January 2018 Horror-Scopes

A note to readers: My monthly “Horror-Scopes” are written for entertainment purposes, only. Regardless of any connection to reality, they are not meant to be taken seriously.


Career – Work. Work. Work. It’s all about work this month. This is a good time for gossipy conversations at the water cooler, and even an opportune month for an office affair. Basically, you don’t even have to wait for a promotion; just ask and you will receive.

Finances – Who says it doesn’t pay to sleep with the boss? There are positive changes that will be taking place as your finances improve this month. Continue to brown-nose your boss and shower your coworkers with goodies. Keep the treats flowing and your bank account will start growing.

Family – Face it, with all of your office activities, you’re going to be a terrible partner and a neglectful parent. Home is the last place you want to be this month. You feel better in your work environment. Better stock up on TV dinners for the fam, as you’ll be “cooking” at the office – not at home.

Relationships – Affairs and trysts are all part of the agenda this month. A note of caution though; avoid leaving out your daily planner. You wouldn’t want your current partner to question all of those office “meetings” you have scheduled.

Health – You must learn to relax. All of these “extra-curricular” and work-related “activities” are going to be rather depleting. It’s a bit much to carry-on an office affair, and then come home and be expected to “put out”. Something’s gotta give.

Suggested movie: Disclosure (1994)


Career – Unlike your neglectful, zodiac neighbor Aries, your career will take a temporary dive. Without a doubt you have earned the title of Office Drama Queen (or King). This, due in part to your excruciatingly painful lack of patience. Perhaps you finally realized that you’re not going to get anywhere by repetitively calling your coworker a “daft sloth”.

Finances – Due to your careless office outbursts, you will find cash tight during the month of January. This comes after being placed on an extended, unpaid Leave of Absence. Unfortunately, this too, will spill over into your family and relationship sectors.

Family – Everyone is angry with you. Get a hold of yourself and things should improve heading into February. You may just want to completely ghost (avoid everyone) for at least the first two weeks of the month. That’s the safer bet.

Relationships – Quite honestly, your sh*tty mood was self-created and will result in a decreased sex drive. You have officially become known as an Ice Princess, or Freezer King, and all of your own making. You certainly don’t feel warm and fuzzy, thus noticing others will avoid you like the plague.

Health – Surprisingly, your physical health is favorable during this month but your mental health will be the main concern. You have effed-up all over the place at the office and have created a dark mood at home. Avoid drinking alcohol during this period. No need to imbibe a depressant and become a bigger d*ck then you already are.

Suggested movie: Cabin In The Woods (2012)


Career – Powerful and invigorating. Prepare to be handled, perhaps even bent over. Regardless, you’re going to enjoy it. Add travel into the mix, and your career is taking off!

Finances – The month of January is going to suck for finances. Nothing more to say about that. Looks like Ramen soup and bologna sandwiches – all month long. Snag as many office lunches and dinners that you can, as there won’t be any money to dine out.

Family – Congratulations! You’ve managed to put your family at the bottom of your list of priorities. It looks like it’s just work and love life from here on out (at least for the next 31 days).

Relationships – Hell, yeah! Get it! Get your freak on, Gemini! You are hot to trot. Enjoy! The world is your oyster. The prediction is plenty of “sexy time” for you this month.

Health – Good news! Your health is improving after slacking off at the end of 2017. Stay focused – or get fat. End of story. Oh, yeah, and practice safe sex (per my mother).

Suggested movie: Jennifer’s Body (2009)


Career – Messed up. Laid off. Tripped up. Fed up. Yup. It’s a sh*t storm. I suggest you look for another job, far away from the current one.

Finances – You are lacking cash. Your reckless spending at the end of the year means you now need to play catch up. Don’t buy or invest in anything. Don’t even buy deodorant when you need it. Save that for next month. You’re going to need the money for gas to drive around looking for another job.

Family – Quite a bit of arguing is going on in your family these days. Hiding underneath your blanket is not going to do you any good. Try explaining the situation, rather than expecting them to just except your foul mood, Crabby-McCrabster!

Relationships – More turmoil. Just full of good news, eh? You’re fighting with everyone due to all of the work-related issues. Unfortunately, there will be break ups with some make up’s.

