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January 2018 Horror-Scopes

A note to readers: My monthly “Horror-Scopes” are written for entertainment purposes, only. Regardless of any connection to reality, they are not meant to be taken seriously.


Career – Work. Work. Work. It’s all about work this month. This is a good time for gossipy conversations at the water cooler, and even an opportune month for an office affair. Basically, you don’t even have to wait for a promotion; just ask and you will receive.

Finances – Who says it doesn’t pay to sleep with the boss? There are positive changes that will be taking place as your finances improve this month. Continue to brown-nose your boss and shower your coworkers with goodies. Keep the treats flowing and your bank account will start growing.

Family – Face it, with all of your office activities, you’re going to be a terrible partner and a neglectful parent. Home is the last place you want to be this month. You feel better in your work environment. Better stock up on TV dinners for the fam, as you’ll be “cooking” at the office – not at home.

Relationships – Affairs and trysts are all part of the agenda this month. A note of caution though; avoid leaving out your daily planner. You wouldn’t want your current partner to question all of those office “meetings” you have scheduled.

Health – You must learn to relax. All of these “extra-curricular” and work-related “activities” are going to be rather depleting. It’s a bit much to carry-on an office affair, and then come home and be expected to “put out”. Something’s gotta give.

Suggested movie: Disclosure (1994)


Career – Unlike your neglectful, zodiac neighbor Aries, your career will take a temporary dive. Without a doubt you have earned the title of Office Drama Queen (or King). This, due in part to your excruciatingly painful lack of patience. Perhaps you finally realized that you’re not going to get anywhere by repetitively calling your coworker a “daft sloth”.

Finances – Due to your careless office outbursts, you will find cash tight during the month of January. This comes after being placed on an extended, unpaid Leave of Absence. Unfortunately, this too, will spill over into your family and relationship sectors.

Family – Everyone is angry with you. Get a hold of yourself and things should improve heading into February. You may just want to completely ghost (avoid everyone) for at least the first two weeks of the month. That’s the safer bet.

Relationships – Quite honestly, your sh*tty mood was self-created and will result in a decreased sex drive. You have officially become known as an Ice Princess, or Freezer King, and all of your own making. You certainly don’t feel warm and fuzzy, thus noticing others will avoid you like the plague.

Health – Surprisingly, your physical health is favorable during this month but your mental health will be the main concern. You have effed-up all over the place at the office and have created a dark mood at home. Avoid drinking alcohol during this period. No need to imbibe a depressant and become a bigger d*ck then you already are.

Suggested movie: Cabin In The Woods (2012)


Career – Powerful and invigorating. Prepare to be handled, perhaps even bent over. Regardless, you’re going to enjoy it. Add travel into the mix, and your career is taking off!

Finances – The month of January is going to suck for finances. Nothing more to say about that. Looks like Ramen soup and bologna sandwiches – all month long. Snag as many office lunches and dinners that you can, as there won’t be any money to dine out.

Family – Congratulations! You’ve managed to put your family at the bottom of your list of priorities. It looks like it’s just work and love life from here on out (at least for the next 31 days).

Relationships – Hell, yeah! Get it! Get your freak on, Gemini! You are hot to trot. Enjoy! The world is your oyster. The prediction is plenty of “sexy time” for you this month.

Health – Good news! Your health is improving after slacking off at the end of 2017. Stay focused – or get fat. End of story. Oh, yeah, and practice safe sex (per my mother).

Suggested movie: Jennifer’s Body (2009)


Career – Messed up. Laid off. Tripped up. Fed up. Yup. It’s a sh*t storm. I suggest you look for another job, far away from the current one.

Finances – You are lacking cash. Your reckless spending at the end of the year means you now need to play catch up. Don’t buy or invest in anything. Don’t even buy deodorant when you need it. Save that for next month. You’re going to need the money for gas to drive around looking for another job.

Family – Quite a bit of arguing is going on in your family these days. Hiding underneath your blanket is not going to do you any good. Try explaining the situation, rather than expecting them to just except your foul mood, Crabby-McCrabster!

Relationships – More turmoil. Just full of good news, eh? You’re fighting with everyone due to all of the work-related issues. Unfortunately, there will be break ups with some make up’s.

Health – It’s time for a “come to Jesus moment”. Stop with all of the self-pity. Stewing and sulking about work is not going to do any good. There is founded need to turn your “mental health day” into a mental health month.

Suggested movie: The Shining (1980)


Career – Your career is progressing slower than a mofo. Morale is low. Lots of clock-watching is taking place at work. Pick up a a Rubik cube to occupy yourself. This is also a good time to take an extended lunch, or, go home for a “Nooner”.

Finances – Oddly enough, your finances are great. Enjoy it now because they will take a negative turn at the end of the month. Investment idea? Try fidget spinners.

Family – This month finds your family life very fulfilling. The family dynamic is supportive and receptive. Consider planning a family vacation during the month.

Relationships – Woo hoo! There is an abundance of sexy time this month. Break out the lingerie and toys, too! And . . . don’t forget to use protection because there’s an increased chance for conception.

Health – Superb, but the bubble will burst the end of the month. There is a good chance you may overdo it during all of the bountiful sex you will have in January. In order to avoid muscle strain and back pain, use only age-appropriate sexual positions.

Suggested movie: Species (1995)


Career – You will find that your career is rocky but you can balance it if you can put a stop to the back biting b*tches in the office. Yes, indeed – they’ve been talking about you. Organize, and plot to succeed. You can do it!

Finances – Virgo finances are pretty good this month because you are naturally greedy. The number of penny jars in your home far outweighs the number of friends you have. Oh, yeah – it may also be a good idea to invest in stocks instead of sex toys. Some say it’s wise to put your money where your mouth is, but I guess it’s OK to put your money where your . . . (yep) . . . is. Hey, it’s all good though, since your mouth may be already be “there”.

Family – Family life is pretty good this month considering you Scrooged-out on holiday gifts. Try taking them out to dinner (not fast food). PB&J doesn’t count, either.

Relationships – You’re committed – for now. A firm believer in loving the one you’re with, does leave open other possibilities with those who cross your path.

Health – Very good! Take heed not to get overly confident and think that a “widow-maker” burger won’t do you in. After all, you’re only human (despite your delusion you are Wonder Woman or Superman).

Suggested movie: Gone Girl (2014)


Career – By all means, please, PLEASE, take an extended leave of absence from work and devote your time to family and relationship matters. This is a period of time when your job should come second, as you’re messing up everywhere else.

Finances – The month begins on a good note, but given the fact you now have to overspend in order to win back your homies, your bank balances will dwindle. Good thing you invested wisely because you’re going to need it.

Family – Things are turbulent on the home front. Your delicate Libra scales are completely imbalanced. Playing “nice and fair” for so long is about to come back and bite you in the ass, so heads up!

Relationships – Explosive arguments are on the horizon. Be prepared for the worst. Partners are sick of your Miss/Mr. Nicey-nice and want out. Grow a pair and speak your mind before you lose them!

Health – Your delusions are out of control. After your wake up call, there will be a need for you to sufficiently nap. This will recharge your body, mind and soul, and will also assist with the process of growing a pair.

Suggested movie: Psycho (1960)


Career – You don’t have one. At the very least, try investing in a temp agency. You can’t live off others forever.

