Be A Light

In your hour of darkness, be a light. At some point, you will be given the opportunity to share this moment with someone who will be able to identify. Yes, you may feel like a student of life but rest assured, you will one day be the teacher – and perhaps, save one.


Update: Session 2, Night 3 Events

This post is an update to Session 2, Night 3’s spirit warnings for me to “hurry up” and “get out”. The contact with the two spirits involved a premonition of an earthquake.

Today, we had a lovely shaker (5.3). It was 121 miles away from the house but we had lots of jiggling and wiggling. The cats flew into hiding again.

Relative to Night #3: As stated in the description, I did not think the spirits were hostile, but were warning me (about the quake). This info was documented in my Dream Diary the morning it happened.

Note: The blue dot on the map indicates the location of our home in proximity to the quake.

Suggestions For The Haunted

This article pertains to those who live in environments experiencing mild-to-moderate paranormal activity. It is meant as a guide of sorts, to help deal with lightweight spooks, and mildly negative energies.

Relative to hauntings, the best approach is acceptance. Simply said, we all should learn to live with the dead, rather than lose our sh*t over a benign, ethereal visitor. The physical world we inhabit is chock-full of them, so patience and inclusion (for the kinder lot) is mandatory.


If you can pinpoint the source of a haunting, try adding period-correct elements into your home or space. Playing period-specific music can also help give a nod to your otherworldly guests. Think of these gestures as ghostly gifts of appreciation.

The Singapore Theory (or Theory of Familiarization) is often used by paranormal investigators as a means to draw out, or create activity in a space. I have utilized this approach many times and have found that it can actually reduce activity.

It’s a slippery slope, as on one hand, these methods can stir the pot, yet on the other, it can soothe the soul(s) inhabiting the space. For sake of trying to appease the dead, it doesn’t hurt to give it a whirl and see if things settle down.

Claim Your Space

Regardless, define the space as yours. If you believe, or have suspected that your ‘guest’ may have lived in (or around) the space at one time or another, verbally state your willingness to share the space IN PEACE – sans games or shenanigans.

Establishing a boundary can work. It may take a few tries with varying degrees of firmness before you will notice a difference. The best approach is to be strong in stance, yet polite, and increase tone and severity of your statements over time, should prior, courteous attempts go to the wayside.

For purpose of balance and respect (only applicable for the gentler souls inhabiting your space) consider placing a boundary on a single room, rather than an entire home. No need to cop a ‘tude and p*ss off your specters. Again; harmony.

The Sage Game

Saging will only help to rid negativity and does not banish spirits. It’s worth the effort if you’re feeling negative energy coming from the living, the dead, the undead, or just in general.

One of the most important factors about saging is to do so when weather and climate permits, as there is a need to leave the doors and windows open for an extended period of time. Avoid using fans or electrical devices to blow the smoke out.

Prior to a “proper saging” clean and organize your space. Clutter and uncleanliness breeds negativity for both the living and the dead.

Cautionary Advice

Extreme care needs to be taken during a saging, as you are dealing with an active, burning, dried plant. Waving the sage and carrying it throughout a space needs to be done with caution in order to prevent embers or sparks from starting a fire

It’s also important to take any respiratory issues into consideration. Saging creates a tremendous amount of smoke and is not a recommended activity in the presence of people with compromised breathing issues.

If anyone should have a respiratory condition (including chest congestion from a cold, etc.) it is advised to have them leave the space until all residual smoke has naturally dispersed from the environment, post-saging. This activity should be performed by an adult, only.

Items Needed To Sage

1. A bundled sage stick. Sizes range from small (2-3”), medium (4-6”), up to a large bundle (7-10”). *The number of people you will sage, as well as the size of your space, will dictate how much to use. Note: I only use bundled sage to avoid excessive embers from taking flight during the process.

2. Smudge pot or large shell to catch and contain embers.

3. A white candle.

4. Matches to light the sage and candle.

5. Comfortable chair.

6. Fresh flowers or green, leafy plants for post-sage.

To Begin

Secure any pets and open everything (seriously). If possible, you should open doors, windows, drawers, closets, cabinets, etc. PRIOR to the saging. You want to impact the entire space with the smoke (NOT THE EMBERS) during the process. Use a smudge pot, or shell, to collect and contain any falling sage embers.

