Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero
By Jill Marie Morris

Dedicated to all Everyday Heroes, including those in Las Vegas, and my own mother.

– Look around
They’re everywhere
In noisy urban jungles and the sleepiest of towns

They may not know your name
Nor will they judge you by color
And if you’re lucky enough one day
You may soon discover

The power of One
Who selflessly cares
Finding courage to rush-in
When the ugly head of danger flares

They comfort and guide you
From harm’s often brutal way
Protect you and hold you
And keep you safe from the fray

Without hesitation
Or questions
On angels’ wings they lift
Their actions incredibly brave
Their thinking impeccably swift

They are Samaritans of the Universe
And it’s you they blessedly choose
There’s no going back 
It’s win, break – no lose

They will usher you to safety
Or sit and hold your hand
They shine light in the darkness
When you can’t see
Run, walk or stand

They are Harbingers of the Divine good
That mankind can do
Without question or prejudice
They show up just for you

Give thanks to their souls
This Army of One
Whether aided from a fall
Or shots fired by gun

Randomly chosen
As impromptu Guardians of Life
They guide you to safety
In your moment of strife

Hey, look around 
Tell me: What do you see?
A homeless man
A college grad
Even an amputee

A nurse
A preacher
And even a Vet
These are Everyday Heroes
We will never forget

Their relentless mercy
And altruistic deeds
Your paths crossed 
– Souls forever entwined
In a moment of dire need

You may not yet know not their name
But will always remember their face
An Everyday Hero
Sent to you
With God’s grace



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