Health – It’s time for a “come to Jesus moment”. Stop with all of the self-pity. Stewing and sulking about work is not going to do any good. There is founded need to turn your “mental health day” into a mental health month.

Suggested movie: The Shining (1980)


Career – Your career is progressing slower than a mofo. Morale is low. Lots of clock-watching is taking place at work. Pick up a a Rubik cube to occupy yourself. This is also a good time to take an extended lunch, or, go home for a “Nooner”.

Finances – Oddly enough, your finances are great. Enjoy it now because they will take a negative turn at the end of the month. Investment idea? Try fidget spinners.

Family – This month finds your family life very fulfilling. The family dynamic is supportive and receptive. Consider planning a family vacation during the month.

Relationships – Woo hoo! There is an abundance of sexy time this month. Break out the lingerie and toys, too! And . . . don’t forget to use protection because there’s an increased chance for conception.

Health – Superb, but the bubble will burst the end of the month. There is a good chance you may overdo it during all of the bountiful sex you will have in January. In order to avoid muscle strain and back pain, use only age-appropriate sexual positions.

Suggested movie: Species (1995)


Career – You will find that your career is rocky but you can balance it if you can put a stop to the back biting b*tches in the office. Yes, indeed – they’ve been talking about you. Organize, and plot to succeed. You can do it!

Finances – Virgo finances are pretty good this month because you are naturally greedy. The number of penny jars in your home far outweighs the number of friends you have. Oh, yeah – it may also be a good idea to invest in stocks instead of sex toys. Some say it’s wise to put your money where your mouth is, but I guess it’s OK to put your money where your . . . (yep) . . . is. Hey, it’s all good though, since your mouth may be already be “there”.

Family – Family life is pretty good this month considering you Scrooged-out on holiday gifts. Try taking them out to dinner (not fast food). PB&J doesn’t count, either.

Relationships – You’re committed – for now. A firm believer in loving the one you’re with, does leave open other possibilities with those who cross your path.

Health – Very good! Take heed not to get overly confident and think that a “widow-maker” burger won’t do you in. After all, you’re only human (despite your delusion you are Wonder Woman or Superman).

Suggested movie: Gone Girl (2014)


Career – By all means, please, PLEASE, take an extended leave of absence from work and devote your time to family and relationship matters. This is a period of time when your job should come second, as you’re messing up everywhere else.

Finances – The month begins on a good note, but given the fact you now have to overspend in order to win back your homies, your bank balances will dwindle. Good thing you invested wisely because you’re going to need it.

Family – Things are turbulent on the home front. Your delicate Libra scales are completely imbalanced. Playing “nice and fair” for so long is about to come back and bite you in the ass, so heads up!

Relationships – Explosive arguments are on the horizon. Be prepared for the worst. Partners are sick of your Miss/Mr. Nicey-nice and want out. Grow a pair and speak your mind before you lose them!

Health – Your delusions are out of control. After your wake up call, there will be a need for you to sufficiently nap. This will recharge your body, mind and soul, and will also assist with the process of growing a pair.

Suggested movie: Psycho (1960)


Career – You don’t have one. At the very least, try investing in a temp agency. You can’t live off others forever.

Finances – Your finances are among the best. There is no shortage of cash in your pockets. Given you’re a slacker, you must certainly have secured a Sugar Daddy, or, Sugar Mama. Either that, or, a wealthy family member is supporting you (perhaps both?)

Family – Seriously! Please stop asking your family to support you. Get a job! You’re stressing your family out. You owe them so much money that they will never live long enough for you to pay them back!

Relationships – You are very restless. You’ve been taking what you can, when you can get it. Your plotting and manipulation is catching up to you. You may one day find yourself alone and broke, so get with the program and start functioning like an adult.

Health – Pimping and jonesing for money is not very flattering, on any level. It looks terrible and shows up in every aspect of life. Additionally, your memory is shot to sh*t from all of your money-making schemes. Trade-in your shopping bags for weights and build some character.

Suggested movie: Heathers (1988)


Career – RED ALERT! Sink or swim, ’cause the ship’s going to go down. Don’t allow yourself to drown in the bullsh*t. Someone is trying to wreck your career.

Finances – Work hard, play hard. You can do it if you get out of the position you’re in and work your butt off. Revenge is the best medicine. Make a lot of cash and rub it in your former boss’s face.

