Suggestions For The Haunted

This article pertains to those who live in environments experiencing mild-to-moderate paranormal activity. It is meant as a guide of sorts, to help deal with lightweight spooks, and mildly negative energies.

Relative to hauntings, the best approach is acceptance. Simply said, we all should learn to live with the dead, rather than lose our sh*t over a benign, ethereal visitor. The physical world we inhabit is chock-full of them, so patience and inclusion (for the kinder lot) is mandatory.


If you can pinpoint the source of a haunting, try adding period-correct elements into your home or space. Playing period-specific music can also help give a nod to your otherworldly guests. Think of these gestures as ghostly gifts of appreciation.

The Singapore Theory (or Theory of Familiarization) is often used by paranormal investigators as a means to draw out, or create activity in a space. I have utilized this approach many times and have found that it can actually reduce activity.

It’s a slippery slope, as on one hand, these methods can stir the pot, yet on the other, it can soothe the soul(s) inhabiting the space. For sake of trying to appease the dead, it doesn’t hurt to give it a whirl and see if things settle down.

Claim Your Space

Regardless, define the space as yours. If you believe, or have suspected that your ‘guest’ may have lived in (or around) the space at one time or another, verbally state your willingness to share the space IN PEACE – sans games or shenanigans.

Establishing a boundary can work. It may take a few tries with varying degrees of firmness before you will notice a difference. The best approach is to be strong in stance, yet polite, and increase tone and severity of your statements over time, should prior, courteous attempts go to the wayside.

For purpose of balance and respect (only applicable for the gentler souls inhabiting your space) consider placing a boundary on a single room, rather than an entire home. No need to cop a ‘tude and p*ss off your specters. Again; harmony.

The Sage Game

Saging will only help to rid negativity and does not banish spirits. It’s worth the effort if you’re feeling negative energy coming from the living, the dead, the undead, or just in general.

One of the most important factors about saging is to do so when weather and climate permits, as there is a need to leave the doors and windows open for an extended period of time. Avoid using fans or electrical devices to blow the smoke out.

Prior to a “proper saging” clean and organize your space. Clutter and uncleanliness breeds negativity for both the living and the dead.

Cautionary Advice

Extreme care needs to be taken during a saging, as you are dealing with an active, burning, dried plant. Waving the sage and carrying it throughout a space needs to be done with caution in order to prevent embers or sparks from starting a fire

It’s also important to take any respiratory issues into consideration. Saging creates a tremendous amount of smoke and is not a recommended activity in the presence of people with compromised breathing issues.

If anyone should have a respiratory condition (including chest congestion from a cold, etc.) it is advised to have them leave the space until all residual smoke has naturally dispersed from the environment, post-saging. This activity should be performed by an adult, only.

Items Needed To Sage

1. A bundled sage stick. Sizes range from small (2-3”), medium (4-6”), up to a large bundle (7-10”). *The number of people you will sage, as well as the size of your space, will dictate how much to use. Note: I only use bundled sage to avoid excessive embers from taking flight during the process.

2. Smudge pot or large shell to catch and contain embers.

3. A white candle.

4. Matches to light the sage and candle.

5. Comfortable chair.

6. Fresh flowers or green, leafy plants for post-sage.

To Begin

Secure any pets and open everything (seriously). If possible, you should open doors, windows, drawers, closets, cabinets, etc. PRIOR to the saging. You want to impact the entire space with the smoke (NOT THE EMBERS) during the process. Use a smudge pot, or shell, to collect and contain any falling sage embers.

How to sage an individual:

1. One at a time, have each person you wish to sage, stand up in front of the chair.

2. Begin by stating what you want to bring the individual via the saging experience (peace, positive energy, good health, etc.)

3. After stating your intentions, ask the person to sit down in the chair. Have the person extend their legs and feet outwards, while sitting securely in the chair.

4. Move the sage smudge stick clockwise under the feet and proceed upwards, circling the legs, towards the upper body.

5. Once the bottom of the feet have been saged, have the person stand for the remainder of the saging.

6. Continue to move the sage stick in a clockwise manner, circling their body upwards, towards the top of the head.

7. When you reach the crown of the head, once again, state your initial intentions (peace, positive energy, etc.) and ask for all negativity to be removed from and around the person and the environment. Ask the Divine to seal the person with protection, positive energy, thoughts and vibrations.

8. Repeat the same for anyone else wishing to be saged.

9. Light a white candle and recite a blessing. White light is the most pure and protective you can have, therefore, using a white candle bolsters the positive energies associated with protection.

