Update: Session 2, Night 3 Events

This post is an update to Session 2, Night 3’s spirit warnings for me to “hurry up” and “get out”. The contact with the two spirits involved a premonition of an earthquake.

Today, we had a lovely shaker (5.3). It was 121 miles away from the house but we had lots of jiggling and wiggling. The cats flew into hiding again.

Relative to Night #3: As stated in the description, I did not think the spirits were hostile, but were warning me (about the quake). This info was documented in my Dream Diary the morning it happened.

Note: The blue dot on the map indicates the location of our home in proximity to the quake.


Night Realm Experiment: Session 2, Night 5

Session 2, Night #5 Of The Night Realm Experiment was completely unremarkable. I literally slept in the same position all night long. No orbs, no dreams or premonitions. I will not post a video unless something transpires.

Night Realm Experiment: Session 2, Night 4

Session 2, Night 4 Night Realm Experiment has posted and it’s a mind blower. Some things are just so strange but it’s captured on audio and video. Watch it and read the video details. #Strangebuttrue An orb, a spirit rush, a call from hospice and an impromptu #FacebookLIVE See how they connect . . .

Watch the video here.

Night Realm Experiment: Session 2, Night 3

Session 2, Night 3 Night Realm Experiment video is now available on #YouTube Details are included in the video description. Last night was a bit unnerving and includes an orb just before I woke up quite frightened. I have included some still photos enhancing the orb, as below.

Watch the video here.

Night Realm Experiment: Session 2, Night 2

About this clip: These clips were recorded on 4/2/18. A total of 64 clips were recorded between both cameras. At 12:26AM an orb can be seen moving from left to right via Camera 1. At 2:22AM an orb can be seen moving rapidly from top to bottom (center) via Camera 2. I noted restless sleep with one premonition as documented in my Dream Diary, upon waking at 4:45AM.

Watch clip here.

J-Vibe Night Realm: Night #14 – Final Clip of Session 1

About this clip: This clip was recorded on 2/3/18 at 2:11AM via Camera 1. A total of 22 clips were filmed between both cameras on this night. The only thing remarkable out of this last night of Session 1, is an orb. The orb appears from the bottom/right. Leo (the cat) moves up to wake me and the orb circles from left/rear of bed. Towards the end of the clip, the orb can be seen center/top of clip, moving upwards and towards the camera. I noted a peaceful night’s sleep and have no recollection of any dreams, spirit contacts or premonitions. Session 2 of this study will commence again on 3/18/18. A synopsis of my findings from Session 1 will be posted to this blog.

Watch the clip here.

J-Vibe Night Realm: Nights #11 & #12

Sleep Experiment Nights 11 & 12 were both completely unremarkable. No orbs, lights, groans, weird motioning, etc. I slept like a rock. I did post a single clip for each night to serve as a marker.

The only interesting note about Night 11 (Super Blue Blood Moon night) has to do with the cats. Neither of the cats came upstairs the entire night. They hid downstairs and were very anxious for a solid 24-hour period. They barely ate a thing, as well.

By yesterday evening, they were back to normal, for the most part. I have read that the moon can affect pets, so I’m chalking up their wig-out to the moon event.