Family – Although family is around you, they’re doing their own thing. There is a master manipulator at the helm of your household. Be true to yourself and let the other show their true colors. Your name isn’t “Matt” – YOU show them the door.

Relationships – There are many possibilities if you’re single, but you need to dedicate yourself to enhancing your love life. You need to be more attentive to your partners needs. Special book recommendations are: The Joy of Sex, and The Karma Sutra. Get creative!

Health – All is well with one exception: You need to stretch before having sex. An overly ambitious attitude will do you no good if you’re not limbered up. If you’re single; invest in “toys”. They’re fairly safe. I think.

Suggested movie: When Harry Met Sally (1989)


Career- Surprisingly, your career is very balanced at present. Whatever you’re doing is working, so don’t mess it up.

Finances – Your financial situation will greatly improve in more of a windfall-type scenario. This will either come from winning the lottery, or, may more than likely occur after communicating with a Nigerian prince (with a lot of cash to give). Your financial investment advice would be to contact an attorney to help you navigate your new-found wealth (and get you out of any legal bind).

Family – Your family is supportive, but p*ssed off. I mean, seriously? How could you fall for that Nigerian scam? Lucky for you, they have your back. Watch out for knives though, as an ally may not truly be on your side.

Relationships – Casual affairs abound in the month of January. If in a committed relationship; you will want to spice things up. You’re just a happy Horn Toad at present. Go with the flow.

Health – In addition to detoxing your body, mind and soul, you also need to practice safe sex. If New Year’s eve was any indication, you’ve been a naughty, little human. Scratch your itches, but don’t get bugs in your britches!

Suggested movie: American Gigolo (1980)


Career – Stop b*tching. Face it: YOU are the source of all of your work woes. Put on your big girl/big boy panties and clean up the mess you’ve made. Coworkers will be more responsive if you motivate, rather than demotivate and manipulate them.

Finances – Hey Slim Shady! Your finances are very good (for the near future) considering you’ve done pretty well at blackmailing people. FYI: Ponzi schemes are never a good idea.

Family – Everyone is mad at you due to your deviant behaviors. You need to offer them a whole-hearted apology – and soon. If not, you may find yourself without their support (and calling a bondsman).

Relationships – You are burning bridges. Stop being a sociopath and listen to those around you! They are trying to help you.

Health – You have a lot of work to do. There’s too much stress in your life right now. Invest in ways to heal your body, mind and soul. Start therapy. You need it – desperately.

Suggested movie: Oceans 11 (2001)


Career – A promotion is possible this month. In order to grasp this, you must listen to constructive criticism and apply it to your job. It also helps to keep your big yap shut. You’re not Mr./Miss Know-it-all.

Finances – Decent enough, but stop spending money on chocolate, wine and hookers. Need I say more?

Family – Shocker! Your family is supportive of you – but don’t take advantage of them. Try to calmly respond to them, instead of your usual freak out attacks. Bottom line: they are giving you enough rope . . . just don’t hang yourself.

Relationships – January is a period of rocky relationships. After all, you’ve engaged in clandestine behaviors. This is a time where you should show remorse and fess up before the jig is up and takes you down.

Health – You’re in for a rough ride. You’re a hot mess. Stop all of the indulgences and salacious activities, or you’re going to get “woke”.

Suggested movie: The Craigslist Killer (2011)

Until next month . . .

Jill Marie Morris


Manchester Arena Bombing: Premonition Analysis

It is my intention to share this with the general public as to shed light on how abstract, symbolic and even literal, a premonition can be. Upon reading and dissecting this entry, you will find the premonition was full of clues.

Below, you will find photos of my actual Dream Diary premonition dated 4/21/17. There are four (4) pages. My handwriting was substandard due to anxiety caused by having the premonition, as well as the time I recorded it. 

Often, I sit up in bed, grab a pen and the diary from my nightstand and start jotting as much as I can without consideration for grammar, punctuation, and so forth. Note: After learning of an association between a premonition and an actual event, I make notations next to the original entry.