How to sage an individual:

1. One at a time, have each person you wish to sage, stand up in front of the chair.

2. Begin by stating what you want to bring the individual via the saging experience (peace, positive energy, good health, etc.)

3. After stating your intentions, ask the person to sit down in the chair. Have the person extend their legs and feet outwards, while sitting securely in the chair.

4. Move the sage smudge stick clockwise under the feet and proceed upwards, circling the legs, towards the upper body.

5. Once the bottom of the feet have been saged, have the person stand for the remainder of the saging.

6. Continue to move the sage stick in a clockwise manner, circling their body upwards, towards the top of the head.

7. When you reach the crown of the head, once again, state your initial intentions (peace, positive energy, etc.) and ask for all negativity to be removed from and around the person and the environment. Ask the Divine to seal the person with protection, positive energy, thoughts and vibrations.

8. Repeat the same for anyone else wishing to be saged.

9. Light a white candle and recite a blessing. White light is the most pure and protective you can have, therefore, using a white candle bolsters the positive energies associated with protection.

The Blessing

You may use the following blessing, or find another that speaks to you:

“By lighting this candle and performing this saging, we ask the Divine (God, the Universe etc.) to restore love, harmony, peace, and prosperity to this home and space.

May (resident names, including pets) be blessed with good health, happiness, success, and abundance of all things positive. May light take over darkness, may love and compassion replace hatred and negativity.

We ask that this home be a sacred dwelling for (residents names, including pets). We ask that those who visit this home and space feel peace and love; today and always.

(Light the candle) By lighting this candle and performing this saging, we state that this home is now fortified and shielded against intrusion of all harm, illness, injury, and misfortune.

Thank you for bringing your light, love and energy into our hearts, rooms, this space, as well as all present and future endeavors. With tremendous gratitude and honor, we give you thanks and commence all positive actions of thought, heart and intent from this moment, forward.”

Note: Extinguish the candle after each person is saged. Repeat the above steps for each person.

Saging an entire space:

1. Begin at the front door after saging each person.

2. Move in clockwise position, from bottom to top (if more than one floor).

3. Sage the entire space, inclusive of closets, cabinets, drawers, etc.

4. Repeat the same affirmations and intentions as during the personal saging. Do so throughout the entire space.

5. Return to front door and give thanks.

6. Allow the smoke to dissipate on its own. The length of time depends upon the size of the space, as well as the weather.

7. Do not speak of anything negative (people or events) while doing the blessing as you are clearing the space.

8. Refrain from any arguments or negative emotions for 24-48 hours.

9. Light the candle and leave burning in a safe location for the post-saging celebration.

10. Fill the house with positive thoughts. Fresh flowers, green, leafy plants and relaxing or upbeat music is also helpful in restoring harmony.

For heavier, negative energies, it’s perfectly acceptable to think about what may be or is going on in your space. Keep in mind that some energies behave like children: it tends to crave negative attention.

Heavier energies can cause rifts between the living. They are also adept at creating chaos. Don’t let it/them divide you. Overthinking will only give the energies more power.

Obsessing can also create a situation whereas a negative energy can invade the living, human spirit. Your relentless attention and obsession serves as food for soul-hungry nasties.

At some point, there may be a need to consult with a paranormal team, and/or psychic medium. An experienced and reputable team or spiritual adviser can provide insight and help alleviate worry – especially if it’s unnecessary.

Do some research when going this route. There should be no reason to provide payment for services to investigate your space. Many investigators and advisors (myself included) do not charge for these services.


One thing I suggest to clients who have a difficult time letting go of a less than pleasant experience involving a haunting, is to visualize a box and put those thoughts in a box. Sound kind of silly? Think again. It works.

Once you have placed those thoughts in the box, visualize putting a lid on the box, and then placing it in a trash can. Next, visualize taking out the trash, followed by the garbage truck taking it to the dump, far, far away from you and your space.

There have also been times I have recommended that clients literally buy a small box and visualize/concentrate putting their thoughts relative to the experience(s) into the box. Similar to the above, they are to place a lid on the box and take it outside to the trash. Be done with it.

Whatever you do, don’t panic. Give things some time and repeat the above steps and suggestions, if needed.

You may also want to visit my previous articles about Centering & Grounding and Blocking & Spiritual Protection.

Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero
By Jill Marie Morris

Dedicated to all Everyday Heroes, including those in Las Vegas, and my own mother.

