The Manchester England Tragedy 

Having a difficult day processing what has happened with the most recent premonition involving Ariana Grande. I am contemplating releasing the actual Dream Diary entry for the simple reason that one will be able to see literal and symbolic elements of a psychic premonition. 

I had advised several people of those details after waking, on the morning of 4/21. I continued to pray that the premonition would not come to fruition, given the strong element of children associated with it. 

Terror is inexplicably evil. More so, anything that involves children goes beyond atrocious. To target an event highly centered around children and young adults, is reprehensible.

I always ask for others to pray, or chant, in hopes of lessening the impact. I also believe that a joint effort will positively combat the negative connotations of such a premonition. 

We must look for the miracles in the midst of violence. We must not allow ourselves to hold onto fear, yet be wise and use these tragic moments in history to educate and inform. We must also rely onto our spirituality and faith to get us through such trying times. 

My heart is heavy. I cried to my son, my partner,  and to my mother last night. This is one aspect of my abilities that can cause great pain. Far too often, the good I see and foretell gets lost on a larger scale, as people do not seem to want to hear about someone else’s good fortune or joy; they are interested in much more widely appealing visions. I understand that. 

Please continue to pray for the victims, their families, friends and the community of Manchester. Also, and not to be minimized, pray for Ariana Grande. I cannot imagine the shadow this has cast upon her, and the scar that will undoubtedly form in her heart given her innocent association to this tragedy. 

I weep, just as I have in the aftermath of other visions that have ended so brutally, and especially, for the parents who have lost children in light of these monstrous acts against humanity. 

Will this premonition break me? No. However, I will grieve and look at the lessons that come forth. I will also look for the miracles that are born from this nightmare. 

Pain and heartbreak may carry the hallmarks of weakness, yet in the end, can certainly make us wiser, and stronger. To be a strong individual is a blessing, and to become united in a show of strength during adversity, all the greater.


Premonition Dated 4/21/17

I wish that I had better news. As you know, I like to keep you posted with my premonitions. 

On 4/21/17 I tweeted and posted asking for prayers due to a horrible premonition. Unfortunately, the details recorded in my dream diary match up (literally and symbolically) to the event in Manchester, England, at the Ariana Grande concert. 

Please pray for those who have lost their lives, or have been injured, as well as their family, friends and the community. Thank you for offering to pray following my request on 4/21. 

We have more work to do🙏🏻❤️

Two Part Premonition: August 1st 2016 (unfolded)

Below, you will find a request for prayers due my premonition. The original post date of the prayer request was Monday, August 1, 2016 at 7:03PM. As you will find, the actual premonition had taken place earlier in the morning…

As stated, very early that morning, I had an incredibly disturbing, two-part premonition. This is what I recorded in my dream diary. Note the date and time: 

After learning about a ruptured gasoline explosion in Woodland Hills, I made the following discoveries, and posted to the Fan Page as follows. I reference the above Dream Diary entry:

Last night, exactly one week following the premonition and request for Universal prayers relative to it, I learned of the death of Vanessa Marcotte, of Princeton, MA. This was, without a doubt, Part 2 of the premonition. Here is the FB Fan Page post:

Incredibly sad. This is exactly what I deal with on a regular basis. I would like to thank all of you who follow from my Fan Page, for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Vanessa and her family, as well as friends. Also, for my friend and her family, and the entire community of Princeton, MA.🙏🏻❤️

No Coincidence

There are no coincidences.

As stated in a prior post (originally via Facebook),  regarding the details of what transpired on June 15th and 16th, there are no coincidences. The ‘evil’ that calls Watervliet its home, warrants serious attention.

Why would the Irish priest (William F. Sheehan) who haunts Watervliet (207, Saints Sinners & Sacred Ground), show himself to me after almost 27 years, and why now, would that evil energy reveal itself to me for the first time ever? My intuition told me that there is a connection: that evil energy has traveled before, but to manifest in California was puzzling. I took to the hunt, and in the wee hours of today’s morn, found the link.