The Blessing

You may use the following blessing, or find another that speaks to you:

“By lighting this candle and performing this saging, we ask the Divine (God, the Universe etc.) to restore love, harmony, peace, and prosperity to this home and space.

May (resident names, including pets) be blessed with good health, happiness, success, and abundance of all things positive. May light take over darkness, may love and compassion replace hatred and negativity.

We ask that this home be a sacred dwelling for (residents names, including pets). We ask that those who visit this home and space feel peace and love; today and always.

(Light the candle) By lighting this candle and performing this saging, we state that this home is now fortified and shielded against intrusion of all harm, illness, injury, and misfortune.

Thank you for bringing your light, love and energy into our hearts, rooms, this space, as well as all present and future endeavors. With tremendous gratitude and honor, we give you thanks and commence all positive actions of thought, heart and intent from this moment, forward.”

Note: Extinguish the candle after each person is saged. Repeat the above steps for each person.

Saging an entire space:

1. Begin at the front door after saging each person.

2. Move in clockwise position, from bottom to top (if more than one floor).

3. Sage the entire space, inclusive of closets, cabinets, drawers, etc.

4. Repeat the same affirmations and intentions as during the personal saging. Do so throughout the entire space.

5. Return to front door and give thanks.

6. Allow the smoke to dissipate on its own. The length of time depends upon the size of the space, as well as the weather.

7. Do not speak of anything negative (people or events) while doing the blessing as you are clearing the space.

8. Refrain from any arguments or negative emotions for 24-48 hours.

9. Light the candle and leave burning in a safe location for the post-saging celebration.

10. Fill the house with positive thoughts. Fresh flowers, green, leafy plants and relaxing or upbeat music is also helpful in restoring harmony.

For heavier, negative energies, it’s perfectly acceptable to think about what may be or is going on in your space. Keep in mind that some energies behave like children: it tends to crave negative attention.

Heavier energies can cause rifts between the living. They are also adept at creating chaos. Don’t let it/them divide you. Overthinking will only give the energies more power.

Obsessing can also create a situation whereas a negative energy can invade the living, human spirit. Your relentless attention and obsession serves as food for soul-hungry nasties.

At some point, there may be a need to consult with a paranormal team, and/or psychic medium. An experienced and reputable team or spiritual adviser can provide insight and help alleviate worry – especially if it’s unnecessary.

Do some research when going this route. There should be no reason to provide payment for services to investigate your space. Many investigators and advisors (myself included) do not charge for these services.


One thing I suggest to clients who have a difficult time letting go of a less than pleasant experience involving a haunting, is to visualize a box and put those thoughts in a box. Sound kind of silly? Think again. It works.

Once you have placed those thoughts in the box, visualize putting a lid on the box, and then placing it in a trash can. Next, visualize taking out the trash, followed by the garbage truck taking it to the dump, far, far away from you and your space.

There have also been times I have recommended that clients literally buy a small box and visualize/concentrate putting their thoughts relative to the experience(s) into the box. Similar to the above, they are to place a lid on the box and take it outside to the trash. Be done with it.

Whatever you do, don’t panic. Give things some time and repeat the above steps and suggestions, if needed.

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My version of “How to play Hide-and-Seek with Your Toddler Grandchild(ren)” (The fictional, comedy version)

1. Have them hide.

2. Tell them you have to count to 3600 (that’s 1 hour) to ensure they have plenty of time to find a super cool spot. (Trust me; this is the perfect amount of time).

3. Pour yourself a large glass of wine. (Tip: If using ice, place it in glass ahead of time to avoid the child(ren)from becoming curious and leaving their hiding spot(s) when they hear you rummaging in the freezer).

4. Sip your wine.

5. Encourage them to be super quiet – while you do the dishes.

6. Sip your wine.

7. Periodically call out their name(s) and switch positions – as you catch up on the news. (Switching positions makes it seem like you’re calling them from a different location and actively seeking their whereabouts)

8. Sip your wine.

9. Make an occasional thud or bang, and open and close a door to give the illusion you’re actually looking for them.

10. Sip your wine.

11. Fold the laundry.

12. Sip your wine.

13. Rustle thru some plastic and paper bags while calling their names (again: it’s all about the illusion)

14. Sip your wine.

15. Take a selfie of you smirking while holding your glass of wine and calling out their names.

16. Sip your wine.

17. Text the selfie to your bestie with the caption “Wine-and-Seek” Toss-in an emoji or two: 🤪🤣🍷😂😈🤭

18. Sip your wine.

19. Make out the grocery list (make sure you add more wine to it)

20. Sip your wine.

21. Find a cozy spot on the floor and call their name(s). Make sure to take the glass of wine and cell phone with you. This is a great way for them to think you’re crawling around on your hands and knees looking for them.

