Global Garden 

Saw this striking plant for the first time today while on a walk. Love the contrast against the green and fuchsia colored landscaping. It reminded me of a quote:

“We were all born to be peaceful citizens of the world. Take care of your global garden and do not allow evil gardeners to try and convince you which flowers are ugly and which should be destroyed. This is God’s universe and he is the master gardener of all. If you see ugliness in his creations, then you see ugliness in our Creator. Wake up. If we eliminate all colors in his garden, then what would be a rainbow with only one color? And what would be a garden with only one kind of flower? Why would the Creator create a vast assortment of plants, ethnicities, and animals, if only one beast or seed is to dominate all of existence?” – Suzy Kassem


In Light Of Darkness

In Light of Darkness 

By Jill Marie Morris

No part of me condones such hostility 
Which segregates 
And disintegrates 
Our society
The social anxiety 
A real calamity
Breaking up families
This has to be 

Due to color 
There’s no other 
Excuse to use 
Derogatory terms 
Words burn

Please don’t regurgitate the bull
The world’s plate is beyond full 
When will you get it?
It’s not just ‘niggahs’ pulling triggers 
It’s all races 
Come on 
Face it 

And what is queer? 
It’s ignorance and unjustified fear 
Not a name to be shamed 
Just because of the way 
One loves
-One love-
A right given at birth
Bestowed from above

It’s time to stop deflecting 
And start respecting 
Those whose path you cross
Too many lives lost 
Due to bigotry and hatred
A mindset so outdated and
Reciprocated by a follower rather than a
It’s serious

We are but delirious and delusional
Screaming unconstitutional 
What have we done to ourselves?
Random acts of kindness now escape us
Our universal makeup 
A celestial joke
A disgusting facade at how bad 
We have been and will be
Wait and see

We think we’re numb 
There’s only more to come if we continue on such a path
Another bloodbath to remind us
How defiant we tend to be

Lest not forget how sexist tactics begets us 
Exposing unrequited humility that has to be
Addressed and put to rest 
For once and for all
We must call
All for one
One for all 
Before we completely fall

We choose to forget that we are all human
So consumed as I examine 
How we take for granted the positive capabilities of our species
A spectrum ranging from carefree
To targeted aggression 
Even assassination
All this 
Under what nation?

We have become a continent where babies are born to fight and children fight to survive because of their community 
The hostility 
And challenges so disparaging 
That’s the country we now live in 
Then again 
That’s the human race 
A long winded selfish pace 
And slashing our way to the finish line 
One day at a time
What yours is mine

Speaking of time
We make it to accommodate ourselves 
Yet discriminate 
Rather than assimilate
All this demonstrates is another form of hate

When all is said and done
As we are aligned with putting out our own sun
Incredibly dumb of us 
Yet not one of us
Seem to get it
We’ll regret it 
If we don’t start making changes

Perhaps the color of the rainbow will usher in
An awareness that terrorists 
Just don’t come from lands afar 
And sadly live next door
But you see? 
We are too busy 
Grooming ourselves to perfection 
We lack the information to make the connection and take action 
To notice those among us anchored in hatred
Scheming to break us

San Bernardino



In one form or another
You may one day discover
How precious time truly is
Take hold and be bold
Be daring
Be compassionate 
Not uncaring
Forget revenge and unrest

Simply said:
Please try
To do your best

The moral of this dark chapter’s story is to illustrate that pride IS glory 
The aberration of the human condition is unacceptable 
A mere spectacle of what we can do to our fellow beings
This is what we are now seeing
Though with good reason 
We are left reeling from these feelings 
Our Pulse stopped but only for a moment 
In the saddest of bright seasons

In time It will be revived and kept alive 
By the memories of those who died
Unfairly and unjust
We must
Absolutely must
Vow to stop a repetitive theme 
That only continues to break our hearts 
And crush our childrens’ dreams

There has to be focus on the rainbow
Our hearts will quicken and grow
As we courageously 
Not surreptitiously 
Encourage our family, friends and neighbors To fearlessly march to the beat of their own drum

The hum
The shots
From the night’s gunfire 
We turn to seek the blue sky spires
To guide and inspire us
Don’t let fear terrorize us

As with every rainbow
Comes a pot of gold 
The path to it will unfold 
After the storm 
Despite the harm
And with this raw and deep grief
We pray for relief and
Chant for peace

Our future is uncertain as we ascertain the anguish and pain 
And play the blame game 
I pray – at some point we humans realize hatred can only temporarily paralyze mankind
at the cold hands of no kind man
It has
It can

Move forward despite acts of cowardice 
Hold hope high
It’s all about justice 
Be a mouthpiece
There is no other means or way 
It’s up to you and I

Be mindful of the
legacy as it stands as one of the darkest days in this country’s history
A soliloquy of indecency 
A senseless catastrophe
Considering the magnitude of this situation comes the blinding realization that there is good

Acts of heroism should be recalled in place of the terrorism 
And in cataclysmic proportion
Take time to listen
Look and see
Grasp the opportunity 
To be
A voice 
An example of our preamble
As we now scramble 
Once again
To carry on in the face of adversity
There is undoubtedly a monstrosity 
That has corrupted this nation’s morality

We the people of this nation
Even worldwide
Seek justice 
We must stand together for equality
Security and liberty 
Despite the tragedy

Derived from a place of sincerity 
Without ambiguity or distortion 
We need to become the positive Pulse of the nation
Unite in celebration of the lives of those lost in the name of hatred

To the Pulse of the people 
And the People of Pulse
After darkness comes light 
After a storm comes a rainbow and
In light of darkness and 

In the shroud of sorrow
Laugh and
Like there is no tomorrow❤️