Finances – Your finances are among the best. There is no shortage of cash in your pockets. Given you’re a slacker, you must certainly have secured a Sugar Daddy, or, Sugar Mama. Either that, or, a wealthy family member is supporting you (perhaps both?)

Family – Seriously! Please stop asking your family to support you. Get a job! You’re stressing your family out. You owe them so much money that they will never live long enough for you to pay them back!

Relationships – You are very restless. You’ve been taking what you can, when you can get it. Your plotting and manipulation is catching up to you. You may one day find yourself alone and broke, so get with the program and start functioning like an adult.

Health – Pimping and jonesing for money is not very flattering, on any level. It looks terrible and shows up in every aspect of life. Additionally, your memory is shot to sh*t from all of your money-making schemes. Trade-in your shopping bags for weights and build some character.

Suggested movie: Heathers (1988)


Career – RED ALERT! Sink or swim, ’cause the ship’s going to go down. Don’t allow yourself to drown in the bullsh*t. Someone is trying to wreck your career.

Finances – Work hard, play hard. You can do it if you get out of the position you’re in and work your butt off. Revenge is the best medicine. Make a lot of cash and rub it in your former boss’s face.

Family – Although family is around you, they’re doing their own thing. There is a master manipulator at the helm of your household. Be true to yourself and let the other show their true colors. Your name isn’t “Matt” – YOU show them the door.

Relationships – There are many possibilities if you’re single, but you need to dedicate yourself to enhancing your love life. You need to be more attentive to your partners needs. Special book recommendations are: The Joy of Sex, and The Karma Sutra. Get creative!

Health – All is well with one exception: You need to stretch before having sex. An overly ambitious attitude will do you no good if you’re not limbered up. If you’re single; invest in “toys”. They’re fairly safe. I think.

Suggested movie: When Harry Met Sally (1989)


Career- Surprisingly, your career is very balanced at present. Whatever you’re doing is working, so don’t mess it up.

Finances – Your financial situation will greatly improve in more of a windfall-type scenario. This will either come from winning the lottery, or, may more than likely occur after communicating with a Nigerian prince (with a lot of cash to give). Your financial investment advice would be to contact an attorney to help you navigate your new-found wealth (and get you out of any legal bind).

Family – Your family is supportive, but p*ssed off. I mean, seriously? How could you fall for that Nigerian scam? Lucky for you, they have your back. Watch out for knives though, as an ally may not truly be on your side.

Relationships – Casual affairs abound in the month of January. If in a committed relationship; you will want to spice things up. You’re just a happy Horn Toad at present. Go with the flow.

Health – In addition to detoxing your body, mind and soul, you also need to practice safe sex. If New Year’s eve was any indication, you’ve been a naughty, little human. Scratch your itches, but don’t get bugs in your britches!

Suggested movie: American Gigolo (1980)


Career – Stop b*tching. Face it: YOU are the source of all of your work woes. Put on your big girl/big boy panties and clean up the mess you’ve made. Coworkers will be more responsive if you motivate, rather than demotivate and manipulate them.

Finances – Hey Slim Shady! Your finances are very good (for the near future) considering you’ve done pretty well at blackmailing people. FYI: Ponzi schemes are never a good idea.

Family – Everyone is mad at you due to your deviant behaviors. You need to offer them a whole-hearted apology – and soon. If not, you may find yourself without their support (and calling a bondsman).

Relationships – You are burning bridges. Stop being a sociopath and listen to those around you! They are trying to help you.

Health – You have a lot of work to do. There’s too much stress in your life right now. Invest in ways to heal your body, mind and soul. Start therapy. You need it – desperately.

Suggested movie: Oceans 11 (2001)


Career – A promotion is possible this month. In order to grasp this, you must listen to constructive criticism and apply it to your job. It also helps to keep your big yap shut. You’re not Mr./Miss Know-it-all.

Finances – Decent enough, but stop spending money on chocolate, wine and hookers. Need I say more?

Family – Shocker! Your family is supportive of you – but don’t take advantage of them. Try to calmly respond to them, instead of your usual freak out attacks. Bottom line: they are giving you enough rope . . . just don’t hang yourself.

Relationships – January is a period of rocky relationships. After all, you’ve engaged in clandestine behaviors. This is a time where you should show remorse and fess up before the jig is up and takes you down.

Health – You’re in for a rough ride. You’re a hot mess. Stop all of the indulgences and salacious activities, or you’re going to get “woke”.

Suggested movie: The Craigslist Killer (2011)

Until next month . . .

Jill Marie Morris


A Conversation With Harry Houdini

Another Halloween has come and gone. Christmas and winter holiday decorations now grace the space where all things creepy, kooky and spooky once stood. Such a shame to have a quick buildup to the “holiday” only to have it abruptly plucked from our sticky, candy-laden hands. 

It seems that the only remaining semblance of fall (despite the Winter Soltice will not greet us until December 21st), is Pumpkin Spice. Even then, I have noticed that most concoctions featuring the festive flavoring have been embellished with neon orange, price reduction stickers, all the while an assortment of peppermint-mocha pairings have taken over its short-lived shelf space.

The Harry Houdini Halloween Vigil at Dearly Departed Tours and Museum was tremendous fun. As with any event, I never know (odd, speaking as a psychic) who will pop-in from the other side. There are no guarantees.

NOTE: Be wary if any psychic and/or medium makes a claim they can “always” bring over any loved one, or any spirit, on-command. It just does not work that way,  and I have been doing this for decades.

That said, I was excited to find out if The Master of Illusion and Escape would grace us with his presence. After all, this Halloween was the 91st anniversary of Houdini’s passing from peritonitis resulting from a ruptured appendix. Adding to the intrigue, Houdini aficionado John Cox (Wild About Harry) happened to stumble upon the event announcement via Twitter (@houdiniwild), and kindly offered to bring some Houdini trinkets, along with a plethora of anecdotes. I was completely psyched (no pun intended). 

Seriously? Aside from Houdini himself, who could ask for anyone better than John Cox to compliment Dearly Departed’s trove of celebrity memorabilia, including Scott’s own connection to Houdini? Naturally, I obliged and John made plans to attend the vigil. 

Enter Joe Fox. Joe is an Escape Artist and fellow Houdini enthusiast. Having learned of the event, Joe contacted Scott Michaels. Before we knew it, we had a small clan of Houdini collectors, including Mark Willoughby, planning to attend the Halloween affair. 

The pressure was on (big time), as John is a member of  The Magic Castle, and Joe is a magician, as well. What’s the big deal? Why all the pressure? Well, allow me to share a magical morsel with you . . . 

Magicians are notorious for their willful approach to debunk phony psychics and mediums. Some have even taken oaths to do so. As much as I completely understand their quest, I do think it is incredibly ironic that this comes from a group who intentionally aims to trick audiences for a living. 

Yes, magic is a skill (and somewhat of a science), whereas (IMO) psychic abilities have definitive physiological origins and are definitely more science-related. There should be absolutely zero trickery employed by psychics and mediums. I have no patience for those who subscribe to that school of thought, and do not tolerate such nonsense, or take part in such practice.

As stated, I do understand their skepticism. There are far too many frauds with a vast array of snooping tools at their disposal. With the Internet, and all things digital, it is no wonder the industry has gone haywire.

Far too often, the fakes make claims primarily for money and/or fame. It literally disgusts me. I say this having been a psychic and medium since a toddler, and doing free readings (yes, free) my entire life, until June of 2017. Note: I do not charge for those who have lost a loved one within the first year of passing, and in some cases, a bit longer. Also, I do not charge for cold case or missing persons work, haunted location clearings, or investigations. 

