Two Part Premonition: August 1st 2016 (unfolded)

Below, you will find a request for prayers due my premonition. The original post date of the prayer request was Monday, August 1, 2016 at 7:03PM. As you will find, the actual premonition had taken place earlier in the morning…

As stated, very early that morning, I had an incredibly disturbing, two-part premonition. This is what I recorded in my dream diary. Note the date and time: 

After learning about a ruptured gasoline explosion in Woodland Hills, I made the following discoveries, and posted to the Fan Page as follows. I reference the above Dream Diary entry:

Last night, exactly one week following the premonition and request for Universal prayers relative to it, I learned of the death of Vanessa Marcotte, of Princeton, MA. This was, without a doubt, Part 2 of the premonition. Here is the FB Fan Page post:

Incredibly sad. This is exactly what I deal with on a regular basis. I would like to thank all of you who follow from my Fan Page, for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Vanessa and her family, as well as friends. Also, for my friend and her family, and the entire community of Princeton, MA.🙏🏻❤️

Dream Diary & Documented Premonitions

Below, you will find excerpts from both my Dream Diary and personal journal. I am sharing these intensely personal glimpses with you, in efforts for you to see what my life is like, and how different premonitions and messages present. There are many, many more that have been recorded, however, I will only post the following.

Most times, I try to record directly into the book, while other times, I may grab a piece of paper, or whatever I can write on, while it’s fresh in my head. Many of my older premonitions were written on single sheets of paper. I wats almost afraid to catalog them in book form. At times, I have even stopped recording in a book due to the scope of the premonition and an associated event. 

On a personal note, it was particularly interesting to me, to see how much my handwriting has evolved over time, as well as how damn messy it remains when I journal in the wee hours of the night. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have woken up scared out of my wits and recorded my visions. Sleepy is one thing, but fear brings messy writing to an entirely different level. I just try to jot down as much as I can remember, most often without paying much attention to punctuation and grammar.

As for the excepts below, you will find some names have been removed for privacy. I have included some that were presented on Facebook prior to the event, asking for people to pray, only to take down the posts due to some of the horror that unfolded later, after an event took place. Frankly, my announcements have freaked many people out. I still grapple with announcing them on FB. 

I have also decided to include entries made from FB message readings, chats, as well as AOL Instant Messenger. Some of the information below, may be disturbing. Again, it is merely a survey of what I have recorded over the years. Everything from knowledge of pregnancies, to deaths, to natural and manmade disasters, as well as horrific tragedies. 

Lastly, I am a Christian and always pray and ask God for guidance when I may have a premonition, or spirit contact that provides messages and future warnings. I do this without fail. When you finish reading this post, I just ask that you please say a prayer or send up a chant, or give out some positive vibes for those who have lost their lives relative to the excerpts. 

Thank you.


August 4, 1997 @ 5:12AM

“I am scared saddened and frustrated. I woke crying. I saw a plane falling to the ground. The circular symbol of the tail of the plane was red, white and blue almost like the Yin & Yang symbol. People were crying and I was confused – I could not understand them. I was standing in a long line of Asians, trailing from the plane: just standing in a long line. An elderly Asian woman took my hand and smiled as I cried. I could not communicate. She then said one word – the only word I understood: *PRAY. The woman clasped my hand in hers and stared at me. Just before turning to join her husband she patted my cheek and smiled. She placed something into my hand: an object like the size of a large coin, circular red, white & blue. I watched as others outside of the line of passengers (?) ran frantically around, screaming & crying. I see the #8. The sadness is unbearable. People continue to come to me speaking in a language that I cannot identify. I ask to leave the dream and now am awake writing this. Dear Lord, please protect the people & planes that fly our skies.”

August 6, 1997: Korean Airlines Flight 801 crashes.

“The symbol on Korean Air matches what I saw on plane and what the Asian woman gave me on coin. My heart breaks for the people lost in the crash. What am I to learn from this dream and premonition stuff? I was to help people but how? Who can I tell? How do I warn people? I saw “8” it’s flight “801” in August. What else can I do besides pray, like she told me? God bless the people killed and their families.”

***I told two of my coworkers about the dream the next morning. I found out about the crash after the same two coworkers brought the morning newspaper up to my office and remarked about the symbol matching what I saw and drew.


May 28, 1998

“This is very odd. While standing in the kitchen, looking out of the window, I received a premonition; it was so clear; a tornado, w/rain, wind lightning streaking the sky, trees falling. This is frightening. I know it’s spring and the weather can be a little volatile but a tornado? Here? Perhaps elsewhere but this is such a strong feeling. I will pray for safety and keep my eyes and ears peeled.”

May 31, 1998 “LONG DAY – Big tornadoes came through. Got stuck in the car with Carol. Karen called on mobile to advise of tornado. That was SO SCARY! Had more at Carol’s after we got (my sons). Rode it out in the garage with the boys, Carol and Karen. Now no power here, no water. I will never forget this day. Mechanicville has incredible damage. We just missed getting sucked into it on the road. We are blessed to be alive.”