Transcription of Diary Entry

4/21/17 @ 5:00AM – I am literally freaking out! Premonition contact. Mike picked me up and we drove. It was nice out. Said had to go to mall. He took me. I see an odd looking building – mall – ? – Glass – strange shape in center – we parked car and walk into this place mall ?? Lots of stairs in all directions and come to a bridge with glass connecting to main bldg [building]. Tons of kids. Before we get to bridge there are Saudi’s – Middle Easterners – they watch us but don’t say anything. A Middle Easterner comes rushing to me and we breakaway – cross bridge. More kids – older teens – not little kids, and adults. There are restaurants, stores – looks like food court with many seats. I see a store – some odd merch. [merchandise] and start to walk in w/Mike and change my mind. We start to leave and I tell Mike we have to go home. Different Middle Easterners now on bridge – scary -halfway across bridge the guy rushes back to us and says, “Get out of here!It’s gonna start! It’s gonna blow!” He then says he’s not a bad person and superhumanly pushes us to the other side. Just as we get to other side of bridge a huge explosion takes place. Kids and adults screaming horrific bang. Pink and white confetti in air from center with seats – that is area hit with blast. Chaos. We run to park lot and are stopped again by man who says he can help us. He’s w/CIA and not to be afraid. We pass him and go to parking lot. We hear people screaming & crying. I start crying and praying for help. Mike says we have to go. – End of dream – I think bridge – the bridge means area or location – glass – sports shoes, mall ? or something like a mall. Saudi Arabia will have connection to this event before it happens, then Middle Easterners – kids – a mall full of kids. ? Pink & white confetti. Whoever this dream symbolizes will be radical event. I think on American soil but not sure – most in dream were speaking English but the before & prior to were Saudi, then a different M.E. [Middle Easterner] I saw palm trees and white – a lot of white. This is incredibly unnerving as it involves kids in some mall-like place. The blast was hellish. Heart racing so fast when I woke up. Saying prayers. JMM

Clue Analysis of Premonition

(Page 1)

Mall: I saw it to be a large, public building, holding many people and stated on more than one occasion it was mall-like. An arena is quite similar.

Odd looking building, Glass, Strange shape in center: The arena complex is oddly shaped. The center (box office and merchandise area) is where the bomb exploded. There is also a large, glass ceiling over the area.

Parked car: Refer to photo and parking structure adjacent to area of bombing. (BBC)

Lots of stairs: There are many sets of stairs both inside and outside of the arena.

Bridge: Refer to Page 3 for explanation. 

Tons of kids: I recall being somewhat confused as to why so many kids were at the “mall” but now understand.

Saudis and Middle Easterners: Refer to Page 3 for explanation. 

(Page 2)

Looks like food court: In addition to the main “mall” I saw an isolated area that appeared to me as a food court with kids gathering in it. The area of the blast is called The City Room, a smaller area next to the Box Office where people were exiting the concert.

Store…Some odd merch (merchandise): As stated by TMZ, ” . . . the blast occurred in the City Room, a rotunda attached to the concert hall where Ariana had performed minutes before. The space is used to sell merchandise from concerts and to advertise upcoming shows.” (Refer to photo) (VOA News / Europe) 

We start to leave…It’s gonna blow…Huge explosion…Kids and adults screaming: The bombing took place as concert goers began to leave.

Pink and white confetti from center with seats: Many photos show pink balloons had been dropped from the ceiling at some point during the concert.

(Page 3)

I think bridge – the bridge means area or location: This was actually one of the biggest indications of where the event was to take place. I was focused on the actual bridge when in fact, the address of the adjacent parking structure where the explosion took place is: NCP Car Park, New BRIDGE Street, Manchester (Refer to photo). (Google)

Saudi Arabia will have connection to this event before it happens, then Middle Easterners: As the timeline unfolded, President Trump visited Saudi Arabia on 5/21 (the day prior to the bombing), and was in Israel on 5/22 (the day of).

Radical event: ISIS claimed responsibility and the suicide bomber was radicalized.

Most in dream speaking English: More confusion on my part, as I was not quite sure if this was going to be a U.S. event. The United Kingdom fits into this.

In conclusion, this is one example of how a premonition will present. An interesting aside is the fact it occurred on 4/21/17, and the event took place on 5/22/17: One month and a day following the vision.

The Manchester England Tragedy 

Having a difficult day processing what has happened with the most recent premonition involving Ariana Grande. I am contemplating releasing the actual Dream Diary entry for the simple reason that one will be able to see literal and symbolic elements of a psychic premonition. 