First of all, and as stated before, someone (living) is interfering with a location that I love, and spent a lot of time in, located in SoCal. IMO: This ‘tampering’ falls in-line with black magic. Whoever is messing with the juju at that location is doing so with intent. I see it, feel it, and have reported it to friends that live in that area. In turn, my intuition was spot-on, given what I have been shown in a psychic sense, over the last year. This info has been verified by friends with knowledge of the location.

That said, any intent to pull in dark energy is dangerous and irresponsible. This act alone, sets the stage for a maelstrom of events in, and around, that area.

So, why did I receive the warning, and why did Sheehan and that evil thing present? Here is my take:

As stated many times, I believe Sheehan came over to the US from Ireland (mid-1800’s) with good intent. Something went very, very wrong upon taking charge of St. Patrick’s Church in Watervliet. All of that info is detailed in ‘Saints Sinners & Sacred Ground.’

IMO: The evil of the land, took hold of Sheehan. He became a puppet to the environment.

I think it’s interesting that once again, Sheehan presented to me under the guise of that evil ‘thing.’ As detailed in yesterday’s posts (text and photos), it used him to do its work.

After digging deeper into these recent events (inclusive of the balcony collapse), I found the connection. It is startling.

Just as what transpired, and is well-documented in Saints, there was an incident involving that same energy after I had moved to Western New York (after the tragedy at 207). That connection proved interesting, given the church where Sheehan had transferred to (prior to his charge at St. Patrick’s Watervliet), was right down the road from our house in the Utica/New Hartford area. Again: not a coincidence. At the time or residency, I did not know of Sheehan by name, and only learned about him and his past while researching Saints, almost 24 years later.

And onto the Berkley, California connection and balcony collapse . . .

Father Sheehan (a native of County Cork, Ireland) made his way from Ireland, to Albany, New York. From Albany, he went to assist with a church in the Utica-New Hartford, New York area. Eventually, he was given charge of St. Patrick’s Church, Watervliet. Again, the exact details can be found in my second book ‘Saints Sinners & Sacred Ground.’

After transfer to St. Pat’s in Watervliet, Sheehan needed help, and sent for the Sisters of the Presentation (Cork, Ireland), to help with the church, as well as St. Colman’s Home (Watervliet).

The Order (Sisters of the Presentation/Cork, Ireland) was originally formed by Nano Nagle (also documented and cited in Saints). Initially, the original Order came to the United States, and settled in San Francisco (Berkley area).

Sheehan’s nuns made the journey from Ireland, to San Franciso, and then onto Watervliet. The Order spread its wings throughout New England. If you Google the Order, you will find that as of today, the Sisters and their Order, are still an active in San Francisco. Their business address is listed as: 281 *MASONIC* Ave., San Francisco. This address is literally located across the bridge from the address of the balcony collapse in Berkeley. (Note: I capitalized Masonic, as that is another interesting chapter in Saints, that comes into play, yet again).

How does the premonition, appearance of Sheehan, manifestation of ‘it’ and the collapse coincide? At this point, it’s not too difficult to understand.

The West Hollywood location has been intentionally tampered with, and tainted by a particular individual. I spent a great deal of time at that location from 2013 – 2014. Given my set of abilities (that I equate to being a human cell tower for the spirit world), and the energy involved at said location, the perfect storm began to form.

I have been blocking that energy (and Sheehan) since I lived in 207. Aside from my initial encounter with Sheehan (1988), and the energy in the Utica area (after moving there), I think that I’ve been successful at doing so, considering its strength.

That said, for some reason, my guard was down (probably because I was recently not sleeping well, and exhausted), which provided enough leeway for that energy to make its way in.

These factors, in combination with the active sorcery going on in West Hollywood, made its ‘pull’ from east, to west much easier, especially given the ‘conduit’ of historical significance, coupled with my residency on the West Coast. As many of you know; all I need to do is visit a place, see a photo, or meet someone and it will open the door of communication with the spirit world, until I close it.

Although the energy is afraid of me, it wanted to show its power. I believe it did just that, as it has so many times before in the form of suicides, murder and mayhem – and most recently, the balcony collapse.

The story continues. Still trying to publish website updates and shore-up my paranormal research project, but folks, as much as I would love to make a career out of what I do, I have day job to tend to. Until I can afford to make enough money to support my mom, the cats, and myself without that job, then it’s back to work, I go. Hi ho.