May 31, 1998: Mechanicville, New York F3 tornado and tornado outbreak.

***My best friend can verify the premonition and events described.


September 9, 2001 @ 5:20AM 

“Planes were falling from the sky like rain. It was like watching rain but it was airplanes! How freaking scary!!!! The dream started as I was standing in a park, separated by a body of water. A lake? A river? A stream? There was a chain-link fence that separated us from the water. On the other side of the water was a city. It was such a beautiful day. I remember hearing a noise and looked up; a plane was flying very fast and it crashed into the city. More planes followed and sky turned black. BAM BAM BAM! They were crashing around us. I grabbed (my sons) and ran for cover. There was one, large tree in the park. I sheltered them both between my stomach and the tree. We could hear crashing and as I turned to see what was going on, I saw more planes falling out of the sky like rain. I saw fire. I screamed for help and I prayed for the Lord to protect us. The kids cried. I could feel the flames shooting out and the heat trying to burn my skin as I crouched over the kids. I woke up praying the Lord’s Prayer. This was terrible. I hope to God that nobody in the family is traveling. I will call mom to find out. Why would it be raining planes? I don’t get it. I’m very concerned. We do have a pond near the park but it’s the same as the setting in the dream. It’s more north- maybe New Jersey. I am wiped but I feel like I haven’t even slept. Dear Lord our Father, please protect us and those traveling.”

September 11, 2001: Terrorists attack the United States of America.

***My mother and best friend can verify this.


March 11, 2002

“(Name Removed) is pregnant?! What a beautiful dream! At some point in my sleep the most brilliant Angel appeared at the foot of my bed. She was dressed in blue, with golden flowing hair. At first, her hands were at her side but as she smiled, she raised them up and out, then drawing them into a cradling position. I saw a baby boy dressed in red and green – Christmas color?? What brilliant gold and white light surround this beautiful Angel and child. All too soon she left, but what a feeling! I will call (Name Removed) and see what is going on. Funny, she has not mentioned anything to me. Time will tell . . .”

I called my best friend and told her about the dream. She laughed. She was not pregnant, but had not been feeling well. Several weeks later, she called to tell me she was pregnant. Her son was born on Christmas Eve.

***My best friend can verify this.


December 24, 2004 

“Almost falling out of bed on the hotel room here at the Stardust. I’m a little scared after all, we’re in Las Vegas which does have quakes but the setting in this dream was tropical. There were palm trees and water EVERYWHERE! I was watching water come in from a view – point as if watching from above. There were pools and cars and palm trees rocking back and forth. Water just pouring in and being dumped out of pool after pool. Could we have a quake that will hit the strip???? Oh my gosh I still can’t believe I was woken up by almost falling out of bed, half expecting to wake up to an earthquake. My head is killing me. This is not good. – Mom can hang out in the casino all she wants. I need to lay down. I am really upset w/this dream. She says pray to God that we don’t have a quake here. Some Christmas vacation. I can’t shake this feeling. It will not go away. I am still feeling off balance at times and while in the bath. A little while ago could have sworn I felt the building mildly sway. Please get us home safely, dear Lord. I want to be home with the boys.”

December 26, 2004 Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.

***My mother can verify this.


May 2007

Via AOL Instant Messenger I advise Justin that his relative “Sam” came thru with a weather warning.

“Well, that was weird, different and highly unusual. While chatting w/Justin via the internet and during a channeling session with him via IM, his relative came through and tried to warn me of a storm. “Sam” was kicking the ground, dirt was flying all over – he was showing me a mess. Also kept telling me “green” and Kansas. “Sam” is adamant in trying to relay his message, showing me dirt and swirling debris. After some discussion and research of cities located in KS w/the word “green” we found Greensburg. Due in part to the confusion that Sam” was creating and also relative to Justin not recognizing location of Greensburg, KS in association w/his ancestry we put that part of his message on the back burner. Something’s up. “Sam” was really trying to make a point. Could it be weather? A helicopter? Maybe he will come through during our next channel session and clarify.”

May 4, 2007 – E5 tornado leveled Greensburg, Kansas.

***Although Justin passed, his wife can verify this and has copies of the channeling sessions.


August 14, 2007 @ 1:35AM

“Frick this – I can’t sleep. It’s 1:35 and I want to call (Name Removed). We talked for a while tonight but something is not right. I tried to lay down after we got off of the telephone but no sleep. At 1:27AM I felt a spirit come into my room and stand at the foot of my bed. Dear Lord, I heard her say her name I jumped right up to the edge of my bed with my heart in my throat. Please let me know that (name private) is OK. I pray that (Name Removed) will be surrounded in pure, white light for protection. We all love her so much. Maybe I did not clearly hear the name? Heavenly Father, please watch over (name private).”