Going into this event, I knew there would be at least two skeptics present with affiliation to The Magic Castle. For those of you who are not familiar with The Magic Castle and Academy of Magical Arts, please give the site a gander. 

I have to say that I could only put my best foot forward to see who was going to convey their spiritual presence on Halloween. I did nothing unusual or out of the ordinary to prepare, other than to accept the fact that no matter what happened, I would remain true to myself, the audience and the spirit world. That was good enough for me.

In general, my confidence was strong. The show had to go on, regardless if Houdini crossed over, or not. In the capacity of a human “cell tower” of sorts, I could only hope my antenna was straight and my signal was on four bars. The rest was up to Verizon, (ha!) I mean Houdini, et al. One thing was certain: Either he would receive the signal that I was around, or, he was going to pass. 

Not very knowledgeable of all things Houdini, I’ve still been a fan. Matter of fact, I even named my cat after the man of mystery and magic. My Houdini lived a very good life, until the age of 13, (yep, 13) whereas he had a stroke and I had to put him down. By all definitions, he was one of the most magical pets and animal souls I have been blessed to have in my life. Calling upon him, I prayed Houdini the cat would help guide Houdini the magician, to me. If anything, I approached the vigil with a positive feeling that perhaps John and Joe (Mark, too) may foster, or enhance any communications.

Onto Halloween . . . 

I’ve experienced many Halloweens on the Left Coast, but I must say that this one was truly different. The day began on an incredibly dismal note. 

Driving into Los Angeles, I remarked about the curiously strange energy that encased the city. I just so happened to snap a photo on the way to wish Ken Weatherwax (Puglsey Addams) a farewell at Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood. The weather was quite befitting for a Pugsley send-off, as well as pretty cool for a potential Houdini encounter.

Totally creepy, yet exceptionally exciting, the atmosphere was super-charged. Would Houdini show amidst a backdrop of gargantuan grey clouds, or would a speeding U.F.O. fly out of the charcoal abyss? I was pulling for Harry, yet anything was possible. After all, it was Halloween!

Ken’s interment was warm and uneventful. His spirit did happen to contact me the day prior, mid-flight, on my way back from New York. Without any doubt, Ken was modest and grateful for all of the effort Scott Michaels, the donors, his family and friends put into his new home, and the memorial service. I relayed this information to Scott and also advised Ken’s spirit did pull thru during the graveside service. 

As would be expected, the traffic in Hollywood and Beverly Hills was beyond insane. I should have known this would be the case, considering that I lived in West Hollywood in 2014. Somehow, the excitement of the day, along with the evening festivities, contributed to my overlooking this aspect. In turn, I greatly miscalculated how long it can take to go a mere five, stinking miles in WeHo traffic. It can take hours. Yes, hours.


Due to the snafu, my stint at the Beverly Hills Hilton (the location of Whitney Houston’s death), was short-lived. In case you’re wondering if I contacted Whitney: Nope.

With a sold-out show on the other side of town and road closures to drive even the most patient human being crazy, I ran into the hotel post-Pugsley send-off, grabbed my things, and literally ran out the door and back into the car. Little did I know that I left behind my damn hair clips. 

Gown in-hand, sparkling shoes in bag, I attempted to do my hair and makeup in the car, all in the midst of the brutal traffic. It was literally, a comedy of errors. Mike was navigating road closures, dodging trick-or-treaters and some of the world’s most horrible drivers, all whilst I was trying to primp. 

Allow me to share that the placement of false eyelashes in stop-and-go traffic, at dusk, is not going to end well. There’s a reason you see giant eyelashes on some cars, and it’s not a cute expression of character. It’s a damn sign the person in the car has had a “lashing” with falsies. Let that be a warning, and just avoid such vehicles decorated with large lashes. Chances are there is a frantic person driving, or sitting in the passenger side of the vehicle, covered in latex glue.

The only way that I could deal with the ghoulish traffic fiasco was to blast “The Man” by The Killers, over, and over, and over, and over, all the while trying to pry lashes and glue off my forehead, nose and yes, the windshield. Just in case you were wondering, I was also singing and dancing (to the best of my abilities), while fully engulfed in a cloud of face powder and mascara. I totally rocked it.

I was on Defcon 1 when we pulled into the parking lot of Dearly Departed Tours and Museum. I had to change, set up for the event, finish my hair and try to grab some meditation time to calm my mind before the vigil. Grounding and centering is very important on many levels. It helps relax my mind for a long show (typically 2-3 hours of standup), and more importantly, helps clear my channels for spirit communication. Protective for sure, it also provides a spiritual fortress. Hey, given it was Halloween, that fortress needed to be super strong. I needed to commune with the Universe, but the forces-to-be were not allowing me to do so.

Fortunately, Scott, Troy and Mike helped swing into action. I managed to throw my hair into a ponytail (a not-so-flattering choice for formal attire), collect my wits and relax in the bathroom. Truth be told, I was really trying very hard to concentrate on Houdini (sorry, John Cox and all other Houdini fans), but a psychic has to do what she can, when she can, even if on the “can”. I emerged a bit more relaxed, ready, and with the weirdest hairstyle to-date. Hey, in my defense, I was on-time, and in my zone. Don’t be hating on a Medium having a bad hair day.

John, Joe and Mark arrived wearing formidable black. I admit that I’m a sucker for any guy wearing a black suit, so long as it isn’t a priest trying to douse me with Holy Water while casting out demons. Fortunately, that was not the case with these lovely fellas. 

I felt it was best to have the gentlemen speak first, in hopes that their energy and knowledge would help connect Houdini with my signal. They were warm and engaging, sharing their artifacts, memorabilia and anecdotes with all present at the Halloween soirée.  

Initially, “Willie” came thru. As John Cox wrote, this was one of Harry Houdini’s siblings. In a sense, he was quite protective. He mentioned that Houdini “was duped” and in the same course of communication mentioned boxing. Well, that was odd for me to “see” and sort through, as sometimes messages are more symbolic versus literal. 

Per John, Willie seemed to be referring to a time when, “As a boy Houdini boxed for some NY athletic clubs, and he was in a tournament that, it’s said, would see the winner joining the U.S. Olympic Team, or at least qualifying for it. But he got sick and had to drop out. The boy who won was a boy he had defeated in a previous bout. So, presumably, had he not gotten sick, he may have won the tournament.” (John Cox, email dated 11/2/17).

That was enough of a reference for me, to make sense of what Willie was so sore about relative to Houdini’s short-lived boxing career. I found it interesting to learn of Houdini’s ties to the sport, especially since it occurred at such a young age. Had he followed that path, he may have never been a magician. 

Willie also mentioned being “hungry” by which I am going to state (based upon what I “saw”) that he meant this in reference to nourishment as a child, with his brother – and not ringing close to the location of Hungary (his ancestral home). I believe John Cox mentioned the Houdini family was somewhat poor back in the day, and that made sense. Relative to Willie’s essence, he seemed to carry an air of pride and reverence.

Next, the spirit of Natacha Rambova, wife of Rudolph Valentino, came forward and ushered in Houdini’s wife, Bess. Bess was fairly quiet. She spoke of her love for Harry and provided an element of intrigue when she added that she “grew to love Harry” and would not have necessarily married him otherwise. It was a tender, quirky moment,  but interesting from the perpective of Natacha guiding Bess over to communicate.