22. Sip your wine.

23. Stay on the floor! Take a power nap (5 minutes max). Set the timer on your phone, and yell out, “I’m getting close! You better be quiet, or I’m gonna find you!”

24. Sip your wine and snooze.

25. Get up when the alarm goes off and actively go look for the child(ren). (Like, seriously). Hopefully, you will be able to locate them. Note: If you’re too sloshed, call your bff to come help you find the child(ren).

26. Praise the child(ren) for playing such a great game.

27. Sip your wine.


Night Realm Experiment: Session 1 Analysis

Making the decision to conduct the sleep experiment was admittedly, a bold step. It also wasn’t easy, as quite a bit went into securing the room (aka: Sleep Lab). Everything from lighting, to possible interference with cameras came into play.

On a personal level, I was also exposing unknown, often strange, sleep behaviors. Some of which have been incredibly enlightening, while others remain equally startling and open for discussion.

The experiment began on January 21st, and ended on February 3rd, lasting a total of 14 nights. Two, night vision equipped cameras were utilized. I have included photos of the Sleep Lab with notations, at the close of this post. Please refer to the number of the photograph for coordinating information.

By the time Session 1 ended, there were approximately 755 clips recorded between both cameras, over the 14 night run. If you do the math, that’s an average of 53.93 clips total, per night. Breaking it down further; an average of 26.96 clips per camera, per night.

Documentation of noteworthy occurrences, are as follows:

– Approximately 9 orbs

– 1 burst of light

– 3 instances of cat antics

– Several hand and arm motions

– 4 Documented premonitions: (1) 1/24/18, (1) 1/25/18 *Earthquake*, (1) 1/27/18, (1) 2/2/18

– 7 Spirit contacts

– 4 unknown energy contacts (they were NOT negative)

– Multiple instances of talking in my sleep. Some discernible, while others unknown.

– 4 Completely restful nights of sleep (out of 14)

– 1 night of moderate snoring, with 3 nights of mild snoring.

What did I learn about myself? Never having seen myself asleep, I was surprised to find:

– I’m not a very pretty sleeper (lol) Most times, I tend to sleep with my mouth wide open.

– I tend to be restless on nights when orbs, premonitions and spirit communications take place.

– I tend to sleep diagonally. Who knew?

– I cup my left hand to my left ear only, as if to listen. This happened approximately 12 times during Session 1. I have no recollection as to why I’m doing this.

– Most of the more animated arm and hand movements tend to be left side dominant. I find this incredibly strange, considering I am right-handed.

– I watched and listened to myself make that strange groaning noise, which has been witnessed and described by several people. On occasion, it has woken me up during spirit communication.

– I was “sleep talking” in what appears to have been some type of tribal, or Native American language.

Important information regarding the Sleep Lab (please refer to the photos):

Photo #1 – Looking into the Sleep Lab (guest bedroom) from the hallway. The room measures approximately 10′ x 16′. The window is south-facing. The head of the bed is on the east wall. The bed skirt was removed due to the fact the cats like to play on opposite sides of it. It could have been a source of noise.

Photo #2 – Note the mirrored nightstand. You will notice that it was completely covered during Session 1 to avoid glare, or reflection from the cameras, or light, in general.

Photo #3 – The left, red circle indicates the position of Camera 1 during Session 1. The red, oblong marked item is the cable box, which was completely unplugged (electrical outlet and cable coax), and covered during the session, as well. This prevented any electrical interference next to the camera.

Photo #4 – The red circle indicates Camera 2’s wall mount.

Photo #5 – The red outlined area indicates the nightly door bar that was placed under the inner door handle to leave an approximate distance of 8″ for the cats to come and go each night. On January 27th (Night 7 of the study), noises could be heard loosening the door bar while I lay in bed, asleep. Upon waking, I found the bar had been removed, and was placed in the corner where the wall and dresser meet. (Right side of dresser in photo).