– Look around
They’re everywhere
In noisy urban jungles and the sleepiest of towns

They may not know your name
Nor will they judge you by color
And if you’re lucky enough one day
You may soon discover

The power of One
Who selflessly cares
Finding courage to rush-in
When the ugly head of danger flares

They comfort and guide you
From harm’s often brutal way
Protect you and hold you
And keep you safe from the fray

Without hesitation
Or questions
On angels’ wings they lift
Their actions incredibly brave
Their thinking impeccably swift

They are Samaritans of the Universe
And it’s you they blessedly choose
There’s no going back 
It’s win, break – no lose

They will usher you to safety
Or sit and hold your hand
They shine light in the darkness
When you can’t see
Run, walk or stand

They are Harbingers of the Divine good
That mankind can do
Without question or prejudice
They show up just for you

Give thanks to their souls
This Army of One
Whether aided from a fall
Or shots fired by gun

Randomly chosen
As impromptu Guardians of Life
They guide you to safety
In your moment of strife

Hey, look around 
Tell me: What do you see?
A homeless man
A college grad
Even an amputee

A nurse
A preacher
And even a Vet
These are Everyday Heroes
We will never forget

Their relentless mercy
And altruistic deeds
Your paths crossed 
– Souls forever entwined
In a moment of dire need

You may not yet know not their name
But will always remember their face
An Everyday Hero
Sent to you
With God’s grace


The Manchester England Tragedy 

Having a difficult day processing what has happened with the most recent premonition involving Ariana Grande. I am contemplating releasing the actual Dream Diary entry for the simple reason that one will be able to see literal and symbolic elements of a psychic premonition. 

I had advised several people of those details after waking, on the morning of 4/21. I continued to pray that the premonition would not come to fruition, given the strong element of children associated with it. 

Terror is inexplicably evil. More so, anything that involves children goes beyond atrocious. To target an event highly centered around children and young adults, is reprehensible.

I always ask for others to pray, or chant, in hopes of lessening the impact. I also believe that a joint effort will positively combat the negative connotations of such a premonition. 

We must look for the miracles in the midst of violence. We must not allow ourselves to hold onto fear, yet be wise and use these tragic moments in history to educate and inform. We must also rely onto our spirituality and faith to get us through such trying times. 

My heart is heavy. I cried to my son, my partner,  and to my mother last night. This is one aspect of my abilities that can cause great pain. Far too often, the good I see and foretell gets lost on a larger scale, as people do not seem to want to hear about someone else’s good fortune or joy; they are interested in much more widely appealing visions. I understand that. 

Please continue to pray for the victims, their families, friends and the community of Manchester. Also, and not to be minimized, pray for Ariana Grande. I cannot imagine the shadow this has cast upon her, and the scar that will undoubtedly form in her heart given her innocent association to this tragedy. 

I weep, just as I have in the aftermath of other visions that have ended so brutally, and especially, for the parents who have lost children in light of these monstrous acts against humanity. 

Will this premonition break me? No. However, I will grieve and look at the lessons that come forth. I will also look for the miracles that are born from this nightmare. 

Pain and heartbreak may carry the hallmarks of weakness, yet in the end, can certainly make us wiser, and stronger. To be a strong individual is a blessing, and to become united in a show of strength during adversity, all the greater.

Premonition Dated 4/21/17

I wish that I had better news. As you know, I like to keep you posted with my premonitions. 

On 4/21/17 I tweeted and posted asking for prayers due to a horrible premonition. Unfortunately, the details recorded in my dream diary match up (literally and symbolically) to the event in Manchester, England, at the Ariana Grande concert. 

Please pray for those who have lost their lives, or have been injured, as well as their family, friends and the community. Thank you for offering to pray following my request on 4/21. 

We have more work to do🙏🏻❤️

Blocking: Spiritual Protection

ghosts hand

Blocking, or spiritual protection, is something that my maternal grandmother taught me at a young age. The method that she bestowed upon me has been a staple in my life, as well as has saved my fanny, more times than I can count.

The premise of this post is to provide insight to the blocking exercises I use to protect myself from spiritual attack. Over time, I have modified them, preserving the core elements that were taught to me.