Late morning of August 14, 2007. I left my phone at home while out doing errands with my oldest son. My best friend called his phone and asked to speak to me. She informed me that her sister (my other best friend) had died, unexpectedly, sometime over night. This was one of the worst days of my life.

Despite the fact I had only used half of the pages, the last Dream Diary entry for that book was:

August 14, 2007: “. . . I love you and will always miss you. I am – we all are -heartbroken. I can’t believe you are gone. This is not fair. The pain is brutal. Rest peacefully and thank you for being a bright light in my – and (my sons) lives. Shine bright in heaven, kiddo. Love you Always – Miss you forever, Jilly”

***Both of my sons can verify my encounter, as told to them on the morning of August 14th. My best friend can also verify I had a bad feeling during our conversation the night before.


Facebook reading for a close friend who was living with her husband (US Navy) in Japan.
January 4, 2011 @ 10:36PM

“(Name Removed) Facebook – ? earthquake > Baby. I see her yelling “get out” >
protection/safety/windows. Full reading via FB. Preg <3”

January 21, 2011

“Definitely see an increase in natural disasters and a rare event in the sky, but this is a planet and the universe it lives in is changing, as well as the planet itself. Something frightening may occur, but Earth will do OK – it’s just the people who need to chill out and stop thinking that every quake and flood is a “sign” from God that the end is near.”

January 30, 2011

“Worried about Mike – something not right. I don’t see danger but I sense something is off kilter? Quake? Keep picking up on shaking.”

February 11, 2011

“Again, I keep feeling shaky – like a quake but not in N.Y. Maybe when mom is here there will be one in CA, and that is why I sense something about Mike? . . . Twice already I could have sworn the ground 0 once when I got up and then while feeding Merlin. It’s more like a rattling feeling in a premonition form. I feel safe here but wonder what it’s about > CA? NY? I saw three red flashes which is of big concern > means danger. I will pray Mom and (Name Removed) have safe flight and Mike is safe from earthquakes.”

February 23, 2011

“Mom and (Name Removed) back to NY. No quakes, no floods, no tornadoes . . .”
March 10, 2011

“ – – – – BAD MOOD – – – . . . I should just go back to bed – serious BAD VIBES. Maybe I will resmudge the apartment – and myself. I hope all is well because I feel a thick, black energy just hanging in the air. I woke up & felt like my mattress was going to flip up & over. Don’t remember the dream though. I was hanging onto the bed sheets as I open my eyes – weird. I am worried – this is not so much spirit energy but a bad vibe, on the periphery – doesn’t impact me as much as I see it affecting others > ??? Well – it’s either just a bad blue moon mood, or something very bad is about to go down. I’m going back to sleep – I’ll either wake up in a better mood or the earth will open up and swallow me into a sinkhole.”

March 10, 2011 @ 6:41PM

“Can’t kick this bad funk or feeling. It’s a mystery. I now feel really sad about this vibe – like I’m going to witness something – I’m just waiting – I’ve waited all day long to get a call or see something on the news but FORTUNATELY all seems quiet. I prayed for a while today; I asked for protection and peace. I just can’t help but feel like some big black thing is lurking outside – in the air. It’s not a “persona’ think, it’s public. This is a tough one. No sinkholes but I once more felt a rattle wile on the toilet earlier. Merlin was also howling and trying to climb the walls – weird! E, perhaps California is slowly turning into an island? I’m feeling it over here? Doubtful. Praying tomorrow will come minus the black cloud. Better days ahead . . .”

March 11, 2011: 8.0 Earthquake in Japan. My friend and her husband were okay, but she returned stateside due to the conditions in Japan. 

April 2, 2011 @ 10:55AM 

“I still think (Name Removed) is pregnant. She had that “look” when we met her for dinner the other night. I will wait and ask her in a few weeks. Still looks preg. in her FB pics. Maybe she doesn’t want to say? Maybe she doesn’t know?”

April 6, 2011 @ 11:45PM 
(Name Removed) messaged me to call her: She’s pregnant!!! Just found out today! How awesome! I think she will have a girl . . .”

***My friend can verify this information. She had a girl😉


April 16, 2011 @ 5:12AM

“Dream of tornadoes AL into NY? Bad storms > try to get everyone to safety. (Alabama? MS? FL? NY?)” 

April 27, 2011: Tornadoes from Alabama into New York.

***I told my best friend about the dream.


October 13, 2011 @ 10:55PM

“I keep feeling a bit off balance again – like the ground moves slightly. Earthquakes??? I feel like something is not right w/nature . . .”

October 17, 2011
“Still don’t feel right. No strange dreams though – NOTHING.”

October 19, 2011

I posted something on FB about feeling off. I mentioned a big event – quake? Social chaos? I also discussed this with my friend.

