Month: January 2017

We Will Stand

We Will Stand – by Jill Marie Morris

We will stand and fight 
A voice thrice strong 
Our duty as citizens 
To ensure no harm 

We shall defend the tired
Poor, young and old
The homeless
The refugees 
Where war has taken its toll

Be it cast from every shore
To each shining sea
There must remain hope
Look around 
You will see

Though our colors consist of 
Red, white and blue
We are a beautiful land 
A collection of hues

And whether gay or straight
Christian, Muslim or Jew
We must respect one another
I’ll do me 
You do you

Let your words be heard
Lift your voices
Shout and scream 
We cannot allow 
Death of The Dream 

And with civility 
The world will see
Freedom does ring
Proud and true 

In the hearts of those
Who dared be bold
Tomorrow depends on  
Me and you

A road roughly traveled 
Refuse to unravel 
A fabric ne’er meant be divided 

We are the soul of the 
States of America 
– Free and brave –
We will stand