I had advised several people of those details after waking, on the morning of 4/21. I continued to pray that the premonition would not come to fruition, given the strong element of children associated with it. 

Terror is inexplicably evil. More so, anything that involves children goes beyond atrocious. To target an event highly centered around children and young adults, is reprehensible.

I always ask for others to pray, or chant, in hopes of lessening the impact. I also believe that a joint effort will positively combat the negative connotations of such a premonition. 

We must look for the miracles in the midst of violence. We must not allow ourselves to hold onto fear, yet be wise and use these tragic moments in history to educate and inform. We must also rely onto our spirituality and faith to get us through such trying times. 

My heart is heavy. I cried to my son, my partner,  and to my mother last night. This is one aspect of my abilities that can cause great pain. Far too often, the good I see and foretell gets lost on a larger scale, as people do not seem to want to hear about someone else’s good fortune or joy; they are interested in much more widely appealing visions. I understand that. 

Please continue to pray for the victims, their families, friends and the community of Manchester. Also, and not to be minimized, pray for Ariana Grande. I cannot imagine the shadow this has cast upon her, and the scar that will undoubtedly form in her heart given her innocent association to this tragedy. 

I weep, just as I have in the aftermath of other visions that have ended so brutally, and especially, for the parents who have lost children in light of these monstrous acts against humanity. 

Will this premonition break me? No. However, I will grieve and look at the lessons that come forth. I will also look for the miracles that are born from this nightmare. 

Pain and heartbreak may carry the hallmarks of weakness, yet in the end, can certainly make us wiser, and stronger. To be a strong individual is a blessing, and to become united in a show of strength during adversity, all the greater.

Premonition Dated 4/21/17

I wish that I had better news. As you know, I like to keep you posted with my premonitions. 

On 4/21/17 I tweeted and posted asking for prayers due to a horrible premonition. Unfortunately, the details recorded in my dream diary match up (literally and symbolically) to the event in Manchester, England, at the Ariana Grande concert. 

Please pray for those who have lost their lives, or have been injured, as well as their family, friends and the community. Thank you for offering to pray following my request on 4/21. 

We have more work to do🙏🏻❤️

Psychic Profile of Vanessa Marcotte’s Killer

I’m a little behind with this update but since it’s now public information, I can share my profile of Vanessa Marcotte’s killer. He was arrested on Saturday (article with photo of suspect below).

Some of you may recall a dual premonition I posted about the Kardashians, and a murder (August 2016). Both came to fruition shortly afterwards. You may reference the post I made relative to these visions here. The profiling example contained within this specific post is in direct reference to that premonition.

First of all: Thank God the MA State Police have taken him off the streets. My thoughts and prayers go out to Vanessa’s family, friends and the community of Princeton, MA.

Secondly, I did NOT consult on this case. I did post the premonition relative to her death just before her murder, unaware of who she was. It was one of the more horrifying visions I have had. A few days after her murder, I developed a profile.

I have now reposted screenshots of my profile of her killer based upon the vision and assessment of the case. It is time and date stamped (top of each photo) as 8/10/16 at 1:33AM and 1:34AM. You will see that a fan responded to my post on the night of the original post. I later decided it was best to take it down.

Upon review of several online articles detailing the suspect who was arrested, I now see that I have thus far, been spot-on with many factors including:

Age, hair and eye color, skin/complexion, his eyes are uneven, the letter “C” connected to him (Colon), repetitious pattern/path/schedule (Fed Ex driver in the area), not from Princeton (next town over) and recently moved to MA from Puerto Rico.

Updates 4/18/17: Various news agencies are reporting he has 3 brothers, and has made crude/explicit statements a women on his route.

I have not yet found any info re. his height but profiled him at approx. 5’10” (average). I will continue to check my profile against additional details once they are made public.

This gives you an idea of what I do when I work a cold case. I always develop a profile and then give time to see if the spirit of the deceased contacts me, by which I can gather additional information.

Continued prayers for the Marcotte family. I pray this brings them some type of closure. Also, a job well-done by the MA State Police.

