Month: April 2016

Animal Totems

Animal Totems

Listen to what crosses its path with you in nature. From animals, to reptiles, fowl and insects, a seemingly rare encounter may hold significant personal and spiritual relevance.

Animal totems and their like, have been something dear to me and instilled in me, by my grandmother Marie. As most are aware, my Native American ancestry is an important part of my spirituality.

Whenever you take notice of a creature that is normally not found in your path, or you begin to see one frequently, the magic and spiritual significance of that creature is a message for you. Nature is nudging you to seek an intricate piece of the Spiritual Self that is need of attention.

There are a variety of books and online resources available to research your animal totem. My favorite book is “Animal Speak – The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small” by Ted Andrews. It’s a great reference that lends not only the significance of hundreds of different totems, but shares the history of each in association with Native American culture. The book also surveys a lovely selection of species, specific subtypes and breeds.

For those who wish to take it a step further, Animal Speak also provides instruction to call your Spirit Animal. This involves music (i.e. drumming), meditation and chant ideas.

Notice a random bear wandering through your yard, or mysterious dragonfly now seemingly following you at every turn? These creatures have been put in your path for reason. Don’t ignore the moment; take time to seek out the lesson it has been sent to teach you.🐢


‘Til Death Do Us Part

‘Till death do us part . . . 

A soul’s love does not pay attention to boundaries such as death. It is infinite – timeless.

Countless people I know and have conducted readings for can relate to this sentiment. Although the physical journey ceases upon death, many continue the deep love affair that was born between two souls during the physical journey. 

Considering this to be true for ALL partners (marriage and relationship equality), love is a true and very tangible emotion that surpasses real time. This holds true even when a partner grieves after the loss of their beloved and later struggles with moving on. 

I often hear, as well as have asked the very same questions: How long do I wait to find a companion? Will my loved one accept I am moving on? How can I move forward in life when I miss my loved one so much?

Begin by accepting the fact that every human being is different, as is the relationship they experienced. Do not worry about how long it will take. Avoid gauging time.

As for acceptance: Rather than feeling you are doing an injustice to your loved one by making progress – finding physical love and companionship after a loss – please know that a truly loving Spirit will not (and does not) hold it against you. 

How long will this love and associated grief last? Spirit knows the love you share is a truly timeless connection with an exquisitely personal and unique bond forged during the physical life cycle. Love, and the spiritual relationship, do not stop at death, nor does their passing minimize or make your love any less than what it was beforehand.

Try not to harbor feelings of guilt about reaching a point to take steps to find comfort. Hold close the memories of your beloved. Spirit does not want to see you suffer in silence or abstinence from happiness and newfound love. They DO understand and can even guide you towards achieving both.

”Till death do us part’ is incorrect from a spiritual standpoint and from the perspective of love. Be grateful for the endless and infinite ways your souls have connected and in turn, be at peace knowing it continues. 

Allow yourself to grieve, yet be mindful that it is okay to love again. Without a doubt, you can maintain a special and sacred love in spirit, while making a new life for yourself. Consider the notion that any truly caring, new partner should freely be respectful of that love and relationship and not ever try to compete with it.

Spirit knows you are not replacing them. Your relationship was literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. Cherish that love – and be cognizant that Spirit knows you are simply continuing on with living❤️