I will keep you posted. Thanks for your support.


Something Wicked This Way Comes

JMM Drawing 1

Drawing 1 by Jill Marie Morris

Please refer to the three photos (above). Two of the photos are hand-drawn (by me). The third is a screenshot from my initial message (Facebook Messenger) to Cathy Ladas on Monday, June 15th, 2015.

The following is a detailed description of what has transpired, pertaining to those photos. I could use your help with the pencil sketches, and will address that at the end of this post.


The last 24 hours have been extremely unsettling. As many friends, and even book fans know, I have not had one spirit contact from Father Sheehan (St. Patrick’s Church, Watervliet), since Christmas Eve/Christmas morning of 1988. At that time, he had appeared in front of the Christmas tree at 207. I detailed that contact in both 207, as well as Saints. It was an omen.

I have also made it clear to those who have asked (via radio show interviews, book signings, speaking engagements, casual conversation) that I do NOT want to ‘read’ into the evil energy that called 207 its home, and continues to run rampant in Watervliet. Leaving ‘it’ fair game to anyone else who may want to look into it, I have made it a point to block that energy.

For some reason, things went haywire last night. What I am about to share with you is the truth, without exaggeration. Frankly, it is downright scary.

I will try to put this in chronological order, based upon the events that have taken place. There is a lot of info to digest, so please be patient, and read carefully.

Monday, June 15th, 2015:

I decided to go to bed around 10PM. This is fairly early for me. I was feeling ‘off’ – something was not right. My mother, who was watching a movie, decided to stay up.

I was just about asleep (teetering) when I saw Father Sheehan (from 207/Saints) come to me. He was standing against a black background. He had the same strange look in his eyes, as the one and only time prior, that I saw him in front of the tree in 207.

JMM Drawing 2

Drawing 2 by Jill Marie Morris

I then heard a strange voice yell, “So you want to know what I am, and what I can do? I will show you!” Then, some type of weird, evil and disgusting thing popped out of Father Sheehan, and separated itself from the priest. There was also a piercing noise that I cannot explain. Once it had released itself from the priest, the priest fell to the ground. I believe this was what may have happened when Father Sheehan died, based upon my opinion, and following my investigation into the house and city. Simultaneously, the spirit of the priest separated and went in one direction, while ‘it’ went in another and perched itself in a tree (I think it was a tree).

IMO: ‘it’ had been controlling the priest. This is something I have written about, and have never, ever seen before.

‘It’ then reached out its hands (with three fingers with long talons, and a thumb-like digit with talon). It was moving as though it was going to destroy something. It screeched, “WATCH THIS. . .” It was going to attack. I was terrified and struggled to wake myself up from the contact.

Once I was able to free myself from that sleep state, I woke up, literally ran into the living room, and told my mother something was going to happen. I was very nervous about even mentioning it to my mother. I knew that it was going to be the fault of whatever came thru via Father Sheehan.

10:28PM: Still trembling, and only awake for approximately 5 minutes or so, I decided to contact Cathy Ladas, via instant message. Cathy is part of Rick Hale’s investigative team slated to work on the documentary. She is a reliable psychic, and has been able to read into a few things pertaining to 207, since she and Rick’s group came on-board. I trust her insight, and knew that I had to reach out to her. She responded to my message.


FB Messenger Screenshot June 15th 2015 at 10:28PM

Without giving her any details, I asked her if she could ‘see’ what I had been shown, while falling asleep. She told me two things; her feeling about the priest/male was spot-on. We discussed personal information, and both agreed it was a warning.

NOTE: I did NOT tell her it was the priest for objectivity’s sake, yet she did note the qualities of the dangerous male spirit. Additionally, I did not tell her I was shaking like a leaf, yet she stated she was too, after the contact with the male. After several minutes, we ended the conversation. I made a journal entry in my Dream Diary.

Shocked, I said some prayers for protection, and eventually went back to bed quite rattled. I tossed and turned. Leo acted up just after 2AM (2:12AM). I got up, comforted him, gave him a snack and went back to bed. Last I looked at my phone it was just before 2:50AM. Exhausted, I finally fell into a deep sleep, only to wake up in a horrible fright just before 4AM (3:56AM).

