis due to undisclosed, or undiscovered drama.


Fast-forward to finding out that your property of interest, be it the home or land, has been the setting to a tragic death. In essence, that home and/or property is stigmatized. Unseen negativity may indeed, influence your life, should you decide to purchase, or lease it.

Buyers  and Renters need to make informed decisions on how best to proceed. For some, the thought of paranormal activity in conjunction to a murder, suicide or tragedy is no big deal, while for others, it is. As a rule of thumb, if a property has been stigmatized, and the Buyer/Renter wants to go ahead with the purchase and move, they should take the following steps prior to moving into or onto, the property. This includes tear-downs and rebuilds, or new construction on properties that have been impacted by a tragic death and/or event.

For existing structures, a House Cleansing and House Blessing needs to be conducted before moving possessions and residents into the affected structure. This will help to rid any negative energy BEFORE you find yourself impacted by a trapped spirit.

For new builds, or rebuilds onto property that has been adversely impacted by a tragedy, the ground or property itself, needs to be cleansed and blessed. This will help raise the energy vibration of any trapped soul prior to building a structure that could actually help anchor it to Earth. Newly built structures can and will, absorb the negative energies.

That concludes some of the basic steps that should be considered prior to residing on a potentially active hot-spot for paranormal activity. Once more, it is very important for prospective Buyers and Renters to research on their future property, in order to avoid a very bad encounter with spirit energy that is stuck.

Trapped Souls

As a Spiritual Medium, I am accustomed to being sought for help to cross, by a trapped spirit(s). This can happen when they come to me through meditation in the privacy of home, or while embarking on a House Reading or investigation. Since every situation is different from the next, it is somewhat difficult to explain via a single posting, the steps that I follow when trying to show them the way out. For sake of time, I will summarize as best as I can given this venue and remember: A spirit may have crossed after death, yet may come back and forth, depending on unique circumstances that directly pertain to the person whom has passed.

Quite frequently, it is relatively easy to help a spirit cross and be released from a property if they are already accepting of their death and/or want to cross. Other times it may take more patience, (obviously time) and trust. From time-to-time, there may also be the need for intervention by means of an Exorcism by a Priest or Clergy member, or guidance from a Demonologist. It just depends on the situation.

People tend to be surprised when I mention trust. Specifically, that trust needs to take place between myself as a Medium, and the spirit energy. An initial contact with a spirit may not be for message of help to cross over, but may be more of an introduction. Little by little, details will emerge which will indicate what the particular problem or situation may be, warranting their communication.

For on-site contact, a quieter setting is very beneficial to deduct the reasoning behind the communication. While conducting a preliminary assessment (House Reading) alone, or with an Assistant, inclusive of the Client, I can better concentrate on the specific needs of the spirit energy. On the other hand, it may take a return trip to the property without a group of investigators, to determine what needs to be done.

In circumstances surrounding murder and/or suicide, a spirit energy may actually be angry and lash-out at the Client, other Residents, or facilitator of an investigation, myself included. This is why understanding and carrying out proper conduct for an assessment and/or investigation is crucial, in order to prevent any harm (i.e. a psychic attack). Preparation is key for all members present. Common sense will show that nobody should be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, or in a foul mood. Foul moods can be triggered by prior fighting (physically and/or emotional), or a bought with depression.

Once a spirit has gained trust, they will be more apt to listen to the fact that they need to be released from the ‘memory weight’ that bogs them down and prevents them from crossing. At this point my focus is being able to facilitate a crossing; to show them the way upward and out. I also strongly recommend that a person never attempts to do this without being comfortable, or having practice unless they are helping in prayer alone. It can be a very tricky issue to deal with and inexperience can lead to a bad outcome, which only tethers the spirit to Earth, instead of helping to set it free.

The Crossing

To begin a release, I prefer to be on premise my Client’s home. This is the most direct way to handle the situation. In addition to my normal preparation, I will begin by saying a prayer of protection and then a prayer stating the name(s) of the spirits whom need to be released. I ask God to bring white light and goodness, to usher the soul(s) to cross. I also ask for all Angel Guides of the spirit(s) to help raise the spirit energy upward, through the white light, in addition to family and/or friends of the spirit(s) whom have crossed, to welcome the trapped spirit(s) with light and love.

Note: White light acts a channel or tunnel, to foster a spiritually safe crossing. It helps lead the spirit upward, with the help of their Angel Guides. Think of it as a secure tunnel of passage.