Blocking takes a great deal of practice, as well as patience. In turn, what may work for me, may not for someone else. That aside, I have successfully helped hundreds of people master the techniques, and continue to educate interested parties on this issue. I take spiritual protection very seriously. You may refer to my books for insight as to why.

Spiritual protection involves doing many things at once. Its purpose is to create a fortress. Regardless of religion, I incorporate a host of tips and tools to help ward-off spiritual attacks. My motto has evolved to be: The more, the better.

Think of your spiritual fortress as a security system (I used this analogy during the Facebook LIVE feed). Your home is the equivalent of your body, mind and soul. The burglar/criminal represents darkness and evil.

Sure, you can use a door bar to prevent a criminal from entering via the door, but what if the criminal decides to try the windows, or attempts to break into your home’s WiFi to steal your identity? Worse yet, what if they succeed in entering your space? These are everyday scenarios.

Instead of limiting yourself to one possible entry point, you need to think about complete home security. This involves the need for glass breakage sensors, motion sensors, cameras, alarms, VPNs, baseball bats, and pepper spray. Each has a purpose and function relative to defending your home – your body, mind and soul – from attack.

In my opinion, you need to do whatever you have available to empower and defend yourself. Pertaining to spiritual protection, everyone should have an arsenal of tangible, intellectual and spiritual defense tools.

Recently, when asked if a belief in God, or higher power, is enough to combat dark forces, I responded with my security system analogy. Having learned, and seeing far too much, I have come to realize that it’s better to have as many bells and whistles in the protection arena, as not every negative energy will act and react the same.

One thing is for certain: they (darkness and evil) want to get in, and it’s your job to keep them out. As a psychic medium herself, my grandmother knew the importance of spiritual warfare. Fortunately, teaching me to block and protect myself was at the top of her To-Do list.

So, how do you block?

In order to better understand blocking, one must first practice centering and grounding. These instructions can be found in my prior post. The post provides exercises that must be practiced and mastered in order to begin blocking. Naturally, one may adapt any of this into part of their spiritual warfare routine.

Once you have learned how to center and ground, blocking comes into play. This is something that can be done short, or long-term.

Before I begin, it’s important to understand what a fracture (fractured psyche) entails. A fracture is a weakness, or an entry point for darkness/evil to enter. Fractures occur with frequent intake and abuse of alcohol and/or recreational drugs. A fracture can also occur with sleep deprivation, periods of physical illness, and/or succession of stressful events.

You want to remain as healthy as possible when dealing with such things. Fractured psyches are the keys that open doors for evil energies to access to the body, mind and soul. Without fractures, it is difficult for darkness to feed on the living and carryout their destructive plan.

Basic Rules for Blocking

1. Center & Ground – As outlined in the previous post, this exercise will help you focus and protect.

2. Divine Light – Constantly visualize yourself surrounded by Divine Light, regardless of how crazy things may seem, or may get.

3. Show No Fear – Fear is one of the biggest access points of a spiritual attack. One must enter into these settings or situations knowing evil and negative energies want to create fear. Reaffirm yourself that you are stronger than it is. Try to remain composed at all times.

4. Stay Positive – Do not give-way to fighting, bickering, or the negative behaviors of those around you. This too, is one way in which darkness and evil work. Their goal is to divide and conquer.

5. Refrain from use of alcohol and recreational drugs – Save the party for later. Drinking alcohol and using recreational drugs before, during and immediately after an attack spells trouble. Try not to partake for at least 24-48 hours on each side of the situation.

6. Rest & Recharge – This especially applies to investigations and readings. Try to space investigations so you can obtain decent sleep before and afterwards. Dark forces and energies suck the life out of the living.

7. Natural Light – This is especially important following an attack or investigation. Try to find a way to get outside and absorb natural sunlight, weather-permitting, of course. If it’s too cold, then keep your blinds and curtains open and try to crack a few windows to allow the air to permeate your space. Note: This is critical, even in cases of extreme exhaustion following an attack. As much as you may want to sleep, you need to ‘air-out’ the negativity and recharge.

8. Frequently re-center and re-ground – Simply repeat the exercises and clear your mind.

9. DO NOT DWELL: OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND – This is one of the biggest obstacles I encounter when teaching people how to block. It’s only normal to want to try and analyze a horrifying, tragic event or attack involving spirit, but you must disconnect. Keep in mind: the more you think about it, the more you will feed it.