Photo #6 – The circled area (top) shows the mount for Camera 2. The red line below, measures approximately 3′, with less than 8″ between the handle side area of the door and the dresser. On Night 7, the door bar (36″ long and made of 2, sliding metal pieces with a rubber foot and claw) was quietly removed (no easy feat), and left propped against the junction of the wall and dresser. The space is very small. Neither Camera 1 or 2 caught anyone when this took place, but sounds can be heard which corroborate with the sound of the door bar’s removal. Whoever removed the bar would have had to been aware of the camera’s range, and stayed in the area to the immediate door-side of the dresser, and against the wall. This was illustrated by trying to recreate the maneuver after the findings. I personally, could not replicate this without being caught on both cameras. Mike, whom I believe was the culprit, has very broad shoulders. This tends to puzzle me, as to how he managed to do this (although he has no recollection of it), especially if sleepwalking.

The most puzzling findings:

Re. Night 2 – Chatter. As detailed in the video description:

The only thing that I recall after going to bed at 10:20PM, and waking at 1:09AM was speaking to a male spirit in my dream and reciting the following (phonetically spelled): Ta ta gee wah gee wah chee wah. Repeating the words in my head after waking (1:09AM), and after using the bathroom (approximately 1:15AM), I wrote them in my Dream Diary later in the morning. Later referencing them, I was able to find a startling similarity to what I spoke, to the Quapaw Tribal language. Non-confirmed translation is: Tah Tah (What?), Gee wah Gee wah (Come here, come here), Chee wah (Come back). Although I am part Chippewa and Seneca Indian, I am unfamiliar with any Native American language. Over time, I have had many dreams involving reciting a foreign or unfamiliar language. This also can happen during a reading with clients, and recently happened during the January 13th event in Los Angeles, whereas I began saying words in what I thought was a Slavic language. I turned to the audience to see if anything I said made sense and a guest knew what I was saying. She was from Russia, and she herself, had a strong accent. I have no idea why part of one guest’s random reading was in Russian, but it made sense in translation.

Re. Night 5 – Earthquake! This was as crazy as can be. I still cannot get over what happened. As detailed in the video description:

***The clips are NOT of the actual earthquake, but are recordings of me having a dream and premonition of an earthquake just 52 minutes PRIOR to the earthquake***

The clips were recorded on 1/25/18 between 1:02AM and 1:17AM via Cameras 1 and 2. At 1:02AM I am shown sleeping. At 1:17AM, both cameras capture me rapidly shaking, and then waking up. I just had a dream/premonition of an earthquake. In the dream, I was standing by the bedroom window (to right in clip) when an earthquake violently struck. I woke at the moment the quake was shaking me in the dream, causing me to be confused and frightened. I then got out of bed and went downstairs to have some tea in an effort to calm down. Both cats followed me. At 2:09AM, exactly 52 minutes after my dream and premonition of a quake, a 4.1 quake struck very close to our two-story home in Southern California. All original video clips are time and date stamped by the service provider for authenticity. ***Audio is recorded only on Camera 2***

Re. Night 7 – The Door. Refer to descriptions of Photo #5 and #6. As detailed in the video description:

The clips were recorded on 1/27/18. There were a total of 112 clips. The most remarkable on this night have to do with unusual occurrences and unexplained sounds in the room.

Timeline of activity is as follows:

1:29AM – Camera 1 – I change positions.

1:29AM – Camera 2 (with audio) – The bedroom door had been 3/4 way closed with the door bar propped up to prevent it from shutting all the way. During this clip, the audio captures what sounds like the door and door bar being removed while I remain asleep.

1:30AM – Camera 2 – More sounds near the door. No unusual shadows.

2:39AM – Camera 1 – I remember having a dream about visiting an unfamiliar area and was startled. When I woke up, I noticed the door was wide open and the bar was propped between the wall and dresser as though someone had placed it there. I do not recall hearing anything. Concerned as to how the bar was removed and left propped up, I looked on the opposite side of the bed to make sure no one was laying on the floor.

(2:41AM – I go back to bed after checking on Mike on the other side of the house. (He was sound asleep)

3:23AM – Camera 1 – An orb shoots from the top/left of screen (on closet doors), over my head and disappears off the right of screen.

3:44AM – Camera 1 – Initially, you can see the infra red light from Camera 2 recording. After that dims, the room becomes unusually dark for several seconds. This is abnormal in comparing it to past clips.

3:44AM – Camera 2 – The entire clip records as a black screen. This has never happened before, in the history of the camera’s use.

5:17AM – Camera 2 – A loud clicking sound is heard at the beginning of the clip. That noise could not be replicated.The cats do not appear startled, although Merlin looks at the door.