Things can become pretty intense at times. That is why it in cases where a negative, or surrounding negative energy is present, it is best to have a carefully constructed plan of action, prior to asking the spirit(s) to cross.

Naturally, an off-site crossing can be performed however, dependent upon the spirit energy and the situation, may not be successful on the first try. Continued prayer for the soul(s) will help raise their energy and hopefully guide them to cross. In certain cases, regardless of the number of times I can pray or ask them to cross, even with the help of prayer from others, a direct on-site crossing ceremony may need to take place – and this is exactly what I feel is what needs to be done relative to the Tate murders on Cielo Drive.


Complicating a successful crossing of a trapped spirit, is a problem that is often caused by extenuating or unrelated dark and evil energy forces that get sucked onto an existing, stigmatized property. As explained in several of my posts, this occurs through the use of Ouija Boards and seance. Those darker energies can act as concrete to anchor a soul that is already trapped, preventing energy of the soul(s) to elevate and be released.

Having been frequently asked about the property and area on Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon, I have to say that this is exactly what has transpired. Factoring into the equation is the problem that the new house has absorbed that energy, and negative energy continues to be pulled into and onto, the property from the surrounding area.

This is why I do not condone behavior by individuals who continue to do things that cause the spirit and energies on that property, to be in a constant state of unrest. To investigate a nearby home/property that has activity is one thing, but why make it a circus by conducting frequent seance and Ouija, or allowing curiosity seekers to come over and ‘play’? It is not doing anything positive for the poor, trapped souls of the murder victims. It complicates their release and has trapped them.

I do know that the negative energy on the actual property wafts throughout the neighborhood. That alone, will need some mighty intervention. Sadly, I do not see it as being addressed at present. It’s going to have to be a collaborative effort to rid the property and new structure of it, as well as to release the victims.

Ironically, I did receive a message last night as I was meditating just before bed, relative to the victims who perished on Cielo Drive and communicated that information to my son, who happened to be home. Upon further investigation, I was able to identify some critical information which is causing such unrest on, and around the property. It is extremely unsettling. Again, I will continue to pray for these souls and for something POSITIVE to be done on and around the property, to put an end to their unrest and spiritual torment.

I hope that this has helped shed some light on the subject of helping trapped spirits cross. The best thing that you can do to help, is to pray for them and surround them (visualize), with white light.

As always; feel free to message me your questions, or post a comment.


30 Comments on “Helping Trapped Spirits Cross”

  1. [...] reference, I have written about these situations in a prior post: Helping Trapped Spirits Cross. I will discuss two celebrity deaths that I have picked up on a Heavy Spiritual DNA imprint but [...]

  2. lori says:

    Hi, im writing you because I need help getting rid of the negative energy in my home. Its actually my dads house and also the house I grew up in. Ive always sensed a dark presence and had a few paranormal occurences over the years. So did my mom. Due to financial trouble im forced to move back here again. My dad has never been troubled with anything paranormal and he laughs at me if I talk about his house being haunted. My best friend seen a black shadow figure standing in the den recently. She pointed it out to me but I couldnt see anything there. I could feel it watching though so I flipped it off blaming it for causing my family trouble all these years. A few minutes later we were sitting in the family room and I felt a burning sensation on my back. My friend and I looked and there was scratches. One day soon after that my dad left on an errand leaving me there alone in the daytime. I boldly went through every room praying in jesus name to cast out all evil. Afterwards the house felt light and peaceful. Later my friend came over to visit and complained of uneasiness in the kitchen. She heard two distinct voices, a man and a woman. They were trying to call my cat who was frozen and staring at something we couldnt see. They were also friend says she thinks they were laughing at me for thinking id made them leave. Nothing strange or evil has happend yet while living here except the occassional feel of being watched and a couple ofnightmares. I want to know what they want. If they are trapped, arethey human spirits or demon. Its hard going about this when my dad doesnt believe anythings wrong. Can you help with any advice please….