October 20, 2011 @ 2:30AM

“Woke up and jumped out of bed. I saw 2 things: natural and social events – will write more later today.”

October 20, 2011: M. Gadaffi killed.

October 21, 2011

“Feeling still here. . . impending destruction. I hesitate to post too much info online as I don’t want to freak people out . . .”

October 22, 2011

“Wow – such a strong feeling the earth is going to just snap.”

October 23, 2011: Massive earthquake in Turkey.


December 19, 2011 @ 3:20AM

“Big explosion across water from FL – I saw the state and think it’s somewhere fairly close to the US. I hear the words BO-BO-BO-T, BOAT?? I’m not sure if this is explosion or earthquake though. In some ways I see it an explosion & others as a quake. I see rain and mud and I see several ppl hurt and at least 10 dead. I also had a second part of dream. When I left that area as an observer in dream, I saw a large helicopter crash. This is in FL – was it carrying survivors from explosion or quake? There was something medical – like a medical flight – It just fell out of sky. Maybe there is going to be a quake/explosion on an island in Caribbean and they are going to medi-vac to US? – Said some prayers (TOLD KIDS). Very weird.”

***Posted abbreviated dream and feelings on FB. Asked for people to pray.

December 23, 2011: Bogota pipeline explosion due to rains and ground shift.

December 26, 2011: Gainesville, Florida medi-flight organ harvest team went down.


December 12, 2012

“Can’t get over this. I keep singing a Christmas song but am so damn upset about it. The same verse, repeatedly. The song is “Do You Hear What I Hear?” It’s driving Mike crazy. Something isn’t right. I am very concerned this has to do with children. This is incredibly painful despite the joy of the song. I need to pray. Dear Lord, keep my children safe – all children safe.”

December 13, 2012

“Nothing yet. Just extreme pain and sadness relative to children. Please God, protect (my sons), and all kids. That verse, “A child, a child shivers in the cold, let us bring him silver and gold . . .” Driving down into San Bernardino and Riverside areas and all I start crying while singing it. Mike said to “let it go” but I can’t. I am so worried about kids in general. Crying in the car while singing a Christmas song! What the hell does this mean? God, please help all of us parents.”

***I posted the verse on FB that night and asked everyone to PRAY.

December 14, 2012: Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.


March 6, 2014

“I have a heavy feeling.” This is weird – damn weird. I see quakes and a total mind f**k about to happen.”

March 8, 2014: Malaysian Flight MH370 disappears.

***I took a tremendous amount of grief on FB when I posted about the missing flight, relative to what I thought happened. From the very moment the plane was reported missing, I stated two things: #1 The pilot planned it as a suicide mission. #2 They would find the wreckage near an island, not far from India, and it would take a while but this info would eventually surface.
Many of you privately, as well as publicly heard me state this. Just over two years later, it appears that I was correct. No need to apologize to me. It comes with the territory. I took, and take no offense.
March 17, 2014: Shamrock Shake (earthquake) in Los Angeles, California, located just a few miles from my residence (at the time). The quake set off a swarm of quakes that lasted several weeks.


April 13, 2015 @ 4:08AM

“Explosion. Huge – smoke, fire, sirens. Near water -?- or close to it. Rained debris – sludge – fumes? burns – shouts for help. Somewhat remote / rural but near amusements – amusement parks? – older – not used but kids played on or near this amusement storage place. A lot of fumes, sewer all over – filthy. Number keep flashing 7-1 Rain -? – but sunny – FLORIDA – Gulf Coast – looking west when it explodes late morn/early afternoon. More rain – debris – could be series of explosions. Building up -? Not a plane – ground on or in ground. Could be near school. Amusement very strong. Male dies – daughter may have had prem. Too. Woods surround this place. Fish -? Rain – water gulf – smoke, fire explosions.”
***Told my mother and son. This will transpire within 1-3 days. Asked people to PRAY on FB.

April 16, 2015: Tarpon Springs explosion.

Psychic Profiling of Clinton & Trump

Psychic & Profiling Impressions of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


There are three types of impressions that I use: initial, evolving and core. Each can take place in person, by viewing a photograph, watching a video, or by speaking to someone on the telephone, even computer.

Initial Impressions occur upon the first contact with an individual. This is a quick and immediate summary of what I sense. Impressions can be literal (based upon observation), and sensory perceptive (using aura, energy and anything else that may be psychically noted). These impressions are stored for future observation.

Evolving Impressions: This is important when working on cold cases. As for the living, I may have only met a person once, and made an assessment based upon my initial impressions. Over time, and even if I have not seen or spoken to that person since our initial meeting, I am somehow able to pick up on energy vibrations around them, regardless of their distance from me. Information can come to me in form of spirit contacts (associated to that individual), premonitions, or glimpses of what is going on in their lives, or what has previously happened in their lives. Not all impressions or communications are in English. I have phonetically interpreted many languages with the assistance of those who speak and know the language.