This is why . . .

I was dreaming of an actual location I know very well, located in West Hollywood, California. There was an (unnamed), living individual present. That person was practicing some type of dark craft. By doing so, that individual managed to draw that evil ‘thing’ from 207 (that had come out of Father Sheehan earlier in the night), into the California location.

Hysterical, and aware of the danger, I went to warn a spirit named ‘Ann’ to get everyone out, but it was too late: the thing manifested, sucked up the energy inside that location, and went flying out the door, into the street, in a northward direction. I stopped in the middle of the road and watched it fly away.

I couldn’t find Ann. I could only scream for help to warn people in the street. I woke up very, very upset and in tears. My heart was literally racing. This was another instance that seemed to take me forever to wake up out of a dream involving a spirit contact.

I did not go back to sleep until just around 6AM; more documentation in the Dream Diary. It was awful.

Why now, after nearly 27 years, did I see Father Sheehan, and why did that evil thing reveal itself? I could not, and still do not quite understand. Adding to the bizarre account, I could not fathom why ‘it’ came back later in the night, and ended up in California. Why, why, why?

This is where things get very strange, and the word ‘coincidence’ needs to be examined.

Mid-morning, Tuesday, June 16th:

No sooner had I started working (9:45AM), when I got wind of the balcony collapse in Berkley, California. Now, don’t get me wrong: structurally defective balconies can, and do give-way, and it was truly a tragic accident, but what scared the hell out of me was the following . . .

Mostly all of the people killed were from IRELAND. They were celebrating. Nothing paranormal about that – yet. My heart skipped a beat. What on earth?

The collapse occurred at approx. 12:40AM PST. My initial contact from the Irish priest (William F. Sheehan), and the thing, occurred between 10PM and 10:25PM EST – approximately 5 hours prior to the collapse. Make note of that. I have backed this up with the date/time stamp of my urgent message to Cathy at 10:28PM. We both agreed that whatever was going on was to be interpreted as a warning. (I have permission from Cathy to post the initial start of our conversation).

As stated, I was restless, and finally fell into a deep sleep sometime after tending to Leo, who was out of sorts (approx. 2:50AM EST). The horrendous dream of ‘it’ making its way to a favorite location of mine in West Hollywood, transpired between 2:50AM, and 3:56AM EST. The balcony collapse in Berkley, California occurred at approximately 12:40AM PST (3:40AM EST). This happens to be at the exact time that I was in a deep sleep state having the above, detailed contact involving ‘it’ manifesting in West Hollywood.

Making this chain of events more coincidental (?), okay, just plain strange, is what I found after ‘Googling’ directions from my favorite location in West Hollywood, to the collapse is exactly due-northwest, from Point A, to Point B.

I’m not so sure the word coincidence applies. Examining the times, the course of events, the California connection, the Irish priest Sheehan (St. Patrick’s Church, Watervliet), that ‘thing’ telling me to ‘watch this’ along with the majority of Irish people killed . . . Yeah. I sure as hell cannot explain it, either.

As you can see, I have attempted to draw ‘it.’ Initially, I was not going to, but I approach it this way: maybe, just maybe, someone can ID ‘it’? It is pure evil. I will provide as much detail as I can, in hopes that it will help with an identification.

I do believe that evil can shift shapes and become anything it wants. Evil energy is ‘spiritual sludge’ – sewage. For that reason, I do not follow demon types, as some in the field do. It is my hope that maybe the drawings and description will help steer me (and others interested in 207/Saints) in the right direction. I’m not sure what the heck it is.

By chance it is identifiable, perhaps it can be stopped; much like finding out what type of bacteria is causing illness and death, and coming up with a cure to kill it. At least, that’s what one possible scenario that would help.