  3. lori says:

    Hi its lori again. Also I would like to know how to find history on my dads property, previous owners, land info, ect. Where do I go to locate this information. I found out online that the house was built in the early 1950s but other than that im clueless. Thanks for listening and providing any help you can. … Lori

  4. lori says:

    Update… I did a few evp sessions and concluded theres more than one spirit. One dominate spirit that keeps telling me to get out and seemingly weaker spirits that may need help. I tried coaxing one of the weaker ones to talk and picked up a childs voice on evp that said … Cant. I took this to mean that the child spirit wasnt allowed to talk. Is this a demon playing pranks or is it possible for demons to hold human ghosts as prisoners? Also Im having trouble sleeping at night. And my cat often runs from one side of the bed to the other like somethings harassing her. Prayer helps calm things down for awhile but not permanent. My cat often stares at something invisible. Ive become more aware of the unseen. I see disturbances in the air in the house, like clear static. It looks similar to heat waves. Is that what spirits look like. Has anyone else experienced this craziness? Its hard acting normal around my dad who doesnt belive in the paranormal or that his house is haunted. Its never affected him and he doesnt seem to notice.

  5. Chris says:

    How do i contain more than one soul in a stone or jewel?.

  6. Chris says:

    how do i bring a spirit back?.

  7. lori says:

    Lori again, well, At least one spirit in my dads house is demonic. I tried ministering the gospel to release any captive spirits. Now the demon is really ticked off. I hear sounds like flies buzzing and my cat goes crazy. Im on a 3 day 3 night water fast to ask god to remove it…now only one day left to fast and this thing just paralised me in my sleep and I woke to the sound of flies. What else can I do to stop it when no one will help or believe me? Please respond… Lori

  8. I have a spirit whom i believe is trapped in my friends apartment / shop it puts off a feeling of some one watchin you and its been slamming doors. I wanted to know a prayer to help it criss over..(the property used to be a big time gambling house in the 30s and 40s) please help! Thank you, cheyenne willie

    • Jill Marie says:

      Have you ever investigated to see what could be causing the doors to slam (i.e. drafts, or loose hinges)? You may want to try looking in to those things first and see if you can debunk anything. From there, you may want to try looking up local paranormal investigative teams to see if they could help your friend out. Keep me posted…

  9. Vikki says:

    I am writing because a friend of mine died a few days ago, we don’t know if it was suicide or foul play as the police investigation is not done. I am just worried that the circumstances of her death may keep her from being able to move on. Is there any way to help even though I do not know if she is still here? I can’t stand the thought of her being stuck in that house. She was such a sweet person, she deserves to be free. Thank you so much for any advice.

    • Jill Marie says:


      My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend. It’s probably a good idea to wait for the investigative process to finish. I have worked with quite a few families whom are in the exact position as you. Some cases have indicated just what the investigation findings reveal, whereas for some others there has been suspicious activity and/or foul play that I have been able to pick up on. In the meantime, prayer and surrounding your friend with light and love to cross, is suggested regardless of cause. If you are still feeling unsettled about this, please contact me via my website and we can discuss some other options.

      Jill Marie

  10. Annie D says:

    A few years ago my friend who see’s spirits seen a woman in my house the discription was of a family member who died in my house.
    Sometimes when I walk past that spot where my friend seen the woman I get a feeling like some one is there an I get a bit freaked out .
    I’ve recently brought this up wit a friend of mine who also sees spirits I was telling her I get dreams of being attacked when I’m asleep but I feel I’m awake an everytime I’m paralysed I try calling out to my sister in de next room but I can’t. This has been happening to me for years an my friend said the trapped spirit is trying to tell me something.
    If it is my relation would they be really attacking me or could it be some one eles ???

  11. Sabrina says:

    Hey I wana help spirits to cross over to heaven.. There’s about 50 ppl who had passed from an explostion and I wana help them be set free its a none area to be haunted and no one should ever be trapped I need advice and a good prayer i could say to help these ppl!!

  12. Tevani Lim says:

    Hi Jill,
    A few weeks ago, I saw a police officer in a fast food restaurant and had an overwhelming feeling of sadness which I really could not explain. He was among a few other police officers eating breakfast and a little voice inside me kept telling me to go up to them and let them know how dedicated they were since they risk their lives everyday and to be careful. I could not eat my breakfast since this little voice kept telling me to say those words but unfortunately I did not want to bother them. Anyways, 2 weeks later on New Years Eve Dec. 31, 2012, one of those police officers died tragically responding to another accident on his motorcycle. His name was Officer Chris Yung in Virginia and was only 35yrs of age leaving behind 3 kids. I was shocked to know that he was the one I kept feeling an overwhelming since of sadness. Anyways, a co-worker told me that she has been told by a medium that she had a special gift. She told me that as she was driving through an intersection she saw a cloud around a small area and within that cloud she saw silhouettes described as bowling pins (people size).
    As she was passing by the clouded area within that intersection, the silhouettes motioned for her to go ahead and pass by. To her surprise, she realized that it was specifically where the police officier was killed after mentioning this info to another friend. The accident happened 2 days prior to her experience. Since this tragic accident, I have been feeling anxious, unable to relax and a sense of uneasiness that I just can’t explain..could it be that I since that his spirit is trapped and unrested??? I don’t even know him and my body is acting quite strange since then….
    With her experience, do you think that his spirit is trapped since he died a unexpected tragic death which is why I cannot seem to relax..
    I was told to try to visit the site of the accident and try to pray to him to go to the light.

