Month: July 2016

There Will Be Mud

There Will Be Mud

All that I can pray for is that each of you vote, and do so with a conscience. Weigh the candidates and cast your ballot with the following things in mind. 

Be true to yourself. Vote for the candidate you truly believe is best suited to take on such an enormous responsibility. Avoid “bandwagonning” and following the crowd.
Understand that that your decision not only impacts you, but all other Americans, inclusive of our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Don’t let the ugliness of campaigning and all that it entails, distract you. It may make for good television, but the reality is this is NOT a reality show. This is hardcore, serious business. As with all other campaigns, “There Will Be Mud” (my election slogan). Put on your boots and wade thru the endless mire of dirt and sludge. Once you hose-off the campaign sewage, the facts will emerge.

As for agendas and topics: although it may be easy to focus on one particular issue that strikes a nerve and speaks to you, there is a bigger picture. Weigh all topics and the stances of the candidates. Dismiss the “it doesn’t pertain to me, therefore I don’t care attitude” and understand that ultimately, and in some small way, all topics will affect you in varying degrees.

Consider the fact that there are no quick fixes to this nation’s troubles. Decisions made at the top require reasoning, consideration and time. For the most part, impatience, unrealistic objectives and timelines, as well as imprudence can cause what was once a minor issue, to become a full blown disaster. Furthermore, it will make a complete “fuster cluck” out of an already bad situation.

Accept that we are Americans. This land was originally inhabited by some of my very own ancestors; the Native Americans. This isn’t a nation, and should not be a nation of one color, but of all colors. The same applies to sexual orientation and religion. We are the supposed to be a melting pot, and symbol of hope, not a bigoted, racist and narcissistic country.

Naturally, we must keep this country and our people safe. This includes reducing the threat of foreign and domestic terrorism. Rather than leaving it up to one person to figure out, a nation united, is stronger than divided. We all play an important part in helping combat the very real dangers which have left us reeling in pain, as of late. Sometimes brute force is needed to combat this pressing issue but again, the decisions made need not be done as a knee-jerk reaction. 

Forget about the arguments and debates you have with family and friends, or even strangers. There is truly no perfect candidate, however, there is usually one more well suited than the other for the daunting position of President of the United States. Consider the good and bad. Focus more on the real issues, rather than force your own opinion because in the end, you will vote one way, and the other person will vote theirs. It’s merely a waste of time and energy to try to make someone see it your way. Only you have that insight. You do you, and allow the other party to do them.

In the end, I don’t care who you vote for. I simply pray that you vote and cast your ballot with a conscience. If you’re making a decision to follow the pack, or choosing a candidate just to show your neighbor who’s right and wrong – then that is not voting with a conscience. Open your heart, as well as your mind and be aware of the weight this privileged right you exercise carries.

This is a critical time for our country. 
Choose wisely. 
There are no do-overs.

That said, I am voting with a conscience for #Clinton and #Kaine



On Grief

Grief – I have helped so many broken-hearted people over the years, yet not one situation is like the other. I never get accustomed to what I see, hear or feel. 

I understand the process, as I too, have grieved. Deeply. 

When asked how to best put into words the process of picking yourself up after a loss, I can only summarize it as follows:

Pain and grief suffered by the loss of a loved one is akin to a dry, desolate and unforsaken land. When the ground is barren and ugly, we have a choice. We can either leave it that way, or cultivate it. 

If we choose to care for the landscape it can become a beautiful thing. This needs to be approached with the understanding that change and growth take considerable time, and requires patience and hard work. 

Your hands, much like your heart, will be raw with unbearable agony. You will suffer and toil. You will feel exhausted, and often question your actions and reactions, as well as decisions to move forward.

One must accept that the physical pain of cultivating does indeed, make one stronger. Be aware that the climate and weather may not always be pleasing or tolerable but with daily adjustments, it is manageable. One day at a time.

Most important, is your vision of the future. What will your parcel look like like when it has matured? The answer is simple: It will be what you make of it.

Stick with it. Nurture it. Allow time to spring forth renewed purpose. Make it as bright and colorful as you can.

Acknowledge that one day, you will be standing in the same spot as you had when you felt lost, alone and broken; barren landscape reaching as far as the eye and heart could see. Only this time, as you take a look around at the beautiful things which have grown in its place, you will realize the change came from your decision to work with it, and believe in it. 

You didn’t give up. You didn’t give in.

Let yourself whither, or take what you have and bring all of the undesirable elements together. Dare to watch something beautiful unfold. Appreciate that the pain felt today can, and will, create a tranquil garden to recall fond memories of your beloved. 

It’s up to you. Continue to trod aimlessly upon a dusty and lifeless path, or walk with purpose in your field of green.

The Tempest

I snapped this photo yesterday evening. It may have been dark and stormy, but the sky’s beauty and power serve as a reminder. 

It is unrealistic to believe life can be consistently joyful, and problem-free. Like the weather, we experience cycles; highs and lows.

We must hold onto the fact blue skies are silently shining behind the storm. Amidst the turmoil, colorful transitions usher in needed change. 

Look beyond the clouds. Hold onto hope. Endure the storm. In time, the passing tempest will reveal an illuminated path full of possibilities, making one stronger, wiser and better prepared for the next squall.