Quite often, (and many of you can verify this) I randomly reach out to people and give them warnings, or speak about decisions, problems, etc. that I have no involvement in. One example would be the fact that my youngest son went away to college. He and a friend came home to visit for the holidays. Sitting and chatting, I was suddenly hit with a bunch of ‘flashes’ that included a very strange situation involving a large, round bale of hay. I will leave out the details, but had to ask if it held any significance, by which both my son and his friend were shocked. It certainly did. I further discussed the other impressions (flash from the past event) and my son’s friend was beyond spooked. Such is a day in the life of a Psychic Medium.

As for cold cases, Evolving Impressions are important. Contrary to some claims, spirit does not always manifest upon request. Be it known that I do NOT call out spirit. I let communication occur naturally.

After concentrating on photos of, or objects from the deceased, information will gradually filter in, or flood me. I typically tell those I work with to give me a few days to see what I can absorb, and to see what spirit tells me. Usually, not always, I have a good handle as to what took place within those three days, however, every case is unique, as is every spirit. Evolving Impressions change with time pertaining to spirit, just as much as they do with the living. 

Core Impressions: These are foundational traits of both the living and spirit that never change, i.e. their ‘essence’. This is what I also refer to as Spirit DNA. These are traits, thought patterns, behaviors, general attitudes and characteristics that remain consistent. As many of you have heard me say, the base soul/spirit of the living remains the same upon death. Spirit IS affected by the manner (cause) of death, and relationship situations, however Core Impressions are true personality and remain status quo.

Now that you have a basic introduction as to what happens during my readings, I want to state that I do not use any types of cards, stones, or astrology-related information to assess the living and/or spirit. I do not snoop around, or have others snoop around for me in effort to gather info on clients, or cold cases. 

Special note specifically pertaining to cold cases: I work on cases by referral and/or outreach, only. I do not call into newsrooms, or police stations to offer my opinions. 

Either an agency or family member will contact me. Official cold case participants MUST sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) due to the fact that I once worked on a case and spoke to two of the agencies involved, as well as the deceased’s family. After making a very alarming discovery during one of our sessions, the family member later notified the key suspect and told him that they were working with a psychic (me), and that I had given them a lot of information about what he did. In turn, they were going to ensure he (the suspect) would rot in jail. Not cool for me. I will help an agency and family as much as I can, but all that I ask is to PLEASE keep my name out of it. NDAs are very important.

Dream Diary entries and Facebook posts: I keep a Dream Diary that is date and time stamped relative to any impressions I receive while I sleep. It’s approximately a 50-50 split as to when I receive premonitions and spirit contacts. Some occur while I’m sleeping, while others occur while I’m awake and lucid. Over time, many of you have witnessed that I have randomly posted (via FB) warnings before some unfortunate events. Almost always, and if it implies negative energy or events, I ask everyone to pray and chant in hopes of minimizing what may be brewing. I will post some of the warnings I have mentioned on FB in a separate post, over the weekend. I need to dig out my Dream Diary and journal to pull the excerpts. 

For more information on my background, you can visit my website and read the About page:

Onto my impressions of Clinton and Trump. Be advised that this information is not being published for sake of swaying voters. I have long looked at the candidates and made some astonishing assessments. Additionally, the information contained within this post is also not meant to create fear, or incite debate and/or argument. I’ve approached this just as I would with any client and/or case. The assessments are based upon observation over the last year, or so, with a strange twist to Trump (explained further into the post). Some of my impressions are nothing ‘psychic’ and quite obvious, while others involve the use of my abilities. 

Note about auras: Since childhood, I have developed and honed my individual meaning of colors. I do not go by general aura color meanings, but I do refer to the surrounding colors (encasing the individual) as their aura.

Hillary Clinton: 

General energy level: High and strong.
Hard-working, no-nonsense. Determined. Fierce. She has a silly streak that she doesn’t show too often in public. She is highly organized, and prioritizes extremely well. Relative to scandal, she works thru pain (emotional and otherwise). Guarded, but more on a personal note rather than public. She may not have been forthcoming on some issues, but I do not sense it was intentional. I see confusion. I also see she did not deliberately or knowingly create the situation in Benghazi. There is a great deal of pain she internalizes over what happened, which leads me to that conclusion. I do not see the typical ‘black’ signature around her which would indicate direct involvement. I see it more of a red signature – there were warning signs prior to what transpired and I sense it was out of her control. Again, she harbors a great deal of pain from this. She is stubborn, as well as nurturing, but not a ‘mother hen’. More on that later.

Auras and Layers

Her outer layer is blue. This symbolizes stability, wisdom, faith, intelligence and trust – believe it, or not. For the last few years, this color has become particularly more vibrant, despite the scrutiny she has faced. Blue also symbolizes confidence, communication and diplomacy. She is a true leader. She does not believe in creating scenarios with a hitch, meaning, it is what it is – take it, or leave it. The deepening color also means this is her time. She is pleased with her path and actually humbled to be in this position.