John Cox pointed out that both Valentino and Houdini died mere months apart (1926), from the same affliction: a ruptured appendix. Both were Hollywood hearthrobs who left behind grieving widows. 

Bess also spoke of a man she worked with after Houdini’s passing (I did not “get” a name). She mentioned he helped her cope with Harry’s death. The sense she conveyed was one of gratitude in the midst of heartbreak. There was a strange sense of underlying resentment towards him though, by which I did not get a reason. 

For the most part, Natacha remained quiet, acting as a facilitator. Given her penchant for the spirit world, and later understanding the more symbolic nature to her ushering Bess over, I’m not too surprised. For those of you who have read any of my magazine articles, I have written about Natacha relative to a run-in with Valentino at the old Merchantile Room on Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood. 

Moving along, most events tend to run overtime, especially with chatty spirits. Sadly, the spirit of Daryl Easton interrupted. Daryl was a magician who committed suicide at The Magic Castle (2017). This was a tad disturbing, even for me.

He was rather cryptic in approach, as I kept “seeing” what I would refer to as the “Unknown Comic” bag face, with black eyes. Daryl was pretty clear in conveying that he accepts what he did – let no question remain that it was other than suicide.

I was a bit confused by a portion of his message, as he continued to show a broom sweeping towards a closet. The broom was then placed in a closet. The next thing he showed me was black (symbolic of death) and a shoulders-up vision of the “Unknown Comic” bag. An audience member stated a maintenance worker at The Magic Castle found the magician, so my impression may have been more symbolic of that. I don’t want to get into graphic details of his death, but he was found with something over his head.

In all honestly, I did not see his death as a hanging, but did sense there was damage in the areas of the head and neck.  To the best of my recollection, I did mention this aspect during the show. Much of the audience, including our special guests, were able to piece it together. As I relayed, Daryl needs some work from the living relative to prayers and positive energy. The good news (if any), is that he accepts what he did and knows it troubled many. For that, he is truly sorry.

Out of nowhere, John Candy plowed thru. I have no doubt it was him. His essence is still as big and bold as he was in life, and on the screen. He made a couple of quips about Daryl and left. That was literally a “Hi, John! Bye John!” contact, or, what I will refer to from this point forward as “Driveby Candy”.

It was getting very late and I had pretty much given up hope Houdini would show, when out of the blue: BAM! And, what a presence he was!

Not all spirits present in the physical realm with such power as Harry. I will add that his presence conveyed mystery, power, humor and attitude. Quite frankly, he was ALL attitude!

Houdini just loved toying with me. I found this both unsettling, yet quite mesmerizing. It was like a strangely fascinating dance between the living and the dead. He was coy, concise, as well as playful and provocative.

Harry was pretty upset about a piano, as well as a small cuff with short chain that was shown to be nearby.  The piano appeared to be an irritant, but the cuff was definitely a bone of contention. He stated the cuff was being moved around “too much”.

Additionally, he kept showing me the imprint of a sketch. I described the rendering to be made from charcoal, or dark ink, on paper. This, he presented multiple times over, stating it “was good” yet seemed to be a bit bothered by it in relationship to him. John Cox later explained what it may have been in relationship to, as evidently Houdini was being sketched at the time he was punched, thus leading up to his death.

Next, Houdini very clearly repeated “401” several times. Now, considering how late it was, and that I was simply floored by his presence, I could not quite figure out the numerical reference. Matter of fact, I think I commented to the audience that “401” is a cleaning product and asked Harry why he was saying the number over and over, while showing me the top of a church or house. 

What was this number in reference to? It certainly was not the love of cleaning a church (by the way, Mark Willoughby brought it to my attention that the cleaner is “409” not 401) Thanks, Mark. Seriously. My brain was going in a million directions at that time.

Someone (perhaps Scott Michaels) in the audience searched for “401” and stated it was the hospital room number where Harry died. Oh, my.

And, as for the steeple on the house? Well, it just so happens that Houdini died in “Grace” Hospital, in Detroit. Scott Michaels was born in that very hospital, too! The steeple was evidently symbolic to the religious connotations of the facility. 

Shortly thereafter, Houdini discussed “3 keys”. This was rather confusing to me, especially because Harry pointed to the left side of his little, spirit nose stating, “one nose (or knows)”. John Cox found this to be quite an interesting communication, more so due to Harry’s reference to the piano, and keys. I later asked John to again clarify. Below, you will find the email communication with John.

My question to John, via email on November 2nd, 2017:

“In reference to when Houdini mentioned the “3 keys”…Did you say that the house has already been divided into 3 apartments, or it is going to be? Also need to clarify you mentioned the Realtor knows this, and it is his NYC home, correct?”

John’s response:

“Correct, it’s Houdini’s NYC home, which he called “278” (located at 278w 113th Street in Harlem). The man who bought the brownstone in 1991 converted it into three apartments units on each floor. Hence, the three keys.” (John Cox, email dated 11/2/17)

We surmised that Houdini meant John knew (“one knows”). As John also mentioned at the event, not many people know about this aspect of Houdini’s New York City home.  For more information about the “piano” issue, please refer to John’s article here. This also comes into play with what I saw as a shrine, his beloved home, or perhaps The Magic Castle. 

Note: I have never had the privilege of visiting The Magic Castle, but would adore the opportunity to do so one day. Putting me in the Seance Room would be like putting a kid in a candy store! With that, I did tell the audience I felt more pull towards Houdini’s home, rather than The Magic Castle, in reference to Houdini showing me the piano, cuff and mention of the “3 keys”. Pretty cool! 

Houdini also burst into loud song, humming a tune by which I do not recognize in the least. He did make me feel a bit dumb, with his essence conveying I was a nitwit for not recognizing the tune. Oh, well. I will have brush up on my celestial song and music catalogs. He then mentioned something about a bunch of clowns. A more psychic analysis of this post-event, leads me to say that I do think someone has been undertaking dubious dealings with Houdini memorabilia (NOT any of the men present). He was pretty miffed.

One of the last things Houdini mentioned, was actually a question he directly posed to John Cox. I told John, “He’s asking if you like his coat?” Such an odd question, and although I will state he (Harry) was rather snobbish about it, his essence imparted an undertone of true sincerity. After relaying that question, the look on John’s face was quite priceless. 

John hesitated for a brief moment and then smiled. He explained to us that he had recently been wondering about one of Houdini’s coats, and was questioning what had happened to it. For me, that was a goosebumps moment.

Despite the mystery of the single cuff and small chain, I was pleased that John, Joe and Mark, as well as some audience members could piece together meaning to Houdini’s messages. I certainly would not have been able to interpret much of what Harry relayed, but thanks to our guests, John, Joe and Mark, we were able to make sense of it.

From my perspective, Houdini held a commanding presence. Even in the afterlife, he is a showman who exudes arrogance and playfulness. Additionally, I found it incredibly interesting how sincere, and then how brazenly ball-busting he could be. Sure, he toyed with me, but I enjoyed it.

After a few distractions from other spirits who wanted to provide messages for their loved ones in attendance of the vigil, Houdini escaped into the realm of spirit leaving us all to bid farewell for the evening. One of the more intriguing things about the evening has to do with the fact he stepped over (and dramatically so), very close to the latest part of the event; at a point where the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest on Halloween. How apropos.