At any point during blocking, and more so when standing in Divine Light, it is super important to silently, or publicly state positive prayers and/or affirmations when you are feeling as though you are under attack.

My most frequently stated prayers are:

Saint Michael the Archangel Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer
Hail Mary
Psalm 23 (The Lord Is My Shepherd)
Psalm 54 (A Prayer for Protection from Enemies)
Psalm 91 (My Refuge and My Fortress)

Additional Prayers:

To Be Free from Fear (New Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book)

Lord our God, in You justice and mercy meet. With unparalleled love You have saved us from death and drawn us into the circle of Your life. Open our eyes to the wonders this life sets before us, that we may serve You free from fear and address You as God our Father.

A Prayer to One’s Guardian Angel (New Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book)

Dear Angel, in His goodness, God gave you to me to guide, protect and enlighten me, and to bring me back to the right way when I go astray. Encourage me when I am disheartened, and instruct me when I err in my judgment. Help me to become more Christlike, and so some day to be accepted into the company of Angels and Saints in Heaven.”

Native American Chippewa Prayer (You may find similar verses)

Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds
And whose breath gives life to all
Hear me
I come to you as one of your children
I am weak
I am small
I am in need of your wisdom, guidance and strength
Let me walk in beauty, and my eyes ever behold the red and purple colorful sunsets
Make my hands respect what you have made
Make my ears sharp so that I may hear your voice
Make me wise, so that I may understand what you have taught our people and the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and in each rock.
I ask for wisdom and strength
Not be superior to my brothers, but to be able to fight my greatest enemy; MYSELF
Make me always ready to come before you with clean hands, a straight eye and good heart
So when life faces away as a fading sunset
My spirit may come to you without shame

Items of Empowerment & Protection

Blocking also includes the use of various items of empowerment and protection. This is a very personal aspect, so feel free to customize your choices. There is no limit as to how many you may use.

The bottom line: These items are to take with you, or have on you. Do not think of them as “good luck charms” but as items that fortify and protect you against attack. Keeping these items together while not in use, is also a good idea.

Items for empowerment and spiritual protection may include:

Religious Medals & Jewelry*
Rosary Beads*
Mala Beads*
Holy Water*
Anointing Oil*

*Denotes items that I use.

Now that you have an overall sense of what needs to take place during spiritual warfare, I will briefly discuss how to deal with the issues on a short, and long-term basis.

Short-term Blocking

Investigations, House Readings, Blessings, or any environment that you do not live, but may visit.

1. Follow The Rules of Blocking.
2. Begin with centering, and then grounding.
3. Surround yourself in Divine Light.
4. Continue onto blocking by stating some prayers or affirmations.
5. Have items of empowerment and protection on your person.
6. Consider performing a sage smudge. This may take place before, or during, but is most imperative following a short-term issue. I have included instructions below. Please note that sage does not get rid of evil spirits. Its smoke only traps negativity and lifts it out of the space, or off of the individual.
7. If at all possible, avoid revisiting the space. If you must return, spend a great deal of time re-centering, re-grounding and recharging.

Long-term Blocking

Long-term blocking gets a bit more complicated considering a person may live or work in a dark space. As detailed in my books, I lived in a home that was a playground for evil. It ended in tragedy.

In this situation, you want to follow the same steps as short-term, yet you will repeat this at least twice daily (in the morning, and before bedtime). Whenever possible, you will also want to periodically smudge and/or bless the environment. You will need to proactively advocate for peace in the space. Workplace environments are tricky, as you may not be allowed to sage or bless the space.

Considerations for House or Space Clearings, House Blessings and investigations by a reputable team, or psychic medium are also a good idea. This may help glean additional information relative to the type of issue you are having, and thus a more direct approach as to how best handle it.

Understandably so, it is extremely difficult to live or work in an environment that has a negative/demonic issue present. One must always, always, always (did I say always?) be on-guard. This can be exhausting.

 It’s very important to leave on breaks, and expose yourself to natural light, play uplifting music, do whatever you can to combat the negativity, and once more: do not dwell on it. You must always stay protected by surrounding yourself in the Divine Light. Also, spend the least amount of time as possible in an environment riddled by darkness and evil.
In cases involving dark and demonic forces, make sure you contact someone who is formally educated on these matters. An online course does little to prove they can truly handle such dangerous issues. Also, run should someone guarantee they can rid you of the nastiness, as there is absolutely no truth to that statement.