Underneath the blue, and associated with her middle layer, is green. This is what contributes to her drive and determination. Green is the color of those associated with healthcare. Not only is this a color representing nurses, physicians and therapists, I have seen many higher education professionals and social workers with a green aura. Remarkably, I do find this reflects her passion for public service, children and the multi-faceted associations to health care programs, inclusive children with disabilities. The position of this color is located in a position that has been with her mostly all of her life, and I do not see that changing anytime soon. 

Closest to her, is a deep and rosy pink. Pink is the color of relationships. The deeper the color, the stronger the bond. This shows me she is warm, yet holds her cards. Although friendly, she is careful to allow anyone in her inner circle. Once someone has been welcomed, they are there for life. Due to the closeness of the pink to her physical body, she is very guarded and considers her closest relationships most important. Of particular interest, ever since becoming a grandmother, the pink has definitely darkened, almost touching her. This is usually the case for those whom are devoted. Note: sadly, not all parents, guardians and grandparents are devoted. Hillary is not a “Tiger Mom” but is perched like a lioness waiting to strike if any harm is done to her cubs.

Health concerns: Based upon what I ‘see’ she may have vascular issues between the chest, neck and head, but they are presently, non-life threatening. I do think she is aware of these issues, and again, I do not see her having any significant problem other than headaches. I do not see any areas of red, indicating a warning to one particular part of her physical body.

Current situation:

I see her on a ladder. This is quite symbolic. She keeps climbing and climbing, despite a few, failing rungs. She may encounter a problem along the way but knows what to do to fix it, and fix it properly. Nothing she does is ‘half-assed’, meaning no band aid fixes to motor-on. There is a tremendous amount of light at the top of her ladder, but it’s not so much her desire to publicly display accomplishments, as it does for her to know in her soul that she has been true to herself and her life path. 

One particular issue that bothers me, even with the resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman, is the ‘mole’ in her circle. I keep sensing someone fairly close to her is working against her, almost feeding information directly from one side, to the other (Republicans). I do think she will figure it out, but as of right now, the individual is not on the radar. It is a male. He is deliberately trying to undermine her win. Upon recognizing who this is, she will react swiftly, and a not-so-pleasant chapter in Trump’s book is going to pop wide open.

Hillary is a quiet fighter. She does ‘stealth mode’ very well. She may not say something, but that is because she chooses her words carefully. Let that be no indication of weakness, as she will strike with precision if provoked, of if needed to take a stand. Be forewarned: you won’t see her coming, but she will hit you with such force it will make your head spin.
I truly do not see anything horrible, terrible, or alarming. As a matte of fact, based upon her path and energy field, she is pretty benign, with some bumps in the road.

Donald Trump

General energy level: Moderately low and scattered.

Donald is also hard-working. His main drive is to better not only himself, but his family and closest friends. Everyone else can take a number. He is organized, but not as much as he wants you to think. Be it complacency, or lack of time, the less he has to do, the happier he is. He is great at delegating for organization, but lacks it on a bigger scale. 

One of the more striking things that I ‘see’ and have noted for as long as I can remember; his extreme lack of confidence. He may appear to be smooth and confident, but inside, his confidence level is very low. His public persona is an illusion. Trump is a born liar. He is a snake. He is incredibly two-faced, and extremely hypocritical more times than he is on the straight and narrow. He is arrogant to the point of being a megalomaniac. He is quick to boil and lacks a filter. This is what he is accustomed to doing because he lacks true confidence.   

Auras and Layers

His outer layer is orange. I always refer to this as a color of caution, as to me, that is what it symbolizes. He has too many responsibilities, and is not very good at handling stress. In particular, orange presents in the outer layer as the color of illusion. There is something going on behind the scenes relative to his dealings. This indicates his words can have no substance and hold no true weight. He is talking to you, but turning around and doing, thinking and/or saying the opposite. While not everything is failing, there are some pretty intense issues taking place. Orange also indicates a high level of secrecy.

His middle layer is yellow. This is interesting because it signifies creation. Typically, I see this color in the trade industries, construction, designers, entertainment professionals; most people who are good at building things, or creating things. What I find most interesting is that there is no separation between the middle, yellow layer, and his innermost layer of brown. This indicates that although he was groomed for having big ideas and has a tremendous amount of creativity, it goes beyond expectation. The brown pulls it down, which to me, shows me where his lack of confidence is rooted.