5:27AM – Camera 2 – At the very end of this clip, an EVP was captured. No concrete determination has been made as to what was said.

(6:10AM – I wake up)

I recall two dreams. The first dream (occurring before 2:29AM) involved someone coming to get me and taking me to a place that reminds me of Arizona, but yet was unfamiliar. There were large, smooth rocks and boulders with waterways in between. It is a place I feel very peaceful. I do not recall who took me there, but “we” sat on a boulder and discussed future events that I cannot recall. The second dream (occurring after 2:29AM) involved a beach on the west coast, but quickly changed to a foreign border territory. I do not wish to provide details of this dream, but have recorded it in my Dream Diary.

I discussed the door incident with Mike. He has no recollection of going into the room. We were able to recreate the sound of the door bar being moved, which replicated the sounds on two of the clips. There were no other people in the house at the time of these recordings. Scenario 1: Mike was sleepwalking and entered the room. This scenario seems most likely, yet, no person was captured on the clips, nor were any shadows cast or recorded. This would mean Mike would have had to intentionally avoid the cameras, and would have stood motionless in the rear corner, undetected by either camera. Given Mike’s size, makes this option debatable, as during a recreation of the scenario, Mike’s upper body would have probably been captured on film. Recreation also proved that the door bar did not fall down on its own. It was manually manipulated and propped up against the adjacent wall and dresser. There have only been a handful of times that I can remember something being moved or changed. Scenario 2: Cannot be explained. My opinion: More than likely Mike was the culprit.

Re. Night 9 – Flashing Light and sparkling orbs. As detailed in the video description:

The clips were filmed on 1/29/18 between 11:20PM and 6:30AM. There were a total of 79 clips between both cameras. The most interesting clips contain orbs and flashes of light.


12:29AM – Camera 1 – An orb is seen moving from bottom left to upper/center. Leo seems to notice something. Merlin turn stirs and gets up to reposition himself.

12:47AM – Camera 1 – I appear restless and reach to pet Leo. I do not recall doing so.

3:39AM – Camera 1 – I wake up at 3:37AM but do not recall why. I briefly get up, check the hallway and return to bed. A small point of light appears under the nightstand to the right. It was not seen in any other clips on any prior night. It eventually disappears. Upon examination of still ohotos (posted on this blog) there were several other tiny lights that appeared around this area only. They too are not visible on any prior clip.

3:44AM – Camera 1 – A small burst of light can be seen for approximately 1 second just into the clip. This is to the left of the bed and over the closet door.

3:48AM – Camera 1 – An orb can be seen rapidly descending from top/center.

3:48AM – Camera 2 – This camera did not capture any activity, or the orb as seen on Camera 1 at the same time.

I woke up for reasons unknown (3:37AM) and return to bed. I do not remember any dreams and remained in a deep, restful sleep for the rest of the night. Mild snoring was noted throughout the night.

In close, I will begin Session 2 on approximately March 18th. This session may run for 7 days.

J-Vibe Night Realm: Night #14 – Final Clip of Session 1

About this clip: This clip was recorded on 2/3/18 at 2:11AM via Camera 1. A total of 22 clips were filmed between both cameras on this night. The only thing remarkable out of this last night of Session 1, is an orb. The orb appears from the bottom/right. Leo (the cat) moves up to wake me and the orb circles from left/rear of bed. Towards the end of the clip, the orb can be seen center/top of clip, moving upwards and towards the camera. I noted a peaceful night’s sleep and have no recollection of any dreams, spirit contacts or premonitions. Session 2 of this study will commence again on 3/18/18. A synopsis of my findings from Session 1 will be posted to this blog.

Watch the clip here.

J-Vibe Night Realm: Night #13 – An Orb & Premonition

This clip was recorded on Camera 1 at 11:45PM on 2/1/18. There were a total of 33 clips recorded on this night. The only clip of interest is shown in the clip. Towards the end of the clip an orb moves from the right, towards the bed, and loops back around to the right. Jill notes one premonition which was recorded in her dream diary. Details of that premonition will not be publicly released, but she did verbally disclose some information to a source.

Watch the clip here.

J-Vibe Night Realm: Nights #11 & #12

Sleep Experiment Nights 11 & 12 were both completely unremarkable. No orbs, lights, groans, weird motioning, etc. I slept like a rock. I did post a single clip for each night to serve as a marker.

