Month: November 2015

Love & Prayer

True peace will never exist upon this planet so long as mankind continues its various ‘subscriptions’ using a higher power as the driving force. Quite simply, it’s not a realistic possibility due to so many conflicting beliefs.

Certainly, we should all strive for peace, and as much as possible. Sadly, thousands of years have proven it is not uniformly attainable.

Yes, peace may be limited to pockets, but friction and change will always try to trump that status. It is the way of the world; an unspoken law of the Universe.

Regardless, the focus should be on what we do know, and can achieve: love and prayer. Using both will illuminate darkness.

Love and prayer work like a ripple effect, starting with yourself as the focal point; ultimately sending out that energy to those around you. They have the ability to reach the farthest, and most dimly lit corners of the Earth.

Flood your Inner Spirit with love and prayer.

Share your love and prayer.

Grow from love and prayer.

Heal with love and prayer.

Light the world with love and prayer❤️🙏🏼


Someone: For Veterans Day

Someone – by Jill Morris

While you run errands around town in your air conditioned vehicle, someone has hiked miles across treacherous terrain, carrying 80+ pounds of additional weight on their shoulders, in extreme conditions – and for hours on-end.

While you go out for a beer, or glass of wine before going to the movies, someone sips warm water from a dimpled, plastic bottle, only to pass out from exhaustion and dehydration – a result of being pushed to their limits.

When you can’t make up your mind which restaurant to visit for dinner, someone chowed-down a meal in a wrapper, or can, savoring every last morsel for what it’s worth.

While you play ball with friends, go for a walk down the street, or flip burgers on the grill, someone is bound to a wheelchair, struggling with crutches, or learning to pull up their underwear with prosthetic arms and hands.

When you hear the wondrous sound of birds chirping in the trees, a cool breeze rustling through the leaves, or your favorite tunes on the radio, someone can only hear a din buzz, or, nothing at all.

When you joke around about losing your mind, someone, literally, no longer can remember their own name.

When you’re watching a game with pals from the comfort of your recliner, someone sits alone, in a dimly lit plywood hut, canvas tent, or ship’s berth – weeping – while listening to ‘Taps’ play at dusk.

When you’re concocting an excuse to take an extended lunch break, someone is trying to safely dodge incoming rocket fire during breakfast.

When you glance down to read the daily news, or to see your child’s precious face, someone is living in darkness, or can only see simple shadows.

When you groan about having to take the stairs because the elevator is out of service, someone is working their way through a grueling physical therapy session – and would do anything to take a step without excruciating pain.

When you lay your head on your pillow and comfortably drift off to restful slumber, someone is too terrified to sleep – haunted by visions of death, and destruction.

When you muster the strength to convince yourself that life is worth living despite the setback, someone has been so badly affected by their situation, that they cannot – and choose to end it.

When you are complaining about the bad day you’ve had and all that went wrong, someone is grateful they made it through their day without being injured – or killed.

That someone . . .

has sacrificed their time for you,

has sacrificed their mind for you,

has sacrificed their senses for you,

has sacrificed their limbs for you,

has fought, and fights for you,

has sleepless nights for you,

has weeped, and cries for you,

has lived –

and will die – for you.

That someone, is a Veteran.

Be thankful for what you have, for what you have, is because of what they do.

May God bless and protect our service members – always.

A big THANK YOU to our Vets. They deserve so much more than a free meal and oil change once, per year.


You Are In Charge

. . . of your actions, reactions, responses and Spiritual Self. Use collective experiences on all levels, as a guide towards empowerment.

Regardless of significance, each experience is given to us to build upon the foundation of our Spiritual Self. Absorb, examine and interpret these events in a way that is meaningful to you, rather than harmful (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually). Each time you do this, you will walk away stronger and wiser, and in ways much greater than you imagined.

Have a great weekend!