Article and photo of suspect:

Photos: Original posts to my Facebook Fan Page dates 8/10/16

Centering & Grounding

Abstract sine waves

Ever since I was a young child, my maternal grandmother took care to guide and mentor me with my psychic abilities. Included in my abilities is the gift of mediumship.

My grandmother had a very simple means of teaching me. To dummy it down, she would have me be still and straight (sit and center) be still and stand, and root like a tree (ground) in God’s Light. Fortunately, her instructions afforded many breaks for me to work out any typical small child wiggles and short attention span issues.

Showing no fear and standing in God’s Light (Divine Light) were probably her most important lessons. Prayers and other affirmations came in time, and with age.

After a guest appearance on Beyond Reality Radio with Ghost Hunter’s Jason Hawes and T.A.P.S. Magazine, JV Johnson (2/15/17), as well as my Facebook LIVE feed (2/17/17) I felt best to summarize and list the steps that I have learned. Certainly, there are many different ways that one can center and ground themselves, but this is what has worked for me.

The following steps are meant to provide an outline. Feel free to modify them, or experiment with other guidance you have been given.

In order to effectively ‘block’ (or, as some say ‘shield’) negative human (living) and dark spirit energy, it is important to first learn how to center and ground. As always, please consult your healthcare provider(s) before beginning any type of stretching, or breathing routines, both of which are incorporated in centering and grounding. Never do anything that will cause pain or discomfort. Simply, do your best.


Centering is a process that helps facilitate grounding, and eventually assists with blocking. As a young child, my grandmother would have me practice the following until it became second nature.

In order to center, one must envision a straight line running from crown of the head (top of the head), straight down thru the spine, rectum and into the ground. As a child, my grandmother would have me sit next to the wall with my hips, buttocks, back, shoulders and head against it; as flat and straight as possible.

I would practice my alignment (center) and then take a break. I recall quite a bit of squirming and displeasure in the attempts to adjust myself. It was all about straightening the invisible string. The purpose of this simple exercise was to feel, or sense, how the alignment felt in my body, from head, to toe.

NOTE: Aligning the body comes with light-to-moderate manipulation. For those that are unable to physically straighten; do so using visualization.

Centering via visualization works much in the same way as physically centering. Visualization often transpires during all phases, so embrace what you can do safely and comfortably without causing pain, discomfort or injury to your body. Should you be unable to stand, one may achieve ‘center’ by sitting in a chair or safe, comfortable place, optimally supporting your body in an upright position.

Regardless of method, it is best to allow your feet to be planted firmly on the floor. If you cannot place your feet on the floor, then use imagery to do so. After achieving alignment, one can continue with visualization for grounding, as explained below.


The second part of my grandmother’s exercise involved standing. After a few sessions of sitting and straightening the ‘string’ she would have me stand in the same fashion, paying attention to the alignment of the string.

She then told me to root like a tree which was a way to envision my legs and feet as having deep ties well into the earth. As I progressed with my abilities, this aspect alone intrigued me due to the fact that her words almost helped to facilitate a very strong connection I have to receiving premonitions of natural disasters, inclusive of earthquakes (please refer to my Dream Diary post).

To her, it was important that I could feel the roots dig deeply into the soil while centering and in turn, grounding. Standing straight and tall, she also encouraged me to relax my arms and hands in order to allow the roots to extend from my fingertips, downwards into the soil.

The exercises were honed and repeated during each of my visits. The older I grew, the longer she would have me center and ground. To simplify things and keep the exercises pertinent to adults, I will jump to the importance of breath during grounding.

Basic Breathing Technique

Breathing is an important part of the grounding phase. Below, you will find easy steps to help your body root and relax. As always; do so safely and always seek medical advice before performing anything that could adversely impact your health.

  1. Focus on breathing.
  2. Take slow, deep breaths in thru your nose
  3. Slowly exhale out of your mouth
  4. Continue to visualize your center string as straight
  5. Continue to visualize your feet and hands extending roots deep into the Earth
  6. Relax and repeat 5-6 times.

Release & Redirect

The goal of centering and grounding is to stabilize your body physically, mentally and emotionally. Once rooted, it is important to work on the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects. My grandmother taught me one way, but as my techniques have evolved, I have been told of a second method that also works.

