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About That Dress . . .

Funny story about my Lucille Ball collector’s Barbie. Note the dress.

In 1970, my mother took me shopping for a new dress. I saw a dress that looked just like the one pictured here. She refused to buy it for me and said it was hideous.

I remember that it broke my little heart to hear her say that. Matter of fact, I was so upset, we had to leave the store because I was crying my eyes out and snotting all over the place. That memory is forever engrained in my mind.

Fast forward to today …

It was pouring, so we took mom’s umbrella. It reminded me of the Lucy dress I never got to wear.

I said to my mother: At least you let me use an umbrella patterned like the dress you refused to get for me when I was little.

Mom replied: OMG! You remember that?! You were only 5-years-old!

Me: Sure do. You were so mean about that dress! I wanted it so bad!

Mom: But it looked so ugly! I didn’t want you to wear it! I’m sorry! I can’t believe you remember that! I feel terrible!

Me: As you should.

Mom: I am so sorry, honey! Do you forgive me?

Me: Nope.

Mom: You’re not supposed to remember those things!

Me: Uhhh, too late LOL

Mom: Please, forgive me?

Me: You’re going to Hell for that decision. You traumatized me.

Mom: OMG! Am I, really?! Do you think I will? I didn’t want my daughter looking like a spinster in that hideous dress! It was done out of love!

Me: But I loved that dress. You asked me to pick one out and it’s all I wanted. You said “no”.

Mom: Please forgive me. Oh, I have to say extra prayers now. God forgive me.

Me: Nope.

Mom: Please?!

Me: Nope.

Mom: Oh, come on!

Me: Just kidding. I forgave you a long time ago, and bought the collector’s doll.

Mom: You did?! Really?! You forgave me?! Awe!

Me: Yep, but I’ll never forget it 😆🤣😂


The Afterloss Credom

“I need to talk about my loss. I may often feel the need to tell you what happened or to ask you why it happened.

I may frequently need for you to listen while I explain what this loss means to me. Each time I discuss my loss, I am helping myself face the reality of the death of my loved one.

I need to know that you care about me. I need to feel your touch, your hugs. I need you to just be with me. And, I need to be with you.

I need for you to believe in me and my ability to get through grief in my own way – and in my own time.

Please don’t judge me now – or think that I’m behaving strange. Remember I’m grieving; I may even be in shock. I may feel afraid. I may feel deep rage. I may even feel guilty. But above all, I hurt. I’m experiencing a pain like anything I felt like before.

Don’t be concerned if you think I’m getting better and then suddenly I seem to slip backward again. Grief makes me behave this way, at times.

And please don’t tell me you know just how I feel or that it’s time for me to get on with my life. I’m probably already saying this to myself. I just need for you to be patient now and to try to understand.

Finally, allow me the time I need to grieve and to recover. I want to get on with my life but I know that first I must walk through the dark shadows of my grief. And although it is almost impossible for me to believe this now, I know that one day my grief will end.

Most of all, thank you for being my friend. Thank you for caring, for helping, for understanding. And remember, in the days and years ahead – after your loss – when you need me as I have needed you, I will understand, and then I will come and be with you.”

Barbara LesStrang


My version of “How to play Hide-and-Seek with Your Toddler Grandchild(ren)” (The fictional, comedy version)

1. Have them hide.

2. Tell them you have to count to 3600 (that’s 1 hour) to ensure they have plenty of time to find a super cool spot. (Trust me; this is the perfect amount of time).

3. Pour yourself a large glass of wine. (Tip: If using ice, place it in glass ahead of time to avoid the child(ren)from becoming curious and leaving their hiding spot(s) when they hear you rummaging in the freezer).

4. Sip your wine.

5. Encourage them to be super quiet – while you do the dishes.

6. Sip your wine.

7. Periodically call out their name(s) and switch positions – as you catch up on the news. (Switching positions makes it seem like you’re calling them from a different location and actively seeking their whereabouts)

8. Sip your wine.

9. Make an occasional thud or bang, and open and close a door to give the illusion you’re actually looking for them.

10. Sip your wine.

11. Fold the laundry.

12. Sip your wine.

13. Rustle thru some plastic and paper bags while calling their names (again: it’s all about the illusion)

14. Sip your wine.

15. Take a selfie of you smirking while holding your glass of wine and calling out their names.

16. Sip your wine.

17. Text the selfie to your bestie with the caption “Wine-and-Seek” Toss-in an emoji or two: 🤪🤣🍷😂😈🤭

18. Sip your wine.

19. Make out the grocery list (make sure you add more wine to it)

20. Sip your wine.

21. Find a cozy spot on the floor and call their name(s). Make sure to take the glass of wine and cell phone with you. This is a great way for them to think you’re crawling around on your hands and knees looking for them.

22. Sip your wine.

23. Stay on the floor! Take a power nap (5 minutes max). Set the timer on your phone, and yell out, “I’m getting close! You better be quiet, or I’m gonna find you!”

24. Sip your wine and snooze.

25. Get up when the alarm goes off and actively go look for the child(ren). (Like, seriously). Hopefully, you will be able to locate them. Note: If you’re too sloshed, call your bff to come help you find the child(ren).

26. Praise the child(ren) for playing such a great game.

27. Sip your wine.


J-Vibe Night Realm: Night 9 – Light Bursts & Orbs

About this clip: The following clips were filmed between 11:20PM 1/28/18 and 6:30AM 1/29/18. There were a total of 79 clips between both cameras. The most interesting clips contain orbs and flashes of light. Watch the video here.