– It is a VERY old energy.
– The overall appearance and movements seem to be bird-like, with human qualities, as well as a scaly element, like fish scales on some of the smoother parts of the body. It also appears to be almost part (I hate to say it) alien-like. It’s just strange.
– A lot of black, crow-like feathers on his back, shoulders, to buttocks, with some on head.
– Water and moon elements: Water (part fish?) and moon, as I saw it perched and sucking in the moonlight (to create darkness).
– It does not like anything light, or light, in general.
– Hands are long with a thumb-like digit and 3 fingers. Each has long, curved talons.
– Feet: Very strange. A cross between a duck foot and human foot, with long, curved talons.
– Head: Very large and oblong; skeletal with black holes for eyes and not soft tissue structure for nose – just two nostrils.
– Ears: Holes on each side (low) of skull area. Floppy, feather-like coverings. NO HORNS.
– Mouth: A black abyss. Black sludge-like stuff spews out when it screams.
– Legs: Strange – cross between a human’s thighs, with bird calves.
– Backbone is arched/rounded out with boney protrusions and feathers coming out of the spinal area. Boney protrusions go up behind the head, over crown, to top of forehead.

This is the best I can do. Feel free to share it with anyone that has worked with that sort of thing. I am NOT going to look for it. Feel free to message me if you, a colleague, or friend can.

Again, I have NOT ‘seen’ Father Sheehan since Christmas Eve/Morning, 1988. I never saw the ‘thing’ until last night. I hope that I never do, and am extremely concerned given it appeared twice last night.

Further clarification regarding my mention of the ‘man in black’ in Saints: I state that the man in black was not the priest, but it ‘felt the same’ as the energy of what transpired in front of the Christmas tree. Last night’s dream was definitely of Father Sheehan, and that evil energy that has manifested, but has remained ambiguous until this contact.

I am confident that my assessment (as based upon research and as described in Saints), that Father Sheehan left Ireland and came to the US with the best intentions. ‘It’ was able to enter him via a(n) unknown fracture in his psyche. The rest is history, and remains an issue in that area. ‘It’ still claims lives via suicide, and other murderous methods.

I’m going to continue blocking the best that I can. I will utilize meditation, prayer and other avenues to do so. I am also actively trying to rid my ‘favorite place in West Hollywood’ of its invasion. It’s nasty, and I do not think it’s coincidental. That much, I am sure of.

Send positive thoughts and prayers – especially for those who died in this morning’s tragic accident. A special thanks to those who may take this drawing to-task and help (possibly) figure out what ‘it’ is.

Good news: It’s afraid of me. Bad news: It’s on the loose.

And, thank you, Cathy Ladas.


Power of Prayer: Dallas Shooting

At approximately 7:55PM, June 11th, 2015, I was overcome by a very unsettling feeling. Although it was a lucid impression, I recorded that info in my Dream Diary.

At 11:35PM that same night, I took to Facebook and asked for prayers; something I do to try and change the vibration of any negativity that I may be sensing. Here is my date and time stamped post on Facebook:

“7:55PM EST: Overcome by a very strange feeling. Not good. ‪#‎Pray‬”

At approximately 11:21AM, June 13th, 2015, I posted the following (due to being inundated with messages about the events in Texas):

“To answer many of your questions:

Yes, based upon what I had felt two days ago (and had posted – below – asking for prayers), I believe the Dallas shooting is the event. I will not elaborate as to why. I have those details recorded in my journal.

As previously explained, I ask for prayers to (hopefully) change the negative energy that I pick up on with any premonition, or contact. Fortunately, as in this case, the police department employees did not suffer any casualties. This is almost miraculous, given the amount of gunfire that headquarters, as well as the surrounding area, sustained.

As the Chief of Police stated, (paraphrasing):

They consider themselves BLESSED, not lucky. Evidently, one employee decided to get up and get a soda, and moments later, and after gunfire began, a bullet was shot directly where the employee had been sitting. He stated they believe the employee would have been killed if they had not gotten up to get the drink.

Details continue to emerge. This was a very volatile and extremely terrifying situation. Despite the (apparent) death of the gunman, no other lives were lost.

Thanks for your prayers. Good work prayer and chant warriors.”

I am going to continue posting more entries pertaining to my Dream Diary. Some will be positive, while others may not. In cases of negative impressions, please join my PCMW team (Prayer Chant & Meditation Warriors) by helping to send good energy out, and into the Universe.

Thank you,