Donald’s innermost layer is brown. This is actually very sad, and somewhat disconcerting to me. Brown indicates a serious disconnect with reality. Given its proximity to him, I think his father may have been a bit hard on him – at least somebody close to him, was. He had a fracture to his psyche at a young age. This fracture was caused by a super high level of pressure brought upon by an outside influence (meaning, not of his own doing). I do not see this being caused by the result of alcohol or drugs, as I often do with many. It’s as if he did not get the help he needed at that time (from what I see, it was close to the age of 10), and that resulted in low self-esteem. To me, it’s as if at that time, he had to compartmentalize, and almost develop an alter ego. Brown also symbolizes delusion, inability to deal with reality, difficulty focusing for long periods of time, and emotional issues.

Again, this is his base layer and greatly influences the other layers. On an interesting note: People with both orange and brown layers tend to lash out when they cannot handle stress. There is no grace or diplomacy. The imbalance negates the yellow and carries over into all of his. This combination renders emotional instability and is often seen in people who contemplate or commit suicide. I’m not saying he has, I am just stating I have seen it.

Health Concerns:

He is a ticking time bomb. Although he is a workhorse, he will, and has, ignored some warning signs. His mental health is not particularly good and poses more risk than anything. There are some issues pertaining to his stomach, more so digestive, but I do think he is having cardiac disturbances that he is blaming on indigestion. I do think there is a genetic, underlying condition contributing to this. You will not ever hear about it, as he does not want any health condition made public. For him, it is a sign of weakness.

Current Situation:

This is incredibly alarming to me, and here is why. In March of 2006, after returning from a cruise and trip to the Mayan ruins, I had one of the most incredible, and spiritually powerful experiences of my life. For some reason, my premonitions when into overdrive. 

One strange experience involved seeing Donald Trump. This was a premonition that took place while I was awake. The problem with this vision was it took almost 10 years for it to make any sense. In January, that premonition repeated, with added information. 

I do not want to scare people, therefore all I will say is that he was dressed as an Orchestra Conductor at a symphony, and mentally lost it. The musicians tried to run but were caught in a wrath. I saw buildings collapse, and flames everywhere. He grew hostile as everything around him went black, and he walked away laughing, while starting more fires at his fingertips. Not cool. This has bothered and puzzled me since 2006.

Over the duration of the last year, I have literally seen and felt a strong semblance to the face he was making in the premonition. He is double-tongued and has an agenda. It’s written all over his energy field. He wants to be a king, not a president. He wants to rule and craves power due to the fractured psyche from his childhood. Aside from being a doting husband to the Queen, and impressionable father to the princes and princesses, we, the town folk, are screwed if the US becomes his kingdom. It won’t be the United States of America; it will be the Empire of Donald Trump. 

Perhaps what bothered me most was what happened yesterday, regarding his statement about the missing papers and calling for espionage against our country. Watching him in real time, I will state that he meant every word he said. It was not a joke. He was not being sarcastic. 

Furthermore, his statement that “I think you will probably be reward mightily by our press…” really meant, he will reward them. I do think he caught himself at that moment and threw in “the press” realizing he could implicate himself. I can read people very, very well, but I can also assess energy. His desire, intentions and direction are wrong and dangerous. 

Calling it as I see it; he is incredibly creative, wealthy, and fairly likeable, yet highly deceptive and manipulative. He is the epitome of a man-child. There is no doubt he will be there for his family, but even so, there are many variations of pink surrounding the people he is closest to. Not everyone is treated equally. He plays favorites. There is a great deal of divide behind the scenes, but the you will not see it. 

This is a well-oiled, well-funded machine and reality television show that appeals to a base largely comprised of angry, negative, bully types. Oddly enough, and on the other side of the spectrum, many people who have self-esteem issues tend to gravitate to him. Not all, but a large number of his followers crave the negativity – and that is bad news. 

Lastly, I see him creating swaths of crimson red, leading to pools of black. Red is the color of a warning. The deeper the color of red, the deadlier, and more impactful. Black is death. 

I don’t like what I’ve seen him do, have heard him say, and I certainly don’t like his energy. Add this into the mix and it’s just not good. It is getting worse by the day. 

One more mention: my son is an officer in the Army. I have complete faith in Hillary regarding applicable matters, and zero in Trump. That speaks volumes.

– And by the way, we need to chant and pray.

There you have it. I have done readings and worked on cases for decades. Many of you have been referred to me, and have witnessed that I am not a joke. I take my gifts seriously.

I do not charge for readings, or consulting on cases. I only charge for time spent working events and appearances.

Despite some people insisting I charge due to high accuracy and lengthy readings, etc., I simply cannot. It goes against my core as a spiritual being, my purpose in life, and faith in God.

Thank you.

There Will Be Mud

There Will Be Mud

All that I can pray for is that each of you vote, and do so with a conscience. Weigh the candidates and cast your ballot with the following things in mind. 