12:29AM – Camera 1 – An orb is seen moving from bottom left to upper/center. Leo seems to notice something. Merlin turn stirs and gets up to reposition himself.

12:47AM – Camera 1 – Jill is restless and pets Leo. She does not recall doing so.

3:39AM – Camera 1 – Jill wakes up at 3:37AM but does not recall why. She briefly gets up, checks the hallway and returns to bed. A small point of light appears under the nightstand to the right. It was not seen in any other clips on any prior night. It eventually disappears. Upon examination of still ohotos (posted on her blog) there were several other tiny lights that appeared around this area only. They too are not visible on any prior clip.

3:44AM – Camera 1 – A small burst of light can be seen for approximately 1 second just into the clip. This is to the left of the bed and over the closet door.

3:48AM – Camera 1 – An orb can be seen rapidly descending from top/center.

3:48AM – Camera 2 – This camera did not capture any activity, or the orb as seen on Camera 1 at the same time.

Jill states she woke up for reasons unknown (3:37AM) and returns to bed. She does not remember any dreams and remained in a deep, restful sleep for the rest of the night. Mild snoring was noted throughout the night.

Photo enhancements:

12:29AM Camera 1 Moving Orb3:44AM Camera 1 Flash of Light

3:39AM Camera 1 Light Points of Light 3:48AM Camera 1 Rapidly Descending Orb

J-Vibe Night Realm: Night 5 – EARTHQUAKE!

WTH! HOLY SHEET!!!!! This is proof of what I do, and have spoken about! One of the main reasons I wanted to do this experiment was to capture something like this, as well as other unexplainable phenomenon while I sleep, dream and communicate with the spirit realm, and Universe.

This video was recorded on Cam 2 this morning (1/25/18) at 1:17AM this morning. I was having a horrible nightmare of an earthquake. It woke me up. I was scared to death until I realized it was a dream. I got out of bed and went downstairs to calm myself and have some tea. At 2:09AM we had a 4.1 quake VERY close to our house. The entire house was shaking. Although I’ve experienced larger quakes, this one has completely ‘rattled’ me due to the dream just prior and it’s close proximity.

Watch the video here.

Additional supporting information includes photograph of the time and date stamp of the original video at 1:17AM, as well as other information showing that (according to the USGS) there were no other quakes transpiring (worldwide) at the time of my dream and premonition. See below:

My Night Before Christmas Poem (a couple of nights late)

T’is the night after #Christmas and all thru the house, the dishes are done, need a Tide stick for my blouse 👚 . . .

The soggy towels are flung over the chair without care, I’m picking fruitcake and berries out of my hair 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . .

The cats are full o’ catnip 🌿 and with magazine in my lap, I had just settled down for a post-Christmas cr*p 🚽. . .

When out in the kitchen there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the toilet 🚽 to see 👀 what was the matter . . .

And what to my wondering eyes 👀should appear? Holy cow 🐄 it was none other than Leonardo DiCatrio 😼 drinking a beer! 🍺

Away to the fridge I flew like a flash, he ran and hid as I discovered his #cat stash . . .

With the glow from the fridge on his brew’s frosty froth, his nose twinkled all black – Oh no! My #cat has gone #goth ! 💀

A little over 6, still lively and slick, I knew in a moment he must have been possessed by Satan 👿 – that’s sick 😷 . . .

Faster than a hot minute ⏱ his brother Merlin bounded, he looked at his sibling completely astounded 🙀 . . .

He meowed and he hissed as Merlin called them out by name: @Heineken @budweiserusa domestic #IPAs 🍻

To the top of the table and then to the wall, Leonardo DiCatrio did tumble and fall . . .

As dry heaves set in, puking 🤢 as only cool cats 😽 can do, this beer-buzzed #feline was high on the nip 🌿 too . . .

Almost tinkling in my panties 👙, I heard his paws scratch the floor, to the realization my kitty had gone goth ☠️ and partied galore 🤨

As I drew a deep breath trying to rid him of a wild #demon 👹 , my #cat possessed seemed illogical – without reason 🤔 . . .

Dressed in a tuxedo from his head to his foot, his fur was all tarnished with ashes and soot 🕴🏻. . .

With a bottle of beer 🍺 in his hooligan cat grasp, he raised it to his pursed kitty lips and grinned as I gasped! 😱

With eyes glassy and soulless, his #cat stare was scary, I knew in a heartbeat 💗 I had to pray 🙏 to Mary . . .

His feline fangs 😾 sticking out like tiny knives 🔪, all the gnashing & thrashing was giving me hives!

Leonardo was trippin’ – his tail thumping – legs hoppin’ – I swear on my life it was a scene Straight Outta #Compton 🚔🎥

The #devil 😈 had taken ahold of my #cat 🐱 the day after #Christmas 🎄What the hell is up with that?! 🤔

I called out for help 🆘 to get rid of the feline demon 👹 , as he twisted his head around like Linda Blair in The Exorcist – I was screamin’! 😫🤪

When out popped a beer-laden #furball – all green like pea soup. I had to refocus myself, run back and finish my poop 💩

The room went all crazy. It was hazy and stuff. Confident I released Leonardo from the demon, I finally finished MY “stuff” . . .

And when I re-entered the kitchen there was no #beer 🍺 or #cat 🐱 in sight 👀 . . .

Leonardo DiCatrio was sleeping 💤 it off, Holy hell 🔥 what a night! 🌛

The End (maybe)