  13. Donna says:

    On Sept. 17th 2012 my son passed away at home from a long illness.He was 23 years old. I have a eagle that sets on a little pedistale. I know this sounds crazy but I can talk to Chad and he answere me by moving the eagle. am I stengy for wanting him to stay with me? I miss him so much

  14. Donna says:

    My adopted daughter has been visited since age 3 by a Victorian woman standing bybher bed at night. Now she has two daughters and the woman visits them and they are terrified. The same woman has visited my daughters stepsister, and all the females in the maternal line in England. Can you explain or how can we get her to leave us alone?

  15. Kayla Ward says:

    How do you for sure know its a spirit or whatever? I just moved into my moms house and i have been hearing foot steps, doors creak, and even some unknown whispering that i cant make out.

  16. Stephanie Aviles says:

    valuble information for me!!!! …. HI i Am Stephanie , i feel as if my Father My Lord is reaching out to me to Help Trapped Souls … I would really like to speak to you about some important things that have been accuring in my mind daily , dreams , day dreaming , driving , showering , watching tv its on my mined and spirit daily …. please email me if you have the time … …Thank You and god Bless Your Unique spirit

  17. Brianna says:

    Ive recently encountered my deceased great great uncle who died in the house i am currently living in about eight years ago… Since I was eight Ive been having dreams. Dreams that almost always come true… When i was eight my great grandpa gave me an item. It looks like an oversized petrified lima bean that has been around for hundreds of years, but it is a deep dark purple. To me, the bean brings me comfort and protection. When someone else holds it they start freaking out for no given reason. Other family relatives that holds it don’t feel anything. Its as if it was only meant for me… Sometimes my bean disappears. Even though i keep it in a tiny chest. When its gone bad things happen to me. Like terrible things. Rape, depression, anorexia, etc. when i get it back everything is great again. I dreamt of living in this house for the past 4 1/2 years. Now Im here… Me, my sister, and her friend were doing the ouiji board. I knew he was here.. when he gave me his military id number i knew it was him. But still i was precautious because I wasnt for sure if it was a demon or a bad spirit messing with us. Long story short, he wants me to free him. But i dont know how. (I know the reason thats keeping him back though.) He quickly said goodbye midword as if something panicked him. All day today i feel weighed down. If you could please get back with me id appreciate it. Also id like to know if any of this could hurt my pregnant.. and im done with the board..i promised my fianc√© that id stay away from it….

    Is it normal to look in the mirror and see black hollowed eyes in place of my own?? Like its a quick ordeal then its normal again.

  18. Nicole Beaumier says:

    Hi Jill, We just moved in this house we are renting it,one night me and my son were pretending to ghost hunt and played back the recording and there’s a little boy about 10 -13 his name is Aiden his spirit is trapped we talk to him all the time even though he said he’s a demon and he said evil should we stop talking to him ? He said he likes when we talk. He mainly only answers my son who’s 13, should I be worried. He tells us an answer for almost every question. He said he’s trapped and he says “help me please”. What should I do?

  19. Christine says:

    Both of my parents passed away in 2009. My mother died of cancer in January and my father unsuspectedly died of a stroke or heart attack in July.
    I no longer live in the home my mother died in. During the time I had been living there I felt a deep sorrow. Often feeling very sad and trapped in life.
    Now that I have a couple renting the home, they’ve recently asked if my parents had smoked, having my father being a heavy smoker I said yes. They continued to tell me they have suddenly smelt a very heavy scent of cigarette smoke that came and went. Among this incident, both claim to witness strange things happening in their residence. They both believe my parents spirits might be trapped in the house.
    I’m 20 years old and wondering of they are indeed trapped or are they only visiting the place they last remember? Could they be trapped knowing they left me at 15/16 yrs old and worried about me or could it be something else?
    I am now feeling very guilty leaving them alone.
    Please inform me of any possible advice. Thank you.

