Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I honestly do not know how, but by the grace of God and the Universe, I was able to do this difficult reading. I’m sick - big deal - but so stuffed and sneezy it’s ridiculous. I felt as though I could not reschedule and had to get through it. Explaining to the couple that … Continue reading Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


The Super Blood Wolf Moon

The word for this weekend and following week ahead is: PATIENCE. Taking a pause and practicing patience is extremely important as we shift into this Super Blood Wolf Moon. The full moon occurs at 12:16AM on Monday morning, January 21st and features a lunar eclipse. Building up to the apex of the full moon, emotions … Continue reading The Super Blood Wolf Moon

Beings of Energy

I’m going to bring up something that has been brought to my attention several times in the last year, or so. I’m about to be rather frank with you. This is very important information pertaining to anyone seeking advice, be it spiritual counseling, readings, or just general guidance from a psychic, and/or psychic medium. Without … Continue reading Beings of Energy

2018: Time To Say Goodbye

On the eve of New Years Eve, you should be saying goodbye to all of the year-end sludge that’s been building, and say hello to new beginnings. Yes, it’s time to turn the corner, a page, or even a new leaf. Regardless, and most importantly, you need to prepare for getting #TURNT Resolutions and goals … Continue reading 2018: Time To Say Goodbye

Beware: The Abyss of Vanishing Luggage

Hi. My name is Jill Marie Morris and I am having a super fun time, here in Charlotte, NC. *Said in a snarky tone* After a redeye flight for my dinner show tomorrow, it was brought to my attention that Frontier Airlines completely lost my luggage. Mine. Only. Seriously. It is nowhere to be found. … Continue reading Beware: The Abyss of Vanishing Luggage

The Artist In You

Did you know that you’re an Artist? Yes! You are an Artist of Impressionism. Each and every human is given a unique set of life experiences. Sometimes the colors and temperatures are sparkling, brilliant, and warm, whereas other times muted, somber and cold. As an artist, it is up to you to paint a portrait … Continue reading The Artist In You