Month: April 2011

The Importance of Balancing Your Home’s Energy

Not every home has had spirit energy, nor has been riddled with negativity, but many of them have been out of ‘balance.’ In turn, I would like to state that even in benign homes (lacking spirit energy), the energy fields can be too high or too low. When this occurs, the resident(s) can experience a multitude of symptoms which are a reflection of that energy.

For example, a home that lacks positive energy may cause the resident(s) to experience fatigue or lack of motivation. Overall, the home and its atmosphere will ‘appear’ dull. On the flip side, a home that has too high of an energy reading will create restlessness and sleep disturbance – even if it is not “haunted”.

It may take some time, but there are some simple means to correct or balance, the amount of positive energy in your home. The essentials to balance begin with lighting, sound, scent, decor and organization.


Lighting is a relatively easy element to adjust. If the positive energy in your home is low, try opening the window treatments or window coverings during the day and increasing the night-time lighting. Adding splashes of candlelight (safely), will also improve positive energy.

To reduce energy you will want to create a more soothing, calming effect by decreasing the amount of light in your home. Draw your curtains or close your blinds. Do not entirely block the light out. For starters, try cutting it by 50%. This would apply to rooms that have high sources of lighting.

Another simple fix is to increase or lower the wattage in fixture bulbs. Use soft light and energy-efficient types. It will help to eliminate blaring or excessive visual stimulation and is also more cost-effective.


People will often underestimate the power that sound plays on balancing a home’s energy. Sound is vibration and your home feeds off of those vibrations. There are times when your proximity to a particular location (i.e. highway, airport) may factor into the equation but overall, here are some tips to increase or decrease your home’s vibrational sound energy.

To increase positive energy try introducing a music CD of natural sounds such as light bird chirping or a tropical rainforest. These gentle vibrations will stimulate your environment with an ambiance that is appealing to the senses and may be used for longer periods of time.

To decrease your home’s energy, you will want to find music or sounds that are soothing such as a gentle rain, ocean waves or a light instrumental. This type of vibration will decrease the activity which tends to cause nervousness and irritability in a home that has too much.


Since I have already blogged about the importance of Aromatherapy, I will recap a few fragrances that can be used to adjust the energy in a home. Some scents that will increase positive energy are orange and/or citrus, peppermint and ginger while others such as lavender, chamomile and jasmine will decrease energy.

Pay careful attention to the amount that you use, as too much may cause its own set of problems and imbalance, along with potential health problems. Do a bit of research prior to mixing any essential oils and consider room mists, wickless candles and potpourri as ways to adjust the scent in your environment.


A big misconception about decor is that everything has to match. Personal style is important but there are some areas to pay attention to relative to decor which will greatly influence your home’s energy.

Wall color is a big one. Try to use neutral tones but do not be afraid of color. Too many brightly colored areas in the home can add to irritability and restlessness, just as much as too much noise or light. Darker colors can attract negativity which may cause a reverse effect.

One thing that I always ask my Clients relative to wall color is, “Can you live with this for an extended period of time?” Simple question, but much thought needs to go into it.

Painting a room can be a process and to repaint something due to hasty color selection is a major bummer. Try painting a fairly good-sized section of one visible wall and ponder the color for a few days. You may surprise yourself and realize it is not the right fit.

If you lean more towards neutrals, consider adding splashes of color rather than overwhelming yourself with entire walls of the same palette. Furnishings and fabrics made with more natural elements (cotton, leather, chenille, bamboo, etc.) will lend a more relaxed element to your home whereas steel, brushed metals, iron lead to a more cooler feel. Brocades, satins, etc. will provide a more luxurious tone. Do not shy from prints but use them wisely, especially animal prints, floral and geometric prints.

Mixing up pieces (old and new, different finishes and construction, as well as style) is another creative way to compliment your personality. Try different styles but try to avoid creating a chaotic feeling. Some homes have themed rooms and that is fine, providing everything flows and does not over/under stimulate the senses.

The main thing to keep in mind with your decor is to try not to clutter. I will elaborate on the significance of clutter, below.


I cannot state how important an organized home is relative to creating and maintaining good energy. There is no need to be excessively fanatical about your home, but cleanliness and organization will help to keep things on an even keel.

Clutter, hoarding and uncleanliness will draw negative energy into the home. It also has weighs down the psyche and creates negative thoughts. Basic organizational skills and at the very least a good seasonal cleaning, will help to prevent that energy from manifesting.

For items around your home that are reminiscent of a breakup, bad relationship or situation; put them in boxes and store them off-property. Although you may not want to throw them out, get that negative energy out of your home. There are many climate controlled storage options, so consider renting a closet-type unit, or just throw it out. It’s up to you – just get rid of that energy. It will only linger and creative problems.

Aside from tossing out unused or broken items, consider having a garage sale or making a donation to a places such as a thrift store, or Salvation Army. It may take some doing, but invite some friends and family to help and make a party out of it.

For areas that are under construction or are in disrepair, keep them organized as well. Not only will this help with the energy but it will provide a safer environment for all who have to live around the space that is being renovated or repaired.

House Blessing

To further enhance the positive energy in your home, consider a House Blessing. House Blessings will increase the positive energy and foster a comfortable and tranquil home atmosphere. Many blessings can be facilitated with a clergy member. The most commonly requested type that I use is a Christian (Non-Denominational) House Cleansing and House Blessing. Again, the choice is up to my Client and in respect to their faith and preference.

Together, each one of these areas impact and interact with the other, creating positive and/or negative energy fields within the home. Each room should be considered to promote an overall healthier home environment.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, positive home!