Month: April 2017

Psychic Profile of Vanessa Marcotte’s Killer

I’m a little behind with this update but since it’s now public information, I can share my profile of Vanessa Marcotte’s killer. He was arrested on Saturday (article with photo of suspect below).

Some of you may recall a dual premonition I posted about the Kardashians, and a murder (August 2016). Both came to fruition shortly afterwards. You may reference the post I made relative to these visions here. The profiling example contained within this specific post is in direct reference to that premonition.

First of all: Thank God the MA State Police have taken him off the streets. My thoughts and prayers go out to Vanessa’s family, friends and the community of Princeton, MA.

Secondly, I did NOT consult on this case. I did post the premonition relative to her death just before her murder, unaware of who she was. It was one of the more horrifying visions I have had. A few days after her murder, I developed a profile.

I have now reposted screenshots of my profile of her killer based upon the vision and assessment of the case. It is time and date stamped (top of each photo) as 8/10/16 at 1:33AM and 1:34AM. You will see that a fan responded to my post on the night of the original post. I later decided it was best to take it down.

Upon review of several online articles detailing the suspect who was arrested, I now see that I have thus far, been spot-on with many factors including:

Age, hair and eye color, skin/complexion, his eyes are uneven, the letter “C” connected to him (Colon), repetitious pattern/path/schedule (Fed Ex driver in the area), not from Princeton (next town over) and recently moved to MA from Puerto Rico.

Updates 4/18/17: Various news agencies are reporting he has 3 brothers, and has made crude/explicit statements a women on his route.

I have not yet found any info re. his height but profiled him at approx. 5’10” (average). I will continue to check my profile against additional details once they are made public.

This gives you an idea of what I do when I work a cold case. I always develop a profile and then give time to see if the spirit of the deceased contacts me, by which I can gather additional information.

Continued prayers for the Marcotte family. I pray this brings them some type of closure. Also, a job well-done by the MA State Police.

Article and photo of suspect:

Photos: Original posts to my Facebook Fan Page dates 8/10/16