Understanding that some will debate if Harry Houdini did come to speak with us, I know that he did. I came to the vigil with a pure mind and heart, senses open and accepting of the possibility that he may, or may not. I was pleasantly surprised.

More so, I am incredibly grateful for John Cox, Joe Fox, Mark Willoughby, Scott Michaels, the Dearly Departed crew and all event attendees, for making this one Halloween that I will never forget. I had a sweetly bizarre, and remarkably wonderful time. 

Regardless of what any skeptic may think or say, I am incredibly honored that John stated to me (in front of the attendees as he was leaving), “You blew away any other psychic medium that has come to the table at the Official Houdini Seances……”  In addition to Houdini’s “appearance”,  John’s comment alone, made my night. 

So, in close, allow me to leave you with a silly thought . . .

In the midst of Defcon 1, rogue eyelashes, a hair mishap and a total traffic nightmare, I recall the song that got me thru the craziness: “The Man” by The Killers. I’m still giggling about it, more so now, since interacting with Harry.

“They kiss on the ring, I carry the crown, nothing can break me down . . . I got skin in the game, I don’t feel no pain. I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man. Who’s the man? Who’s the man? I’m the man come round . . .” (The Man, by The Killers)

And, who is “The Man” you ask? Well, DUH! 
I got news for ya, baby . . . Houdini is, was, and always will be “the man”.
Not only is he the man, he’s the man come round!

A closing note for John Cox: I have a strong feeling you’re going to find Houdini’s coat. The powers-to-be are working on this coming to fruition, and Houdini himself, is pulling some celestial strings. He wants you to have it.


Manchester Arena Bombing: Premonition Analysis

It is my intention to share this with the general public as to shed light on how abstract, symbolic and even literal, a premonition can be. Upon reading and dissecting this entry, you will find the premonition was full of clues.

Below, you will find photos of my actual Dream Diary premonition dated 4/21/17. There are four (4) pages. My handwriting was substandard due to anxiety caused by having the premonition, as well as the time I recorded it. 

Often, I sit up in bed, grab a pen and the diary from my nightstand and start jotting as much as I can without consideration for grammar, punctuation, and so forth. Note: After learning of an association between a premonition and an actual event, I make notations next to the original entry.

Transcription of Diary Entry

4/21/17 @ 5:00AM – I am literally freaking out! Premonition contact. Mike picked me up and we drove. It was nice out. Said had to go to mall. He took me. I see an odd looking building – mall – ? – Glass – strange shape in center – we parked car and walk into this place mall ?? Lots of stairs in all directions and come to a bridge with glass connecting to main bldg [building]. Tons of kids. Before we get to bridge there are Saudi’s – Middle Easterners – they watch us but don’t say anything. A Middle Easterner comes rushing to me and we breakaway – cross bridge. More kids – older teens – not little kids, and adults. There are restaurants, stores – looks like food court with many seats. I see a store – some odd merch. [merchandise] and start to walk in w/Mike and change my mind. We start to leave and I tell Mike we have to go home. Different Middle Easterners now on bridge – scary -halfway across bridge the guy rushes back to us and says, “Get out of here!It’s gonna start! It’s gonna blow!” He then says he’s not a bad person and superhumanly pushes us to the other side. Just as we get to other side of bridge a huge explosion takes place. Kids and adults screaming horrific bang. Pink and white confetti in air from center with seats – that is area hit with blast. Chaos. We run to park lot and are stopped again by man who says he can help us. He’s w/CIA and not to be afraid. We pass him and go to parking lot. We hear people screaming & crying. I start crying and praying for help. Mike says we have to go. – End of dream – I think bridge – the bridge means area or location – glass – sports shoes, mall ? or something like a mall. Saudi Arabia will have connection to this event before it happens, then Middle Easterners – kids – a mall full of kids. ? Pink & white confetti. Whoever this dream symbolizes will be radical event. I think on American soil but not sure – most in dream were speaking English but the before & prior to were Saudi, then a different M.E. [Middle Easterner] I saw palm trees and white – a lot of white. This is incredibly unnerving as it involves kids in some mall-like place. The blast was hellish. Heart racing so fast when I woke up. Saying prayers. JMM

Clue Analysis of Premonition

(Page 1)

Mall: I saw it to be a large, public building, holding many people and stated on more than one occasion it was mall-like. An arena is quite similar.

Odd looking building, Glass, Strange shape in center: The arena complex is oddly shaped. The center (box office and merchandise area) is where the bomb exploded. There is also a large, glass ceiling over the area.

Parked car: Refer to photo and parking structure adjacent to area of bombing. (BBC)

Lots of stairs: There are many sets of stairs both inside and outside of the arena.

Bridge: Refer to Page 3 for explanation. 

Tons of kids: I recall being somewhat confused as to why so many kids were at the “mall” but now understand.

Saudis and Middle Easterners: Refer to Page 3 for explanation. 

(Page 2)

Looks like food court: In addition to the main “mall” I saw an isolated area that appeared to me as a food court with kids gathering in it. The area of the blast is called The City Room, a smaller area next to the Box Office where people were exiting the concert.

Store…Some odd merch (merchandise): As stated by TMZ, ” . . . the blast occurred in the City Room, a rotunda attached to the concert hall where Ariana had performed minutes before. The space is used to sell merchandise from concerts and to advertise upcoming shows.” (Refer to photo) (VOA News / Europe) 

We start to leave…It’s gonna blow…Huge explosion…Kids and adults screaming: The bombing took place as concert goers began to leave.

Pink and white confetti from center with seats: Many photos show pink balloons had been dropped from the ceiling at some point during the concert.

(Page 3)

I think bridge – the bridge means area or location: This was actually one of the biggest indications of where the event was to take place. I was focused on the actual bridge when in fact, the address of the adjacent parking structure where the explosion took place is: NCP Car Park, New BRIDGE Street, Manchester (Refer to photo). (Google)

Saudi Arabia will have connection to this event before it happens, then Middle Easterners: As the timeline unfolded, President Trump visited Saudi Arabia on 5/21 (the day prior to the bombing), and was in Israel on 5/22 (the day of).

Radical event: ISIS claimed responsibility and the suicide bomber was radicalized.

Most in dream speaking English: More confusion on my part, as I was not quite sure if this was going to be a U.S. event. The United Kingdom fits into this.

In conclusion, this is one example of how a premonition will present. An interesting aside is the fact it occurred on 4/21/17, and the event took place on 5/22/17: One month and a day following the vision.

The Manchester England Tragedy 

Having a difficult day processing what has happened with the most recent premonition involving Ariana Grande. I am contemplating releasing the actual Dream Diary entry for the simple reason that one will be able to see literal and symbolic elements of a psychic premonition. 

I had advised several people of those details after waking, on the morning of 4/21. I continued to pray that the premonition would not come to fruition, given the strong element of children associated with it. 

Terror is inexplicably evil. More so, anything that involves children goes beyond atrocious. To target an event highly centered around children and young adults, is reprehensible.

I always ask for others to pray, or chant, in hopes of lessening the impact. I also believe that a joint effort will positively combat the negative connotations of such a premonition. 

We must look for the miracles in the midst of violence. We must not allow ourselves to hold onto fear, yet be wise and use these tragic moments in history to educate and inform. We must also rely onto our spirituality and faith to get us through such trying times. 

