Vibing in New Mexico

More adventures to random, tucked-away places with odd vibes. The following series of pics are from a day trip that took place in 2018 when my son and his gf parentnapped me during my visit to El Paso. Our first stop was White Sands. I must say the views are amazing. Just south of the … Continue reading Vibing in New Mexico

Spirits of the Rail: El Paso, Texas

Pictured above: The Union Depot (train station) located at 700 West San Francisco Ave., El Paso, TX. I spent a few hours hanging out in the lobby while waiting for my train ride back to Cali in 2018. A long trip by locomotive had been on my “adult” bucket list for quite some time. My … Continue reading Spirits of the Rail: El Paso, Texas


Pictured above: My grandmother, aunt, and my mother as an infant (1943). After running away from the orphanage at the age of 15, my grandmother married my grandfather who was a SGT in the Army. Not even 20-years-old, my grandmother had started her family. I look at this picture and see so much change and … Continue reading Courage

The Desert Endures

“Even in the most barren desert one would still one's heart beating.” Marty Rubin The desert is breathtaking. There is a truth in understanding that what surrounds you, becomes part of you. Look at, and listen to, your physical environment. How does it make you feel? How does it inspire you? How and why do … Continue reading The Desert Endures

Universal Realignment

“Come senators, congressmen Please heed the call Don't stand in the doorway Don't block up the hall For he that gets hurt Will be he who has stalled The battle outside ragin' Will soon shake your windows And rattle your walls For the times they are a-changin’” Bob Dylan As Bob Dylan so poignantly wrote: … Continue reading Universal Realignment

Film Announcement!

The official trailer for the paranormal documentary that Jill Marie Morris provided her perspective as a Psychic Medium, has been released!  The House In Between is a paranormal documentary by Steve Gonsalves and Kendall Whelpton. THE HOUSE IN BETWEEN (Synopsis): After a life-changing paranormal experience, Alice Jackson has refused to spend another night in her … Continue reading Film Announcement!

Challenges & Success

At times, we all need to make decisions on whether to rise to a challenge, or walk away from one. It’s similar to picking and choosing your battles. I’m a warrior - a competitive soul. Although, it may be part of my nature, I am certain many of you have it in you to overcome … Continue reading Challenges & Success


The word of the day is REFOCUS. One of the best bits of advice I give when things are wonky around a client (myself, too), is to refocus on something that brings love and joy into your heart and soul. I recommend centering your thoughts and heart on someone you love deeply - even your … Continue reading Refocus

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I honestly do not know how, but by the grace of God and the Universe, I was able to do this difficult reading. I’m sick - big deal - but so stuffed and sneezy it’s ridiculous. I felt as though I could not reschedule and had to get through it. Explaining to the couple that … Continue reading Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Beings of Energy

I’m going to bring up something that has been brought to my attention several times in the last year, or so. I’m about to be rather frank with you. This is very important information pertaining to anyone seeking advice, be it spiritual counseling, readings, or just general guidance from a psychic, and/or psychic medium. Without … Continue reading Beings of Energy

2018: Time To Say Goodbye

On the eve of New Years Eve, you should be saying goodbye to all of the year-end sludge that’s been building, and say hello to new beginnings. Yes, it’s time to turn the corner, a page, or even a new leaf. Regardless, and most importantly, you need to prepare for getting #TURNT Resolutions and goals … Continue reading 2018: Time To Say Goodbye

The Artist In You

Did you know that you’re an Artist? Yes! You are an Artist of Impressionism. Each and every human is given a unique set of life experiences. Sometimes the colors and temperatures are sparkling, brilliant, and warm, whereas other times muted, somber and cold. As an artist, it is up to you to paint a portrait … Continue reading The Artist In You

Got Focus?

Keep losing things? Helpful ideas can be game changers. This is something I suggest to clients who tend to be scattered and always in search of what they’ve literally lost or misplaced. Why are some people prone to losing or misplacing items? Most often it's due to forgetfulness. Forgetfulness can be triggered by busy schedules, … Continue reading Got Focus?

It’s Not “All About Me”

My work as a psychic and medium is in part, sharing my stories to help you understand there is something bigger than ourselves in the Universe. More so, my work is about you. Yes, YOU. Your experiences are immeasurable and deeply personal; infinitely unique to your journey. I retain an ember of our shared connection … Continue reading It’s Not “All About Me”


This morning’s thought: Forgiveness Providing readings as a psychic and medium for over 35 years has allowed a unique look at just how many grapple with forgiveness. Far too many times, and more so when relaying message from spirit, the living struggle with this aspect. It can be extremely painful to witness, and is physically … Continue reading Forgiveness


Change may be uncomfortable and even painful. Regardless, it is a signal that growth is requiring you to shed past habits, feelings and tendencies. Every step you take towards embracing change is movement in a direction that WILL eventually bring wisdom and healing into your life. Try and focus on the larger picture, rather than … Continue reading Change

A Medium’s Note About the Heroin and Opioid Crisis

The heroin and opioid crises have infiltrated every community imaginable. Its far-reaching tentacles hold no discrimination as to who they grasp and turn into addicts. In turn, their scope of reach seems to have no boundaries, as well. We hear about the local, city, state and federal governmental agencies that are trying to play both … Continue reading A Medium’s Note About the Heroin and Opioid Crisis