The only interesting note about Night 11 (Super Blue Blood Moon night) has to do with the cats. Neither of the cats came upstairs the entire night. They hid downstairs and were very anxious for a solid 24-hour period. They barely ate a thing, as well.

By yesterday evening, they were back to normal, for the most part. I have read that the moon can affect pets, so I’m chalking up their wig-out to the moon event.

J-Vibe Night Realm: Night #10 – Groaning & Orbs

About this clip: The following clips were filmed on 1/30/18 between 2:27AM and 3:07AM using both cameras. A total of 61 clips were taken between the cameras. It was a very active night for spirit communication. Camera 2 audio captured multiple vocal sounds from Jill. These sounds have been described by Jill’s family and friends who have heard her make the same or similar sounds in her sleep. At times, Jill has also woken herself up during spirit communication, chanting, groaning and communication despite recall of speaking to spirit in the English, or other languages. Several orbs could be seen during this clip period and were not present on any of the other clips this night.


2:27AM – Camera 1 – Leo turns head and moves closer to Jill.

2:29AM – Camera 2 – Jill makes the first hand motion of the night.

2:32AM – Camera 2 – Jill makes a groaning sound.

2:34AM – Camera 2 – Jill’s groans increase. An orb is sent moving from top/center of clip to bottom/right.

2:35AM – Camera 1 – Nothing unusual is reported.

2:40AM – Camera 1 – Another orb is seen moving from lower/left by Jill’s leg, increasing in size and moving upward on left of screen over closet door. The orb dissipates halfway up the door after increasing size.

2:43AM – Camera 2 – Jill’s groans increase. These are the sounds family and friends have reported she makes, and what has woken Jill at times during spirit communication.

2:45AM – Camera 1 – Arm and hand gestures.

2:45AM – Camera 2 – Arm and hand gestures.

2:46AM – Camera 2 – Arm and hand gestures.

2:48AM – Camera 2 – Jill repeatedly groans. Arm and hand gestures.

2:49AM – Camera 1 – Mild movement.

2:49AM – Camera 2 – More groaning. Mild twitching

2:50AM – Camera 2 – Sweeping arm and hand gestures.

2:51AM – Camera 2 – Small hand movement.

2:53AM – Camera 2 – Large arm and hand gestures.

2:54AM – Camera 2 – More groaning. Mild arm and hand gestures.

2:56AM – Camera 2 – Jill is startled and wakes, yet does not recall much of this, or why she woke up.

3:00AM – Camera 2 – Jill sleeping. Mild hand gesture.

3:05AM – Camera 1 – Jill sits upright in bed, somewhat disoriented.

3:06AM – Camera 2 – Jill sits upright in bed, somewhat disoriented.

3:07AM – Camera 2 – Jill sits upright and pets Merlin and lays back down in bed.

Notes of interest: On the night of 1/29/18, just before bed, Jill had a telephone reading for someone that was referred to her. The client had recently, and suddenly lost a sibling. At some point during the course of sleep (1/29 – 1/30) the spirit of that individual came to Jill with additional messages for their family members. Included, the spirit asked Jill to dance with him, while he sang the song, “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack. As the spirit danced with Jill, he showed her a band, and asked for her to tell his family to listen to the song and live by it. It was a positive spirit communication. Additionally, Jill recalls the spirit of a female who recently passed and was having a difficult time crossing. Jill spoke to her and showed her what she had to do to accept her fate. Jill does not know who the spirit is. She died in a car accident very recently (past month) and lived in the south. Jill directed the spirit to the light and lifted her, giving her a hug to help her let go and find the peace of light. Jill said it was incredibly touching for both spirits to come thru and was not the least bit frightened. Jill was also accompanied by what she can only describe as some type of guide – not a human spirit – who took her to meet both spirits (different places/dimensions). After helping the female cross, the guide took Jill back home and “dropped” her into the bed. This was the only frightening aspect of the night. She does not remember much about being startled just prior to waking, or what caused it. On Tuesday, 1/30, Jill contacted the sibling of the spirit who recently passed to relay his message about the music, song, band and dancing. The family member was once more shocked to hear these new details as the family member was in a band since a very young age (played the drums) and was an accomplished musician who the family member said, “Music was his life . . .” And the song made perfect sense. Even if some of the clip sounds appear to be stressful, there was nothing negative about any of what Jill recalls about either spirit communication, or the guide. Jill believes capturing these sounds helps her better understand what family and friends have told her for decades relative to the sounds she makes at times during sleep.

Watch the clip here.