My heart is heavy. I cried to my son, my partner,  and to my mother last night. This is one aspect of my abilities that can cause great pain. Far too often, the good I see and foretell gets lost on a larger scale, as people do not seem to want to hear about someone else’s good fortune or joy; they are interested in much more widely appealing visions. I understand that. 

Please continue to pray for the victims, their families, friends and the community of Manchester. Also, and not to be minimized, pray for Ariana Grande. I cannot imagine the shadow this has cast upon her, and the scar that will undoubtedly form in her heart given her innocent association to this tragedy. 

I weep, just as I have in the aftermath of other visions that have ended so brutally, and especially, for the parents who have lost children in light of these monstrous acts against humanity. 

Will this premonition break me? No. However, I will grieve and look at the lessons that come forth. I will also look for the miracles that are born from this nightmare. 

Pain and heartbreak may carry the hallmarks of weakness, yet in the end, can certainly make us wiser, and stronger. To be a strong individual is a blessing, and to become united in a show of strength during adversity, all the greater.

Premonition Dated 4/21/17

I wish that I had better news. As you know, I like to keep you posted with my premonitions. 

On 4/21/17 I tweeted and posted asking for prayers due to a horrible premonition. Unfortunately, the details recorded in my dream diary match up (literally and symbolically) to the event in Manchester, England, at the Ariana Grande concert. 

Please pray for those who have lost their lives, or have been injured, as well as their family, friends and the community. Thank you for offering to pray following my request on 4/21. 

We have more work to do🙏🏻❤️

Blocking: Spiritual Protection

ghosts hand

Blocking, or spiritual protection, is something that my maternal grandmother taught me at a young age. The method that she bestowed upon me has been a staple in my life, as well as has saved my fanny, more times than I can count.

The premise of this post is to provide insight to the blocking exercises I use to protect myself from spiritual attack. Over time, I have modified them, preserving the core elements that were taught to me.

Blocking takes a great deal of practice, as well as patience. In turn, what may work for me, may not for someone else. That aside, I have successfully helped hundreds of people master the techniques, and continue to educate interested parties on this issue. I take spiritual protection very seriously. You may refer to my books for insight as to why.

Spiritual protection involves doing many things at once. Its purpose is to create a fortress. Regardless of religion, I incorporate a host of tips and tools to help ward-off spiritual attacks. My motto has evolved to be: The more, the better.

Think of your spiritual fortress as a security system (I used this analogy during the Facebook LIVE feed). Your home is the equivalent of your body, mind and soul. The burglar/criminal represents darkness and evil.

Sure, you can use a door bar to prevent a criminal from entering via the door, but what if the criminal decides to try the windows, or attempts to break into your home’s WiFi to steal your identity? Worse yet, what if they succeed in entering your space? These are everyday scenarios.

Instead of limiting yourself to one possible entry point, you need to think about complete home security. This involves the need for glass breakage sensors, motion sensors, cameras, alarms, VPNs, baseball bats, and pepper spray. Each has a purpose and function relative to defending your home – your body, mind and soul – from attack.

In my opinion, you need to do whatever you have available to empower and defend yourself. Pertaining to spiritual protection, everyone should have an arsenal of tangible, intellectual and spiritual defense tools.

Recently, when asked if a belief in God, or higher power, is enough to combat dark forces, I responded with my security system analogy. Having learned, and seeing far too much, I have come to realize that it’s better to have as many bells and whistles in the protection arena, as not every negative energy will act and react the same.

One thing is for certain: they (darkness and evil) want to get in, and it’s your job to keep them out. As a psychic medium herself, my grandmother knew the importance of spiritual warfare. Fortunately, teaching me to block and protect myself was at the top of her To-Do list.

So, how do you block?

In order to better understand blocking, one must first practice centering and grounding. These instructions can be found in my prior post. The post provides exercises that must be practiced and mastered in order to begin blocking. Naturally, one may adapt any of this into part of their spiritual warfare routine.

Once you have learned how to center and ground, blocking comes into play. This is something that can be done short, or long-term.

Before I begin, it’s important to understand what a fracture (fractured psyche) entails. A fracture is a weakness, or an entry point for darkness/evil to enter. Fractures occur with frequent intake and abuse of alcohol and/or recreational drugs. A fracture can also occur with sleep deprivation, periods of physical illness, and/or succession of stressful events.

You want to remain as healthy as possible when dealing with such things. Fractured psyches are the keys that open doors for evil energies to access to the body, mind and soul. Without fractures, it is difficult for darkness to feed on the living and carryout their destructive plan.

Basic Rules for Blocking

1. Center & Ground – As outlined in the previous post, this exercise will help you focus and protect.

2. Divine Light – Constantly visualize yourself surrounded by Divine Light, regardless of how crazy things may seem, or may get.

3. Show No Fear – Fear is one of the biggest access points of a spiritual attack. One must enter into these settings or situations knowing evil and negative energies want to create fear. Reaffirm yourself that you are stronger than it is. Try to remain composed at all times.

4. Stay Positive – Do not give-way to fighting, bickering, or the negative behaviors of those around you. This too, is one way in which darkness and evil work. Their goal is to divide and conquer.

5. Refrain from use of alcohol and recreational drugs – Save the party for later. Drinking alcohol and using recreational drugs before, during and immediately after an attack spells trouble. Try not to partake for at least 24-48 hours on each side of the situation.

6. Rest & Recharge – This especially applies to investigations and readings. Try to space investigations so you can obtain decent sleep before and afterwards. Dark forces and energies suck the life out of the living.

7. Natural Light – This is especially important following an attack or investigation. Try to find a way to get outside and absorb natural sunlight, weather-permitting, of course. If it’s too cold, then keep your blinds and curtains open and try to crack a few windows to allow the air to permeate your space. Note: This is critical, even in cases of extreme exhaustion following an attack. As much as you may want to sleep, you need to ‘air-out’ the negativity and recharge.

8. Frequently re-center and re-ground – Simply repeat the exercises and clear your mind.

9. DO NOT DWELL: OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND – This is one of the biggest obstacles I encounter when teaching people how to block. It’s only normal to want to try and analyze a horrifying, tragic event or attack involving spirit, but you must disconnect. Keep in mind: the more you think about it, the more you will feed it.


At any point during blocking, and more so when standing in Divine Light, it is super important to silently, or publicly state positive prayers and/or affirmations when you are feeling as though you are under attack.

My most frequently stated prayers are:

Saint Michael the Archangel Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer
Hail Mary
Psalm 23 (The Lord Is My Shepherd)
Psalm 54 (A Prayer for Protection from Enemies)
Psalm 91 (My Refuge and My Fortress)

Additional Prayers:

To Be Free from Fear (New Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book)

Lord our God, in You justice and mercy meet. With unparalleled love You have saved us from death and drawn us into the circle of Your life. Open our eyes to the wonders this life sets before us, that we may serve You free from fear and address You as God our Father.

A Prayer to One’s Guardian Angel (New Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book)

Dear Angel, in His goodness, God gave you to me to guide, protect and enlighten me, and to bring me back to the right way when I go astray. Encourage me when I am disheartened, and instruct me when I err in my judgment. Help me to become more Christlike, and so some day to be accepted into the company of Angels and Saints in Heaven.”