Centering and grounding are excellent ways to combat anxiety and stress. These methods are used by many (myself included) prior to meditation. The release and redirect phase works hand-in-hand with these exercises to help rid the body, mind and soul of negativity.

One should begin this step by choosing one of the following methods. You can experiment, or incorporate another method and try that, too. There are many to choose from, but I do believe these are among the best.

Regardless of which option, the point is to encapsulate all fears, stressors, anxiety and negativity into a hot air balloon or hardball, and send it away from your physical self. This phase typically occurs during, or following grounding.

Visualization Option 1: Hot Air Balloon

While centered and grounded, visualize a hot air balloon in your hands. A helium balloon will work as well. Once you ‘see’ the balloon, you must place every negative thought or feeling into it. To release the balloon, refer to this breathing technique:

Inhale and think, “I . . . must ”
Exhale and think, “let . . . go.”

During this time, it is important to visualize your hot air balloon filled with all of the negativity, floating up and way from your body. Repeat this several times until your mind is clear and your body is relaxed. Allow yourself to completely disconnect from the hot air balloon and the negativity. Watch it leave.

Visualization Option 2: Hardball

I had been advised of this method quite a while ago and will state that it works, especially during times of more physical stress.

Instead of placing all negativity into a hot air balloon, pack them into a hardball. Do so by visualizing you are tightly packing those sentiments, events, etc., into the ball. Upon getting ready to ‘throw’ the hardball, refer to the breathing technique.

Inhale and think, “I . . . must . . .”
Exhale and think, “let. . . go.”

You want to throw the ball as far away from your body as possible. Again, you may interchange the options, and see what works best. Repeat this several times until your mind is clear and your body is relaxed.

Divine Light

The final step to grounding and centering is to replace the negative energy that you have redirected away from you, with positive energy and light. Given my grandmother always used the term God’s Light for this portion of the exercise, I have adapted it to be more inclusive for everyone. In place of God’s Light, the term, Divine Light is now used.

Visualize your entire being basking in a pure, positive, protective, white light. Do NOT refer to this as a bubble, as my grandmother always corrected me when I mentioned the word. On an aside, an interesting thought to this has to do with the fact that in theory, bubbles can pop, or, burst. You do not want your protective bubble to burst.

The Divine Light should surround you in every direction and pass down, under your roots, and circle back around to completely encase you. This is a protective aspect that needs to be achieved for blocking, which will be discussed in my next post.

As you are visualizing yourself centered, grounded and surrounded by Divine Light, refer to the basic breathing technique. This is where you will fill your body, mind and soul with positive thoughts. Please note the following affirmation was taught to me by my grandmother.

On the inhale, quietly state:

I am whole
I am strong
I have no fear
I am protected by the Divine Light (or, God’s Light), that will keep me from all harm.

Repeat this affirmation until you feel completely relaxed, or significantly de-stressed. Try to remain in this state for several minutes. You may restart the exercise, or repeat the steps as many times as it takes to quiet yourself.

As mentioned, centering and grounding exercises are an excellent way to combat anxiety, stress, negative situations and people. Additionally, one must master these in order to efficiently block.

Practice these methods and become comfortable with them. The more you do, the more fluid things will work when it comes time to block. They are also great tools for alleviating stress and general negativity.

It’s all about repetition. For more information about applying these practices to blocking, please refer to the next post.

Two Part Premonition: August 1st 2016 (unfolded)

Below, you will find a request for prayers due my premonition. The original post date of the prayer request was Monday, August 1, 2016 at 7:03PM. As you will find, the actual premonition had taken place earlier in the morning…

As stated, very early that morning, I had an incredibly disturbing, two-part premonition. This is what I recorded in my dream diary. Note the date and time: 

After learning about a ruptured gasoline explosion in Woodland Hills, I made the following discoveries, and posted to the Fan Page as follows. I reference the above Dream Diary entry:

Last night, exactly one week following the premonition and request for Universal prayers relative to it, I learned of the death of Vanessa Marcotte, of Princeton, MA. This was, without a doubt, Part 2 of the premonition. Here is the FB Fan Page post:

Incredibly sad. This is exactly what I deal with on a regular basis. I would like to thank all of you who follow from my Fan Page, for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Vanessa and her family, as well as friends. Also, for my friend and her family, and the entire community of Princeton, MA.🙏🏻❤️