Change may be uncomfortable and even painful. Regardless, it is a signal that growth is requiring you to shed past habits, feelings and tendencies. Every step you take towards embracing change is movement in a direction that WILL eventually bring wisdom and healing into your life. Try and focus on the larger picture, rather than … Continue reading Change


My Top 20 Warning Signs For Dating Singles 50+

You may want to avoid a potential match who: 1. Is not alert and oriented x3 2. Wears a Depends 3. Requires tube feedings when you go out to dinner 4. Asks the bartender for an Ensure 5. Removes their teeth before spooning 6. Picks you up for a date on a Hoveround 7. Thinks … Continue reading My Top 20 Warning Signs For Dating Singles 50+


I have a son who is an active duty Captain in the United States Army and is currently deployed on a second tour. For security reasons, I am very guarded about what I say pertaining to him. Although I do not often discuss my son, it does not minimize how very proud I am of … Continue reading Today Is MEMORIAL Day

A Medium’s Note About the Heroin and Opioid Crisis

The heroin and opioid crises have infiltrated every community imaginable. Its far-reaching tentacles hold no discrimination as to who they grasp and turn into addicts. In turn, their scope of reach seems to have no boundaries, as well. We hear about the local, city, state and federal governmental agencies that are trying to play both … Continue reading A Medium’s Note About the Heroin and Opioid Crisis

About That Dress . . .

Funny story about my Lucille Ball collector’s Barbie. Note the dress. In 1970, my mother took me shopping for a new dress. I saw a dress that looked just like the one pictured here. She refused to buy it for me and said it was hideous. I remember that it broke my little heart to … Continue reading About That Dress . . .