Native American Chippewa Prayer (You may find similar verses)

Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds
And whose breath gives life to all
Hear me
I come to you as one of your children
I am weak
I am small
I am in need of your wisdom, guidance and strength
Let me walk in beauty, and my eyes ever behold the red and purple colorful sunsets
Make my hands respect what you have made
Make my ears sharp so that I may hear your voice
Make me wise, so that I may understand what you have taught our people and the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and in each rock.
I ask for wisdom and strength
Not be superior to my brothers, but to be able to fight my greatest enemy; MYSELF
Make me always ready to come before you with clean hands, a straight eye and good heart
So when life faces away as a fading sunset
My spirit may come to you without shame

Items of Empowerment & Protection

Blocking also includes the use of various items of empowerment and protection. This is a very personal aspect, so feel free to customize your choices. There is no limit as to how many you may use.

The bottom line: These items are to take with you, or have on you. Do not think of them as “good luck charms” but as items that fortify and protect you against attack. Keeping these items together while not in use, is also a good idea.

Items for empowerment and spiritual protection may include:

Religious Medals & Jewelry*
Rosary Beads*
Mala Beads*
Holy Water*
Anointing Oil*

*Denotes items that I use.

Now that you have an overall sense of what needs to take place during spiritual warfare, I will briefly discuss how to deal with the issues on a short, and long-term basis.

Short-term Blocking

Investigations, House Readings, Blessings, or any environment that you do not live, but may visit.

1. Follow The Rules of Blocking.
2. Begin with centering, and then grounding.
3. Surround yourself in Divine Light.
4. Continue onto blocking by stating some prayers or affirmations.
5. Have items of empowerment and protection on your person.
6. Consider performing a sage smudge. This may take place before, or during, but is most imperative following a short-term issue. I have included instructions below. Please note that sage does not get rid of evil spirits. Its smoke only traps negativity and lifts it out of the space, or off of the individual.
7. If at all possible, avoid revisiting the space. If you must return, spend a great deal of time re-centering, re-grounding and recharging.

Long-term Blocking

Long-term blocking gets a bit more complicated considering a person may live or work in a dark space. As detailed in my books, I lived in a home that was a playground for evil. It ended in tragedy.

In this situation, you want to follow the same steps as short-term, yet you will repeat this at least twice daily (in the morning, and before bedtime). Whenever possible, you will also want to periodically smudge and/or bless the environment. You will need to proactively advocate for peace in the space. Workplace environments are tricky, as you may not be allowed to sage or bless the space.

Considerations for House or Space Clearings, House Blessings and investigations by a reputable team, or psychic medium are also a good idea. This may help glean additional information relative to the type of issue you are having, and thus a more direct approach as to how best handle it.

Understandably so, it is extremely difficult to live or work in an environment that has a negative/demonic issue present. One must always, always, always (did I say always?) be on-guard. This can be exhausting.

 It’s very important to leave on breaks, and expose yourself to natural light, play uplifting music, do whatever you can to combat the negativity, and once more: do not dwell on it. You must always stay protected by surrounding yourself in the Divine Light. Also, spend the least amount of time as possible in an environment riddled by darkness and evil.
In cases involving dark and demonic forces, make sure you contact someone who is formally educated on these matters. An online course does little to prove they can truly handle such dangerous issues. Also, run should someone guarantee they can rid you of the nastiness, as there is absolutely no truth to that statement.

Lastly, I will share my sage smudge instructions. Please exercise caution and use good judgment when performing a sage smudge. Fire embers are a constant danger, so proceed at-will and under your own discretion. You assume all risks.

How to Sage Smudge

Smudge For An Individual
*You will need at least one other adult to help perform the smudge

Sage smudge stick (White Sage or most variations, including Black Sage)
Decent sized shell, bowl, or tray for the embers
Ignition source for the sage stick
Comfortable chair
Receptacle for the ashes

Make sure there is adequate ventilation for the smoke to naturally dissipate outside. Please take into consideration small children, the infirm, and pets who may be overwhelmed by the smoke.

– Light the sage
– Have the person you wish to smudge STAND in front of the chair.
– State what you want to do (smudge the negativity from the individual)
– Have them sit down in the chair with their feet extended out and away from the body, off of the floor. (May modify this if the person cannot safely do so).
– Begin by circling the sage around the individual, starting at the base of the feet. Include the bottom of the feet if possible.
– With the feet and legs extended out, continue moving upwards.
– Have the individual stand upon reaching the hip area.
– Continue spiraling upwards over the entire body, towards the head.
-When you reach the crown of the head, state intention for all negativity to be gone and ask to seal the person with protection, positive energy, and recite the following:

To the Divine Spirit (or Universal Energy of your choice), in lighting this sage we summon nothing but love, harmony, peace, and prosperity for (name of person). May (state name) be blessed with good health, happiness, success and abundance. May (name of person) be a sacred vessel of peace and love. We state that (name of person) is now shielded from harm, illness misfortune, and negativity. Thank you for bringing the Divine Light, love and energy to (state name) and his/her endeavors. With the utmost gratitude, we thank you. In full faith, so be it and so it is as stated!

Note: There are several versions available.

Afterwards, it’s a good idea to do something positive. Do not discuss or dwell on anything negative.

Smudge For A Space

Sage smudge stick (White Sage or most variations, including Black Sage)
Decent sized shell, bowl, or tray for the embers
Ignition source for the sage stick
Receptacle for the ashes

– Clean and organize the space. Clutter and uncleanliness only breeds negativity.
– Do so on a day where the weather will allow you to open all doors and windows for an extended period of time. In addition to doors and windows, open all drawers prior to the smudge.
– Make sure there is adequate ventilation for the smoke to naturally dissipate outside. Please take into consideration small children, the infirm, and pets who may be overwhelmed with the smoke.

– Light the sage
– Sage each person in the residence. Refer to above instructions. (Please use good judgement for small children, the elderly, infirm, and/or pets)
– You want to start the space smudge the lowest level, working towards the top level, in a clockwise motion from the main/front door.
– Upon completion of the personal sage smudge, proceed to the front or main entry door of the house.
– Sage the door way in a clockwise motion. Move to the lowest level and begin, as directed above.
– Move room-to-room in a clockwise manner.
– When you finish in the last room of the top level, return to the front/main door and state the following:

To the Divine Spirit (or Universal Energy of your choice), in lighting this sage we summon nothing but love, harmony, peace, and into this space. May (state names of residents and pets) be blessed with good health, happiness, success and abundance. May this space be a sacred dwelling for (state names and names of pets). May those who visit feel peace and love. We state that this home/space is now shielded from harm, illness misfortune, and negativity. Thank you for bringing the Divine Light, love and energy into our rooms, or lives and endeavors. With the utmost gratitude, we thank you. In full faith, so be it and so it is as stated!

Note: Again, there are several versions.

I always recommend that a positive gathering or celebratory meal/activity take place afterwards. This will help foster positive vibrations. Fill the space with flowers, plants, natural elements, uplifting scents and sounds.

In close, blocking relies on the fundamental practice of centering, grounding and staying in the Divine Light. The rules are non-negotiable and really need be adhered to for successful protection. Adding a prayer or a mantra (sometimes repeated), as well as carrying items of protection are also an integral part of spiritual protection. The added benefit of performing an individual or space smudge will also help bolster your defenses.

When push comes to shove, sometimes it is wise to take a step back and heal. Attacks can be debilitating and dangerous, causing serious physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

Never underestimate darkness, but always know you are stronger than it will ever be. Just be wise, and . . . practice, practice, practice.