  20. Jessica Lamb says:

    Hi im jess im 26 years old and I have 3 children. I am not sure what to do about the passing of my boyfriend Jonathan. He had died of an accidental overdose in the house that we had lived in. We were actually currently staying there with our neighbor. After the death of my jon i left and moved out. I came back months later and now my neighbor she has moved out. I had stayed the night there one last time and he is definitely there. Please contact me. Please help.

  21. Angela says:

    Hello, my brother recently commited suicide in our backyard. While I dont feel his presence I feel like I should have the space cleansed. Where would I go? Who would I talk to? Sincerly, Angela

  22. Victoria Clarke says:

    Hi Jill,
    My husband and I live in an apartment complex that used to be a single family dwelling that took up the whole property back in the 1940`s. It was the home of the Howard’s. The mother and children were brutally abused by the father for a very long time before it ended in a murder suicide. The family home along with the outbuildings and whatnot were knocked down and our apartment complex replaced it. We didn’t know any of this when we moved in. Shortly after we moved in paranormal things began to happen. I have always had the gift since I was a little girl to see and hear spirit. I didn’t understand fully until recently how to use my gift at all. I know the dark tall man figure I see is the father Jack Howard and I also sed the mother Flora. They show me how their lives were way back when. I will be standing in a room of my house and suddenly it’s like I’m watching a play of their lives. They also move things make unexplained noises and invade our dreams. There are also other spirits around that don’t relate to them. Am I causing this to happen by being sensitive? How do I help them crossover. My husband has been unexplainable sick lately could the negative energy be causing this. Would sage help? Should I speak to them or ignore. Please help things are becoming very intense around here and like I said I’m very new to this. Thank you, Victoria

  23. Patricia Diehl says:

    How do I have someone contact me? I need some help. My daughter has been seeing people walk around her dorm room at night and she has actually been having weird medical symptoms to go along with it since she moved into this dorm room. Part of the college campus was built on an old state hospital site. We come from a long line of “seeing things” and/or “feeling things” along with having dreams that later come true. I have advised her to move out of the dorm room the end of the semester. In the mean time I believe there are spirits trapped withing this dorm room and/or the entire building and she is the only one that can actually “see” them due to the family history. I have actually thought about contacting a priest to see if they can go and help. Not sure because people may think we are crazy. We keep our abilities tightly under wraps for fear of others thinking we are crazy due to our gift.

  24. Jill says:

    Hi Jill! My name is also Jill! haha..

    Some strange things have been going on in my house (built last year). Several times the dryer has stopped and the door wide open (it wont run unless its latched and quite hard to open up), things unexplainably falling, my sons toys starting by themselves (making sounds), and my 11 month old son most recently got very upset looking towards our staircase, and was acting terrified trying to climb up me. My son also has troubles at night (up lots, crying, night terrors, etc).

    My mother in law recently visited a medium, who said that there is 1 possibly 2 spirits that are “stuck” in our house. She first asked about if we own an oijji board (sp?) or tarot cards. (which we do not, I used to play with them in high school with my friends, but not for about 8-10 years). The medium believes that a spirit must have travelled with a visitor and it has stayed in our house. She said it is a negative energy and we should get rid of it sooner rather than later. I was wondering if you can offer any insight or suggestions on our situation. Does the spirit want to harm us? What does she mean by “negative”, and why wont it leave us alone when we ask it to? (I was told that they should back off if you ask them to). This is all kind of new to me, except for watching scary movies. (Oh, speaking of which my son is usually up at 3-4 am, which also happens to be something they talk about in scary movies all the time, which is NOT helping my anxiety!!).. I know this could all be coincidence, but I’m curious to know more. Thanks for your help.

  25. Cassandra says:

    Dear Jill, I spoke to a psychic today about some strange occurrences that have been happening recently in our home. My husband and I have both had our phones thrown on the floor in the middle of the night from either side of the bed where we keep them or on the windowsill where my husband likes to keep it. It’s happened to me once, and I didn’t think anything of it because I was delirious from sleep. He brought it up yesterday which prompted me to look into it a little further… but it happens to him often, sometimes as much as 3 times in the night. I was resting on the couch last night and I heard his phone fall from the windowsill. We don’t have any animals and the phones were not positioned on a table where it would fall off the edge. We pondered if something else was happening. The psychic/medium made a lot of sense of the situation and I loved what she had to say. I would really like a second opinion because I have a tendency to be doubtful as much as I want to believe.

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