Lastly, I will share my sage smudge instructions. Please exercise caution and use good judgment when performing a sage smudge. Fire embers are a constant danger, so proceed at-will and under your own discretion. You assume all risks.

How to Sage Smudge

Smudge For An Individual
*You will need at least one other adult to help perform the smudge

Sage smudge stick (White Sage or most variations, including Black Sage)
Decent sized shell, bowl, or tray for the embers
Ignition source for the sage stick
Comfortable chair
Receptacle for the ashes

Make sure there is adequate ventilation for the smoke to naturally dissipate outside. Please take into consideration small children, the infirm, and pets who may be overwhelmed by the smoke.

– Light the sage
– Have the person you wish to smudge STAND in front of the chair.
– State what you want to do (smudge the negativity from the individual)
– Have them sit down in the chair with their feet extended out and away from the body, off of the floor. (May modify this if the person cannot safely do so).
– Begin by circling the sage around the individual, starting at the base of the feet. Include the bottom of the feet if possible.
– With the feet and legs extended out, continue moving upwards.
– Have the individual stand upon reaching the hip area.
– Continue spiraling upwards over the entire body, towards the head.
-When you reach the crown of the head, state intention for all negativity to be gone and ask to seal the person with protection, positive energy, and recite the following:

To the Divine Spirit (or Universal Energy of your choice), in lighting this sage we summon nothing but love, harmony, peace, and prosperity for (name of person). May (state name) be blessed with good health, happiness, success and abundance. May (name of person) be a sacred vessel of peace and love. We state that (name of person) is now shielded from harm, illness misfortune, and negativity. Thank you for bringing the Divine Light, love and energy to (state name) and his/her endeavors. With the utmost gratitude, we thank you. In full faith, so be it and so it is as stated!

Note: There are several versions available.

Afterwards, it’s a good idea to do something positive. Do not discuss or dwell on anything negative.

Smudge For A Space

Sage smudge stick (White Sage or most variations, including Black Sage)
Decent sized shell, bowl, or tray for the embers
Ignition source for the sage stick
Receptacle for the ashes

– Clean and organize the space. Clutter and uncleanliness only breeds negativity.
– Do so on a day where the weather will allow you to open all doors and windows for an extended period of time. In addition to doors and windows, open all drawers prior to the smudge.
– Make sure there is adequate ventilation for the smoke to naturally dissipate outside. Please take into consideration small children, the infirm, and pets who may be overwhelmed with the smoke.

– Light the sage
– Sage each person in the residence. Refer to above instructions. (Please use good judgement for small children, the elderly, infirm, and/or pets)
– You want to start the space smudge the lowest level, working towards the top level, in a clockwise motion from the main/front door.
– Upon completion of the personal sage smudge, proceed to the front or main entry door of the house.
– Sage the door way in a clockwise motion. Move to the lowest level and begin, as directed above.
– Move room-to-room in a clockwise manner.
– When you finish in the last room of the top level, return to the front/main door and state the following:

To the Divine Spirit (or Universal Energy of your choice), in lighting this sage we summon nothing but love, harmony, peace, and into this space. May (state names of residents and pets) be blessed with good health, happiness, success and abundance. May this space be a sacred dwelling for (state names and names of pets). May those who visit feel peace and love. We state that this home/space is now shielded from harm, illness misfortune, and negativity. Thank you for bringing the Divine Light, love and energy into our rooms, or lives and endeavors. With the utmost gratitude, we thank you. In full faith, so be it and so it is as stated!

Note: Again, there are several versions.

I always recommend that a positive gathering or celebratory meal/activity take place afterwards. This will help foster positive vibrations. Fill the space with flowers, plants, natural elements, uplifting scents and sounds.

In close, blocking relies on the fundamental practice of centering, grounding and staying in the Divine Light. The rules are non-negotiable and really need be adhered to for successful protection. Adding a prayer or a mantra (sometimes repeated), as well as carrying items of protection are also an integral part of spiritual protection. The added benefit of performing an individual or space smudge will also help bolster your defenses.

When push comes to shove, sometimes it is wise to take a step back and heal. Attacks can be debilitating and dangerous, causing serious physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

Never underestimate darkness, but always know you are stronger than it will ever be. Just be wise, and . . . practice, practice, practice.