Centering & Grounding

Abstract sine waves

Ever since I was a young child, my maternal grandmother took care to guide and mentor me with my psychic abilities. Included in my abilities is the gift of mediumship.

My grandmother had a very simple means of teaching me. To dummy it down, she would have me be still and straight (sit and center) be still and stand, and root like a tree (ground) in God’s Light. Fortunately, her instructions afforded many breaks for me to work out any typical small child wiggles and short attention span issues.

Showing no fear and standing in God’s Light (Divine Light) were probably her most important lessons. Prayers and other affirmations came in time, and with age.

After a guest appearance on Beyond Reality Radio with Ghost Hunter’s Jason Hawes and T.A.P.S. Magazine, JV Johnson (2/15/17), as well as my Facebook LIVE feed (2/17/17) I felt best to summarize and list the steps that I have learned. Certainly, there are many different ways that one can center and ground themselves, but this is what has worked for me.

The following steps are meant to provide an outline. Feel free to modify them, or experiment with other guidance you have been given.

In order to effectively ‘block’ (or, as some say ‘shield’) negative human (living) and dark spirit energy, it is important to first learn how to center and ground. As always, please consult your healthcare provider(s) before beginning any type of stretching, or breathing routines, both of which are incorporated in centering and grounding. Never do anything that will cause pain or discomfort. Simply, do your best.


Centering is a process that helps facilitate grounding, and eventually assists with blocking. As a young child, my grandmother would have me practice the following until it became second nature.

In order to center, one must envision a straight line running from crown of the head (top of the head), straight down thru the spine, rectum and into the ground. As a child, my grandmother would have me sit next to the wall with my hips, buttocks, back, shoulders and head against it; as flat and straight as possible.

I would practice my alignment (center) and then take a break. I recall quite a bit of squirming and displeasure in the attempts to adjust myself. It was all about straightening the invisible string. The purpose of this simple exercise was to feel, or sense, how the alignment felt in my body, from head, to toe.

NOTE: Aligning the body comes with light-to-moderate manipulation. For those that are unable to physically straighten; do so using visualization.

Centering via visualization works much in the same way as physically centering. Visualization often transpires during all phases, so embrace what you can do safely and comfortably without causing pain, discomfort or injury to your body. Should you be unable to stand, one may achieve ‘center’ by sitting in a chair or safe, comfortable place, optimally supporting your body in an upright position.

Regardless of method, it is best to allow your feet to be planted firmly on the floor. If you cannot place your feet on the floor, then use imagery to do so. After achieving alignment, one can continue with visualization for grounding, as explained below.


The second part of my grandmother’s exercise involved standing. After a few sessions of sitting and straightening the ‘string’ she would have me stand in the same fashion, paying attention to the alignment of the string.

She then told me to root like a tree which was a way to envision my legs and feet as having deep ties well into the earth. As I progressed with my abilities, this aspect alone intrigued me due to the fact that her words almost helped to facilitate a very strong connection I have to receiving premonitions of natural disasters, inclusive of earthquakes (please refer to my Dream Diary post).

To her, it was important that I could feel the roots dig deeply into the soil while centering and in turn, grounding. Standing straight and tall, she also encouraged me to relax my arms and hands in order to allow the roots to extend from my fingertips, downwards into the soil.

The exercises were honed and repeated during each of my visits. The older I grew, the longer she would have me center and ground. To simplify things and keep the exercises pertinent to adults, I will jump to the importance of breath during grounding.

Basic Breathing Technique

Breathing is an important part of the grounding phase. Below, you will find easy steps to help your body root and relax. As always; do so safely and always seek medical advice before performing anything that could adversely impact your health.

  1. Focus on breathing.
  2. Take slow, deep breaths in thru your nose
  3. Slowly exhale out of your mouth
  4. Continue to visualize your center string as straight
  5. Continue to visualize your feet and hands extending roots deep into the Earth
  6. Relax and repeat 5-6 times.

Release & Redirect

The goal of centering and grounding is to stabilize your body physically, mentally and emotionally. Once rooted, it is important to work on the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects. My grandmother taught me one way, but as my techniques have evolved, I have been told of a second method that also works.

Centering and grounding are excellent ways to combat anxiety and stress. These methods are used by many (myself included) prior to meditation. The release and redirect phase works hand-in-hand with these exercises to help rid the body, mind and soul of negativity.

One should begin this step by choosing one of the following methods. You can experiment, or incorporate another method and try that, too. There are many to choose from, but I do believe these are among the best.

Regardless of which option, the point is to encapsulate all fears, stressors, anxiety and negativity into a hot air balloon or hardball, and send it away from your physical self. This phase typically occurs during, or following grounding.

Visualization Option 1: Hot Air Balloon

While centered and grounded, visualize a hot air balloon in your hands. A helium balloon will work as well. Once you ‘see’ the balloon, you must place every negative thought or feeling into it. To release the balloon, refer to this breathing technique:

Inhale and think, “I . . . must ”
Exhale and think, “let . . . go.”

During this time, it is important to visualize your hot air balloon filled with all of the negativity, floating up and way from your body. Repeat this several times until your mind is clear and your body is relaxed. Allow yourself to completely disconnect from the hot air balloon and the negativity. Watch it leave.

Visualization Option 2: Hardball

I had been advised of this method quite a while ago and will state that it works, especially during times of more physical stress.

Instead of placing all negativity into a hot air balloon, pack them into a hardball. Do so by visualizing you are tightly packing those sentiments, events, etc., into the ball. Upon getting ready to ‘throw’ the hardball, refer to the breathing technique.

Inhale and think, “I . . . must . . .”
Exhale and think, “let. . . go.”

You want to throw the ball as far away from your body as possible. Again, you may interchange the options, and see what works best. Repeat this several times until your mind is clear and your body is relaxed.

Divine Light

The final step to grounding and centering is to replace the negative energy that you have redirected away from you, with positive energy and light. Given my grandmother always used the term God’s Light for this portion of the exercise, I have adapted it to be more inclusive for everyone. In place of God’s Light, the term, Divine Light is now used.

Visualize your entire being basking in a pure, positive, protective, white light. Do NOT refer to this as a bubble, as my grandmother always corrected me when I mentioned the word. On an aside, an interesting thought to this has to do with the fact that in theory, bubbles can pop, or, burst. You do not want your protective bubble to burst.

The Divine Light should surround you in every direction and pass down, under your roots, and circle back around to completely encase you. This is a protective aspect that needs to be achieved for blocking, which will be discussed in my next post.

As you are visualizing yourself centered, grounded and surrounded by Divine Light, refer to the basic breathing technique. This is where you will fill your body, mind and soul with positive thoughts. Please note the following affirmation was taught to me by my grandmother.

On the inhale, quietly state:

I am whole
I am strong
I have no fear
I am protected by the Divine Light (or, God’s Light), that will keep me from all harm.

Repeat this affirmation until you feel completely relaxed, or significantly de-stressed. Try to remain in this state for several minutes. You may restart the exercise, or repeat the steps as many times as it takes to quiet yourself.

As mentioned, centering and grounding exercises are an excellent way to combat anxiety, stress, negative situations and people. Additionally, one must master these in order to efficiently block.

Practice these methods and become comfortable with them. The more you do, the more fluid things will work when it comes time to block. They are also great tools for alleviating stress and general negativity.

It’s all about repetition. For more information about applying these practices to blocking, please refer to the next post.