Be true to yourself. Vote for the candidate you truly believe is best suited to take on such an enormous responsibility. Avoid “bandwagonning” and following the crowd.
Understand that that your decision not only impacts you, but all other Americans, inclusive of our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Don’t let the ugliness of campaigning and all that it entails, distract you. It may make for good television, but the reality is this is NOT a reality show. This is hardcore, serious business. As with all other campaigns, “There Will Be Mud” (my election slogan). Put on your boots and wade thru the endless mire of dirt and sludge. Once you hose-off the campaign sewage, the facts will emerge.

As for agendas and topics: although it may be easy to focus on one particular issue that strikes a nerve and speaks to you, there is a bigger picture. Weigh all topics and the stances of the candidates. Dismiss the “it doesn’t pertain to me, therefore I don’t care attitude” and understand that ultimately, and in some small way, all topics will affect you in varying degrees.

Consider the fact that there are no quick fixes to this nation’s troubles. Decisions made at the top require reasoning, consideration and time. For the most part, impatience, unrealistic objectives and timelines, as well as imprudence can cause what was once a minor issue, to become a full blown disaster. Furthermore, it will make a complete “fuster cluck” out of an already bad situation.

Accept that we are Americans. This land was originally inhabited by some of my very own ancestors; the Native Americans. This isn’t a nation, and should not be a nation of one color, but of all colors. The same applies to sexual orientation and religion. We are the supposed to be a melting pot, and symbol of hope, not a bigoted, racist and narcissistic country.

Naturally, we must keep this country and our people safe. This includes reducing the threat of foreign and domestic terrorism. Rather than leaving it up to one person to figure out, a nation united, is stronger than divided. We all play an important part in helping combat the very real dangers which have left us reeling in pain, as of late. Sometimes brute force is needed to combat this pressing issue but again, the decisions made need not be done as a knee-jerk reaction. 

Forget about the arguments and debates you have with family and friends, or even strangers. There is truly no perfect candidate, however, there is usually one more well suited than the other for the daunting position of President of the United States. Consider the good and bad. Focus more on the real issues, rather than force your own opinion because in the end, you will vote one way, and the other person will vote theirs. It’s merely a waste of time and energy to try to make someone see it your way. Only you have that insight. You do you, and allow the other party to do them.

In the end, I don’t care who you vote for. I simply pray that you vote and cast your ballot with a conscience. If you’re making a decision to follow the pack, or choosing a candidate just to show your neighbor who’s right and wrong – then that is not voting with a conscience. Open your heart, as well as your mind and be aware of the weight this privileged right you exercise carries.

This is a critical time for our country. 
Choose wisely. 
There are no do-overs.

That said, I am voting with a conscience for #Clinton and #Kaine


On Grief

Grief – I have helped so many broken-hearted people over the years, yet not one situation is like the other. I never get accustomed to what I see, hear or feel. 

I understand the process, as I too, have grieved. Deeply. 

When asked how to best put into words the process of picking yourself up after a loss, I can only summarize it as follows:

Pain and grief suffered by the loss of a loved one is akin to a dry, desolate and unforsaken land. When the ground is barren and ugly, we have a choice. We can either leave it that way, or cultivate it. 

If we choose to care for the landscape it can become a beautiful thing. This needs to be approached with the understanding that change and growth take considerable time, and requires patience and hard work. 

Your hands, much like your heart, will be raw with unbearable agony. You will suffer and toil. You will feel exhausted, and often question your actions and reactions, as well as decisions to move forward.

One must accept that the physical pain of cultivating does indeed, make one stronger. Be aware that the climate and weather may not always be pleasing or tolerable but with daily adjustments, it is manageable. One day at a time.

Most important, is your vision of the future. What will your parcel look like like when it has matured? The answer is simple: It will be what you make of it.

Stick with it. Nurture it. Allow time to spring forth renewed purpose. Make it as bright and colorful as you can.

Acknowledge that one day, you will be standing in the same spot as you had when you felt lost, alone and broken; barren landscape reaching as far as the eye and heart could see. Only this time, as you take a look around at the beautiful things which have grown in its place, you will realize the change came from your decision to work with it, and believe in it. 

You didn’t give up. You didn’t give in.

Let yourself whither, or take what you have and bring all of the undesirable elements together. Dare to watch something beautiful unfold. Appreciate that the pain felt today can, and will, create a tranquil garden to recall fond memories of your beloved. 

It’s up to you. Continue to trod aimlessly upon a dusty and lifeless path, or walk with purpose in your field of green.

The Tempest

I snapped this photo yesterday evening. It may have been dark and stormy, but the sky’s beauty and power serve as a reminder. 

It is unrealistic to believe life can be consistently joyful, and problem-free. Like the weather, we experience cycles; highs and lows.

We must hold onto the fact blue skies are silently shining behind the storm. Amidst the turmoil, colorful transitions usher in needed change. 

Look beyond the clouds. Hold onto hope. Endure the storm. In time, the passing tempest will reveal an illuminated path full of possibilities, making one stronger, wiser and better prepared for the next squall.